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Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWealth is morw important than education Do you think that without wealth you can get education? Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitEducation is better than wealth WE all know that we need money to fulfill our basic necessities but education is far more important.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, you need wealth to acquire higher education Despite the fact that I love studying and learning new things, I don't think taking on student loans for the sake of pursuing a passion is worth the heartache or headaches after graduation.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIn This Society Wealth is Everything It is an unfortunate negative effect of capitalism that wealth is held higher and more useful than any other thing, and guarantees a better life than education or hard work.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitStudents and puberty When you have your puberty and a boy finds out that it happened your most likely to be made fun of. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWe will be smarter There is a Middle school named Riverview Middle school in Huntington, Indiana. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitCo-ed classrooms tend to be gender stereotypical , they favor boys and tend to discourage girls from being more active especially in the fields of STEM. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitSingle sex schools are a NO It really, really doesn't prepare children for the real world.
Replyqueen-shalissa10(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWe are all friends All I have to say is that, we all need to learn from each other, make us better than before, we make a better productive economy. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo I don't think single sex schools are better for education Kids need a mix of male and female classmates I think for a proper education to be formed.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, it teaches Students need to learn how to react in different situations with different people. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitComprehensive Sex Education I believe if society really wants to fight STD's then it is best to offer students a comprehensive sex education while still in school, and preferably by the time they reach 12 years of age.
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitAbstinence only is a failure The idea that best way to combat the risks associated with sex is to tell people not to have sex is almost comically absurd, if it weren't so detrimental to the US. Healthy competition:- The most important, obvious and natural merit of co-education system is that it creates a very healthy and competitive environment among the students of both sexes. Building confidence:- It has been analyzed that the students which have got their education under co-education system are more confident as compared to the students who have been learning in single sex school system through out their educational career. Preparation of real world:- Co-education system enables the students of opposite sexes to freely interact with each other which is an essential and mandatory skill for all adults who are working and living in a society. Respect for opposite sex:- If the students of opposite sex interact with each other on regular basis it encourages and cultivates a relationship of respect among them this kind of environment discourages the discrimination on the basis of sex and gives them a chance to work on equal level and it also enhances their ability to think and work efficiently. Best of both world opportunities:- Students learning in co-education system can participate in the class discussion while the students learning in single sex education system remain hesitant to take part in discussion in the presence of opposite sex.
Boys engagement: Research shows that boys in co-education environment are more eager and enthusiastic as compared to males learning in single sex education system, co-education enables them to comfortably voice their ideas and opinions in the presence of girls and they also learn to interact, behave well with girls and gain respect from them and the group assignments and discussions provides them a chance to learn from each other socially and intellectually. My adversary asserts that the natural tendencies for boys and girls wanting to beat each other would benefit them in co education school.
Through this study we can see that girls and boys build confidence and often can shed traditional ideals about what classes they should take.
Again my adversary asserting that interaction with the opposite sex is limited in single sex schools.
My adversary flat dropped my point about test scores, sat scores, and homework improvement being higher in single sex schools which was the entire purpose of this debate. This debate has been configured to only allow voters who meet the requirements set by the debaters. Home > Opinions > Religion > Is multiculturalism a better social model than assimilation? Replyfalafiley.debateloudnignorant32(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMulticulturalism is a more open-minded society, but only if it lacks a dominant culture. Challengefalafilloudnignorant21(Maximum 900 words)SubmitI believe multiculturalism is a greater social model than assimilation because without diversity, we have nothing to learn. Replyfalafilloudnignorant21(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMulticulturism is a better social model than assimilation, because individuals are able to express varying degrees of individuality. Replyfalafilloudnignorant20(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMulticulturalism is a better social model than assimilation because no one way of life is better than another.
Replyfalafilloudnignorant20(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIt is good When people assimilate in to a culture they tend to loose their own cultural pride and traditions. Challengefalafilloudnignorant20(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIs multiculturalism a better social model than assimilation?
Replyricksantos0112(Maximum 900 words)SubmitImmigrants who choose to make a foreign country their native new home should be prepared to accept the universal practices and languages of that country. Replyricksantos01anpmp21(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWe are the borg We are the borg, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Challengericksantos01anpmp21(Maximum 900 words)SubmitThere does not have to be one or the other, and there should be a combination of the two. Replyg.hughesricksantos0120(Maximum 900 words)SubmitNo, I feel that assimilation is a better social model, not only for the integrity of the culture that is accepting the immigrants, but also for security reasons. Replyricksantos0110(Maximum 900 words)SubmitAssimilation is a better social model than multiculturalism, because multiculturalism implies competition between the cultures, while assimilation allows cooperation between the cultures. Replyricksantos0110(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMulticulturalism takes away the identity of individual countries.
