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Prof John Betteridge, London, discusses the evolution of diabetes therapy, the epidemic rise in diabetes, current and emerging diabetes therapies. In GPRD data, current use of sulphonylureas only (with active or inactive metabolites) was associated with an increased risk of hypoglycaemic events, as compared with current use of metformin. Recent outcome trials of novel antidiabetic drugs shed new light on why diabetes patients develop heart disease. Out of 18 biomarkers, Lp-PLA2 and adiponectin were independently associated with a decreased risk for T2DM. In females with gestational diabetes, the future risk of developing type 2 diabetes depends on certain pregnancy-related and maternal factors that could be used for postnatal counselling. EMPA-REG OUTCOME trial shows that empagliflozin reduces microvascular outcomes and progression of kidney disease in T2DM patients at high CV risk. ADA 2016 In T2DM patients at high CV risk, liraglutide on top of standard therapy was associated with lower rates of CV events and mortality, compared with placebo in the LEADER outcome trial. ADA 2016 New empagliflozin data show that reduced risk for cardiovascular death was consistent across age groups in adults with type 2 diabetes. ADA 2016 Two phase 3 studies of oral SGLT-2 inhibitor ertugliflozin met primary endpoints, showing significantly greater A1c reductions than placebo, alone or in combination with sitagliptin.
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For example, lack of orgasm is the absence of sensation at the time of ejaculation, which can be a side effect of diabetes.  In advanced stages, the disease can cause the arteries to harden and nerve terminals to wither, so the way a body feels sensations completely changes.
Male orgasm is associated with tightening that occurs internally from the prostate and through the channel through which the sperm is ejected.  This is what really provides the feeling of pleasure. However, a lack of ejaculation is rare compared to sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, occurring in between one and four percent of men, and in some cases being an effect of diabetes.
According to your urologist Des Moines, it typically takes about 2 to 4 minutes for a man to ejaculate after actively moving after penetration.  However, for those who suffer from late ejaculation, it may take a greater effort and a prolonged period of time, extending to 30 to 45 minutes. When ejaculation is not achieved, a portion or all of the semen goes into the bladder instead of being ejected through the penis.  In the bladder, the semen gets mixed with urine and is eliminated during urination. In addition to other treatments for diabetes, your urologist Des Moines may prescribe medication to improve the muscle tone of the neck of the bladder. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and have questions regarding its effects on your sexual functioning, call the office of urologist Des Moines Dr. Men with long-standing diabetes are at risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but it is imperative to understand that these complications can be avoided as well as managed with adequate precautions, treatment modifications and supplemental support.
ED can be defined as the inability to sustain an erection adequate enough to successfully complete the act of sexual intercourse. Needless to say that poorly addressed erectile dysfunction may lead to deleterious effects on the relationships, mental health and physical wellbeing. Talking about erectile difficulty and sexual dysfunction is understandably a very cumbersome issue for some males, but it is highly recommended to share your concerns and any recent changes in the quality of your sex life with your primary care provider. Patient Education: The risk of diabetic complications can be significantly reduced with patient education and training. Counseling regarding the cause of erectile dysfunction and treatment options: Healthcare providers also helps in ascertaining the cause of ED in your case and may offer relevant information regarding different treatment modalities. Therapeutic and Pharmacological Options: In a number of cases, erectile dysfunction is due to side-effect of one or more pharmacological agents. Ask your physician to prescribe you a suitable medicine from a very wide range of available medications. Other medicines. If oral tablet is contraindicated in your case, then your doctor may prescribe a suppository to be placed in the cleft at the summit of the penis prior to intercourse or an injectable to be injected into the bottom of the penis. Vacuum-constriction appliance: In case if the oral formulations fail to deliver required results, a hollow tube like device is often used which lures the blood into the penis to create a normal erection. Penile implants. If drugs and the pump both fail, then a synthetic penile implant can be surgically implanted. Psychotherapy: Normal erection is the product of optimal physical stimulation as well as psychological excitation. Other causes of psychological stress; such as marital discord, neglect from the partner, hatred for the partner etc. Lifestyle choices: Try to modify your lifestyle and try not to underrate the importance of these modifications. Quit smoking. The usage of tobacco in any form can lead to thinning of the lumen of your blood vessels. Daily workout.It makes the over-all blood flow better alleviating temper, gives energy boost and shed off stress.
