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We were about two 12 packs deep into our weekly man meeting (a time when my friends and I are granted a hall pass from our ladies).
Gear Essential: Tough Pack We’ve talked about this pack before at Gear Patrol but I feel it is an integral part of the kit. Gear Essential: Hydration Bladder Water should be on your top list of priorities in your SHTF plans. Gear Essential: Rations There are a variety of emergency food sources but MREs are one of the best in my book. Gear Essential: Pants These pants are rugged, comfortable, and have tons of pockets for all your gear. Gear Essential: Footwear The brand of shoes favored by most overseas private contractors, Merrell makes damn good shoes.
Gear Essential: Assault Rifle The debate will always rage between AK47 and AR15, but for my money you can’t beat the AR15 for taking down zombies protection during the SHTF. What's New, NowToday in Gear: July 26, 2016Running shorts that will protect your smartphone, a water-resistant briefcase, an incredibly rare Apple computer at auction and much more. SAFE Boats InternationalThe American-Made Military Boats That Protect the World’s BordersTrusted by the US Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force (to name a few). As far as design and functionality goes James Davies the President and CEO of Gear Pods did an amazing job.
The cooking kit comes with the cup, fuel, aluminum wind guard, stove (inside the wind screen), and lid. The Gear Pods alcohol stove is made of anodized aluminum and fits neatly inside the stove making it a dual fuel stove.
An aviator's survival vest (SRU-21P), worn by helicopter crews, also contains survival items. This 15 inch survival knife with drop point blade features a thick quality stainless steel blade with serrated top edge.
The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! The kit fits into a ballistic nylon sleeve with an outer pouch that will hold a number of items. 25 ft 70lb bs braided nylon cord for shelter construction, securing equipment, snaring small game, bank line for fishing.

The cup allows you to hold it while it is hot and with the lid you can safely drink hot liquids with out worry of spilling. This kit covers some of the needed items to take care of the small wounds and minor discomforts one may encounter in the wilderness. This can often be mitigated by carrying a collection of vital survival tools to increase your survival metrics.
I have friends in the aviation industry that are astonished by the amount of components that are in this kit.
I brought along some spiced apple cider and fired up the stove with one of the two supplied Esbit fuel tablets. As mentioned earlier it has a shelter kit which is a necessary component to a survival kit. It has a straw hole in the top that will aid with those that have injuries that can not otherwise drink.
This kit will cover everything from burns, minor cuts and abrasions, Stings, contact dermatitis, headaches, fevers, diarrhea, splinters, thorns, and even blisters. The Desert Survival and Medical Combination Kit presents a comprehensive approach to all survival task areas, giving special emphasis on water collection. It can be stowed in a vehicle or aircraft and you will never know it is there till you need it.
This keeps each individual kit itemized and organized so you know exactly what kit you are grabbing.
In side the kit its self it covers fire, water and water disinfection, trapping and fishing, and signaling for rescue and equipment and clothing repair.
This is one of the best basic first aid kits I have seen that can easily be added to or used on its own. Survival kit includes a hollow grip with a compass top to store items within the knife itself, as well as additional pouches on the sheath to hold the rest. A well known technique to exploit water resources involves the creation of a vegetation still to extract potable water from surrounding plant life using transpiration bags.
They are held together by large connectors with terminators at each end to keep the components inside and make the kit waterproof. This kit provides three high density, 25 gallon transpiration bags for the survivor to use for this purpose, in addition to other water purification and collection tools.

When I took this kit and used it on a 24 hour test I found it to have all the necessities available. I personally have used a lot of the items in this kit to take care of minor issues in the field.
The first aid kit is fully stalked with ointments, band aids, insect repellant, poison oak and ivy relief and cleansing wipes, blister care, sunscreen, and a host of other items. While I was filming the review and test of the original gear pods I had cut my thumb on the folding razor that comes in the survival kit. Thus, the survivor is less likely to be at risk for losing more water than can be gained by the creation of the still. The shelter kit was complete with a silicone impregnated tarp, plenty of cord, and a space blanket.
Having three of these means the survivor can set up passive stills at good locations, while searching for primary water sources. In the event that there was no fuel left for the stove you can build a small fire under it and cook and heat water that way.
A useful tool that is included in this particular kit is the Photon Scorpion-Finding Light, which can provide you with the ability to locate scorpions at night in order to avoid injury, or for a food resource (with proper training). Used to start fires using the sun, and to read small print, especially if glasses are lost.
Engineered to give users high performance by offering both maximum protection and unsurpassed tactile sensitivity. As all scorpions fluoresce under blacklight (a wavelength of ultraviolet light), this light makes use of this fact by exposing them to UV in order to make them fluoresce for locating.
Kevlar cord, 150 lb test, bonded: Used for drill making, snares, fishing, high strength repairs and improvisation.

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