Replyg.hughesricksantos0120(Maximum 900 words)SubmitMulticulturalism is watering down the individual differences and uniqueness found in different nations. Report PostMulticulturalism is the future because there are many benefits like, there are many different cultures and they have to know about the other cultures and know how to communicate with the people. First, before we really engage and dive deep into this debate, lets try to understand "Education" and its origin.
No, because just see outside of your society, their a lot of children and even grown ups who are rrendering on streets, did you ever tried to know the reason? In order to study the subjects that I truly enjoy, I would have to pay upfront due to the difficulty of finding employment in such fields. With todays social environment, a lot of jobs are lacking in value and not a lot of people get a good career. Unfortuantely that is the case - education is no guarantee of success and everything is based on money, so being educated and poor will get you nowhere while being ignorant and rich one can still live however one wants.

They would probably become more collaborative with other same sex genders and they would probably feel more comfortable and safe in a same sex school.
Being in a single sex classroom does not mean you cannot develop relationships with the other gender, it simply means that you are learning being your same sex not with distractions. When they have finished school and can interact with the opposite gender, they will be out of their comfort zone and may do weird things. We all like each other, how will we reproduce, get kids make our lives worth living can any person say yes answer me!
By sorting classes by gender, children and teens are opened to a world where everyone is the same and has the same points of view. This is a lie, in the near future they will be working side by side, but not being as productive as they normally would because they were not ready for the situation at hand of working with the opposite gender. They will be distracted or wanting that mix I think without it, and also may conflict more with their peers without the opposite sex to balance them, especially in the case of all girls schools as girls can be catty in general.
Sex education - not sanitized or reached by group consensus, but the kind designed by professionals, is the only proper method of teaching young people sex. In co-education system both the sexes compete with each other because there exists a natural tendency among boys and girls to beat the opposite sex and to be declared as a winner. Such students hesitate to interact with the opposite gender in their later lives on the other hand student who has learned under co-education system they freely interact with opposite sex and do not hesitate or feel uncomfortable in their presence. It is important that the students relating to different sexes should not fee annoyed in the presence of opposite gender they should feel comfortable especially when they are discussing something with the opposite gender, they should also feel comfortable while socializing with the different sex. If the students are learning under single sex educational system both the genders will develop stereotypes against each other sex, boys normally creates stereotypes against the female students when they don"t see them in a environment which is promoting equality. In co-education system students have the opportunities in different activities with opposite sex peers which boosts their self confidence.They can share their view points and learn together. This gives them the confidence to take other classes and end up being more well rounded in all types of areas.
Just because you interact with someone of the same sex more does not mean you are not going to have respect for the opposite sex.
Again there are programs that are usually set up that allow both genders to interact with each other outside of the classroom.
Overall all single sex schools tend to make higher scores on tests and do better in scholastic areas. This debate either has an Elo score requirement or is to be voted on by a select panel of judges.
When people are forced to assimilate to a culture, it causes them to feel resentment, and they are likely to maintain their cultural heritage in a furtive manner. Assimilation is not cooperation between cultures, it is dominance of one culture over another.
Forcing someone to abandon their culture because it doesn't fit with the status-quo is wrong. Multiculturalism is a greater social model over assimilation because diversity is what our society is built from. Multiculturism is a better social model than assimilation in that it teaches others to be tolerant of different views. You can be in a different culture and blend in with that culture while still preserving your own individuality.
Multiculturalism is a beautiful theory, but it isn't practical for many economic and social reasons. On a serious note (star trek quotes aside) multiculturalism, whilst it has it's benefits destroys the identity and traditions of indigenous populations. Some cultural traditions are desirable and advantageous to the people, and they can be enjoyed forever.
I believe that multiculturalism should not go so far as to endanger the individual identities of different countries. Multiculturalism is not a better social model because it waters down the uniqueness and individual differences that a nation possesses. No matter how much wealthy you are, people will always look at whether you are educated or not.
Therefore, I am stuck completing a business degree hoping that my children will have the resources to study the subjects that they enjoy and experience everything that I did not have the opportunity to experience.
Boys and Girls find it easier to work in different environments so if you mix them, most of the time, one sex will work better. Kids didn't buy it, pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases skyrocketed where it was "taught." A complete, utter, dismal failure. Co-education encourages them to try to do better than the opposite sex as a result they use advanced techniques in order to get better grades and jobs. In mixed schooling system both the sexes can take help from each other and they can also share their ideas on different topics normally girls and boys have different point of view so the mixed schooling system enables them to share their ideas, removal of differences and also creates team spirit among them it also promotes mutual understanding between them. You go to learn, and it is a truism that single sex schools produce higher test scores, Iq scores, and even sat scores.
In a society where multiculturalism is embraced, all people are encouraged to practice their cultures in the open. When I see people saying things like "you should be willing to accept the customs of your new country," I can't help but to remind the person that a country is just a piece of land sectioned off by a couple of imaginary lines drawn upon a map. Its important to pass on traditions throughout generations so people do not forget where they come from. For example: A country should not be forced to write and print at its own cost, literature that pertains to its citizens in dozens of languages, when one universally accepted language is used most often.