Combat weariness.Adequate sleep and justified intercourse is going to help with prolong erection. Flexibility of the penis is greatly reduced due to this disease, which can surface overnight or develop gradually.

The diagram below on the basic mechanisms of erection and flaccidity of the penis also shows the blood supply and innervation of the penis. The mechanisms of erection and flaccidity are shown in the upper and lower inserts, respectively. Penile erection is a complex physiologic process that occurs through a coordinated cascade of neurologic, vascular, and humoral events. In the flaccid penis, a balance exists between blood flow in and out of the erectile bodies.
ErectionWith sexual arousal through imaginative, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and other erotic stimuli, nitric oxide (NO) is released by nonadrenergic, noncholinergic (NANC) neurons. On arousal, parasympathetic activity triggers a series of events starting with the release of nitric oxide and ending with increased levels of the intracellular mediator cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). Non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic nerves and vascular endothelium release nitric oxide in response to sexual arousal, which activates cytoplasmic guanylate cyclase, converting GTP into cGMP. Cyclic AMP (cAMP) and cyclic GMP (cGMP), the intracellular second messengers mediating smooth-muscle relaxation, activate their specific protein kinases, which phosphorylate certain proteins to cause opening of potassium channels, closing of calcium channels, and sequestration of intracellular calcium by the endoplasmic reticulum. It is well established that NO and cGMP are the most important transmitters for onset and maintenance of erection. Detumescence and return to the Flaccid stateDetumescence.After ejaculation or cessation of erotic stimuli, sympathetic tonic discharge resumes, resulting in contraction of the smooth muscles around sinusoids and arterioles.
During the return to the flaccid state, cyclic GMP is hydrolyzed to GMP by phosphodiesterase type 5. Molecular Mechanism of Penile Smooth-Muscle Contraction.Norepinephrine from sympathetic nerve endings, and endothelins and prostaglandin F2 from the endothelium, activate receptors on smooth-muscle cells to initiate the cascade of reactions that results in elevation of intracellular calcium concentrations and smooth-muscle contraction. Trabecular muscle tone is controlled and penile blood vessel smooth muscle tone may be influenced by three neuroeffector systems. Nonadrenergic-noncholinergic (NANC) nerves, which control blood vessel and corporal smooth muscle relaxation.
To sum upIn the flaccid state, the smooth muscle cells of the penile arteries and the corpora cavernosa are in a state of tone (contraction). The mechanisms of erection and detumescence are much more complex than that described above with many other factors and secondary messengers playing a role.
Based on the statistics reported by Thorve (1) and colleagues, the prevalence of ED in diabetic males is more than 50%. In cases of severe involvement, this may presents with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. However, in males over 50 years, more than 55% diabetic males report some degree of sexual dysfunction. However, experts suggest that timely measures can be taken to taper of these negative effects and regain vitality.
Learning more about your disease status can help in devising functional strategies to obtain glycemic control. For example, research reported in American Journal of Therapeutics (3) suggested that erectile dysfunction is strongly related to some hypoglycemic agents, insulin therapy, anti-hypertensive drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs and anti-psychotics. Common names of these medicines are Sidlenafil (revatio or Viagra), Vardenafil (staxyn or levitra) or tadalafil (adcirca or cialis). Both these medicines work the same way as oral medicines and potentiate blood perfusion to the penile tissue for a sustained erection. The device is battery or manually operated and has a pump to be placed over the penis (also referred to as a penile pump, vacuum pump or penis-constriction vacuum device). Partially stiff or an expandable implant are commonly used because of their safety and efficacy in patients with ED. These changes can bring drastic improvement in erectile dysfunction and general well-being, both.
Toxins and chemicals in cigarette smoke also interferes with the vascular system and depletion of nitrous oxide. Rescheduling and arranging your chores and setting an achievable target can help reduce the stress build up. The better you have rested, better will be the chances of effortless and sustained erection.
