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Helplessness will get the better of you while watching through a chink of decrepit shelter wall as other, more heavily armed survivors plunder your last supplies. This entry was posted in DayZ Guides and tagged arma 2, arma II, day z, dayz, guide, how to fight, how to find guns, how to survive, stay alive, tips, tricks. The DayZ Standalone brings a lot of changes to the original mod, and with these changes, you need be aware few things if want stay alive.
NEW DayZ Standalone Gameplay Part 1 includes Day of my Multiplayer experience for PC in 1080p HD. So DayZ standalone has finally been released, and many of you will have already tried to survive the first night out in Chernarus Plus. With no help from any built-in tutorials, tips or way points, you must choose your own path through the game's vast, open-world wasteland and use whatever you can find to stave off the flesh-craving undeads, other survivors and hunger. With the screen following your eye movements, you will feel more involved than ever in what happens around you, creating a stronger sense of actually being in the game.
Fear will bring you to your knees as you enter a pitch-black tunnel in hope that the old farm on the other side still contains something edible.

When added to the game, the center of the screen always follows the movement of your eyes, creating a feeling of an infinite screen.In DayZ, this gives you a richer gaming experience.
To survive out there in DayZ your going to need something with a bit more power than that flashlight in your bags. Don’t waste your time there, there will be to many zombies and other dangers you wont be able to deal with. These are usually found outside towns, look for farmland and you should find a barn soon enough.
It’s better to wait it out or crawl to avoid detection rather than to blast away and giving away your location. There is no point to waste valuable ammo with noisy guns on zombies if it isn’t an emergency. DayZ is a simulator, and your ammo is dependent on your magazines, not a total pool of ammo.
Ammo is plentiful, the gun is fairly quiet, but it comes with the downside of requiring more than a few bodyshots to kill your average Z, requiring you to carry more ammo.

Ammo is much harder to find, though per bullet, it hits harder, and you’ll have one less round in the magazine. The double barrel spawns frequently, and ammo can be found for it in virtually every area in the game. While ammo for it is relatively plentiful, it’s slow to fire and has a massive audible radius.
A better awareness of your surroundings also makes ambush more difficult for whoever might be sneaking up on you. They will give you the starting essentials for survival, and there are rarely more than three zombies around them.
Make the wrong decision, and you could be brutally sent back to start from scratch again, no pardon granted.

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