It also leads to a homogenisation of culture which is likely to eventually form an amorphous monoculture (you mix the mixed nuts hard and fast enough and you'll end up with a nut smoothie that tastes the same, feels the same, looks the same and even causes the same allergic reaction).
People migrating in from a different country should, up until a certain point, accept and integrate into the culture they have chosen to live amongst. Just look at the orphans, do you think they eat, sleep, and educate themselves without money? If one person educates 10 people then, more and more people will be educated but if 1 person divides money to 10 people, then his money will be decreased.

It also makes girls able to concentrate and work in classes such as maths and science which are more dominated by boys and they will not have the worry of being judged as much by boys. Accepting kids are going to have sex no matter what we tell them means we can work a harm reduction approach of telling them the real world consequences of having sex, and what steps they can take to avoid OR minimize them.
This is not limiting interaction with the opposite of sex at all, there are all after school programs where both sexes can interact, and they still have a social life outside of school.
The good news is that it does not limit interaction with the opposite sex, but maintains the focus on work and knowledge in the class room. This allows people from a variety of cultures to get to know each other, and what they are all about. The only way humans will ever achieve world peace is by attempting to understand one another. Forcing someone to give up who they are in order to cross one of these drawn in lines is absolutely absurd, and any North American settler who thinks that it's not should be reminded of the way their ancestors stole this continent from its people and took over like an invasive species. Companies should not be resigned to hiring bilingual or multi-lingual employees to make life more comfortable for foreigners who refuse to assimilate by learning the basics of a country's spoken language.
In this way they will learn to respect the native culture and understand the people living within it.
I believe that multiculturalism is a strong society because they are from different cultures and that’s good. However, it is not the same case for when they are getting introduced to the world of work when they do have to work with men. It has been proven that when you have a mixed class, the grades and test results are higher for both boy and girls than they would be if they were separated.Researchers have found that there is very little difference in the way that boys and girls learn.
In single sex schools you can remove that barrier, and still have the ability to function and grow with the opposite sex in after school programs and on your own time. After school in their own time or even in after school activities, you have the ability to communicate and learn how to interact with the opposite sex and you do so without losing the high test scores and grades that single sex schools usually lead in. In the long run this leads to a greater understanding, and peace and harmony in the community.
Only through tolerance and careful listening can we all come to an agreement on the ideal model for society.
This allows us the opportunity to exchange ideas and find alternative solutions to community, as well as world problems.
By the second generation of European Immigrants they knew how to speak English fluently, and adopted the American way of life. If people are not willing to assimilate, then why are they establishing residence in a foreign land?
I celebrate these, it is why I travel - I like learning of other cultures and people, but there is an old quote "when in Rome".
Bring people from another culture and make them to communicate with others and that this makes their society strong. And to get a job the people who are giving jobs to us want to know whether we are well educated or not.
By the third or fourth generation you could not tell them apart from anyone else.Now for Modern day Immigrants. The effects of two opposing cultures meeting and conflicting in the nation that is accepting the two cultures, in addition to trying to keep its own, can lead to violence and instability. Since this is true, I think it would be best if they assimilated into our established culture.
The journal “Science” has concluded that segregating boys and girls by gender does not improve education, and hinders social development. In the United States everyone has different backgrounds, and everyone’s values are different, no matter if they come from across the globe or had ancestors on the Mayflower.
See for example the conflict in Africa after colonial powers reorganized the territorial boundaries. So i like to study well and get all the benefits that comes after all the hard studying i did.
If segregating the two genders does not improve their learning development why would we feel the need to separate them? Yet we try to accept everyone, try to get along, and agree about respecting everyone’s beliefs and personal rights. Studies have proven that boys that attend all boys school become more aggressive because they have been around the same gender most of their lives. One culture cannot hope to bring others to light by threatening them; unjust practices will only truly die out once those who practice them can choose to change rather than be forced to.
Interacting with the other gender when you are young will help you out more than you think it will.
Otherwise there will be times you will not know what to do when you have to work in a mixed environment. Perhaps one day we will have a global culture that is defined by multiculturalism, rendering the term meaningless: a culture in which anyone can chose what practices to follow, regardless of their ancestry or country of birth, and as long as their choices do not infringe on others' rights they will be accepted by society.
I am sure that would be hard being the only person there that has not worked with the other gender. You may think that by separating the two genders would prevent distractions, but really it will only make kids want the mix of both genders therefore reflecting on their test results. In another 50-100 years, Whites will either be a very small minority or close to extinction, and I don't want that to happen. Europe should be for Europeans, America for Americans, Asia for Asians, and Africa for Africans.

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