During erection, relaxation of the trabecular smooth muscle and vasodilatation of the arterioles results in a severalfold increase in blood flow, which expands the sinusoidal spaces to lengthen and enlarge the penis.
Originally termed endothelial-derived relaxing factor, NO is known to be the most important physiologically occurring vasoactive molecule in the entire cardiovascular system. The increased levels of cGMP alter transmembrane calcium ion flux, resulting in cavernosal smooth muscle relaxation, dilatation of cavernosal and helicine arteries and engorgement of lacunar spaces. Finally, cGMP is metabolized to GMP via phosphodiesterase, of which four isoforms (types 2, 3, 4, and 5) have been identified in human penile tissue.
Other phosphodiesterases are also found in the corpus cavernosum, but they do not appear to have an important role in erection.

Protein kinase C is a regulatory component of the calcium-independent, sustained phase of agonist-induced contractile responses. Relaxation of the smooth muscle (arterial and cavernosal) causes increased inflow of blood into the lacunar spaces of the corpora cavernosa. After ejaculation or cessation of the erotic stimuli, the smooth muscle surrounding the arteries and the lacunar spaces contracts. I feel you treated me as a patient as if I was your own family in the care that I got at your office. According to another study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (2), the risk of ED can be as high as 90% in males who have 2 or more positive risk factors (discussed under the following section).
Optimal regulation of blood sugar levels can decrease the risk of nerve damage and may help in reversing ED. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, it is highly recommended to speak to your doctor regarding dose modification, drug adjustment or other alternative options.
Evaluation of erectile dysfunction therapy in patients previously nonadherent to long-term medications: a retrospective analysis of prescription claims. In order to control weight, the person adopts extremes measures such as exercising for long periods of time, self-inducing to vomit and frequent use of laxatives and water pills. The expansion of the sinusoids compresses the subtunical venular plexus against the tunica albuginea.
This also applies to corpus cavernosum function, where local smooth muscle relaxation, and in turn erection, is mediated predominantly by NO release.
The expanding lacunar spaces compress the subtunical venous plexus against the tunica albuginea, decreasing cavernosal venous outflow, increasing intracavernosal pressure, with resulting penile rigidity.
Sildenafil inhibits the action of phosphodiesterase (PDE) type 5, thus increasing the intracellular concentration of cGMP. Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) is the predominant isoform in human corporal smooth muscle. Roughly 45 percent of the cavernosal body is made up of smooth muscle.The common mechanism of these agents may be via regulation of smooth muscle calcium.
The arterial pressure expands the relaxed trabecular walls, thus expanding the tunica albuginea with subsequent elongation and compression of the draining venules. The inflow of blood is reduced and the venous drainage of the corporeal spaces is opened, returning the penis to the flaccid state.
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Your doctor will always advise you a peculiar model and brand permitted by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in lieu of your condition. In addition, stretching of the tunica compresses the emissary veins, thus reducing the outflow of blood to a minimum. Venous outflow drops as the expanding cavernosal spaces compress the venous plexus and the larger veins passing through the tunica albuginea. The rapid filling of the cavernosal spaces compresses venules resulting in decreased venous outflow, a process often referred to as the corporeal veno-occlusive mechanism. Erection of the penis is thus a haemodynamic event under the control of the autonomic nervous system. Zafar for getting me in right away at your office and for setting up an MRI for me so quickly. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below.
Testosterone supplementation in men with type 2 diabetes, visceral obesity and partial androgen deficiency.
In the flaccid state, inflow through the constricted and tortuous helicine arteries is minimal, and there is free outflow via the subtunical venular plexus. Coordination of the neuronal activity from psychogenic stimuli occurs in the hypothalamus while reflexogenic erection involves a polysynaptic coordination in the sacral parasympathetic centres. This enhanced circulation in the brain causes an improvement in the short and long term memory, increased time in reacting and improved mental clarity.
Oral testosterone undecanoate reverses erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes mellitus in patients failing on sildenafil citrate therapy alone.
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