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Traditionally, man’s sexual potency, performance and pleasure have always been measured by means of his penile size. Thanks to the over advertising and internet scam products, an average user now comes across with literally hundreds of such products including pills, capsules and patches that claim to cause increase or enlargement of the penis.
To better understand the function and mode of action of most male enhancement pills, you must first be able to understand and differentiate between the two key terms i.e.
Penis enhancement generally refers to the temporary, short term engorgement of the penis that occurs quickly, sustains for a short period of time and then goes away.  Examples of penis enhancement include engorgement caused by male enhancement pills, patches, capsules and vacuum pumps. Penis enlargement generally refers to permanent, long-term enlargement of the penis that occurs gradually, progressively and is often maintained or stained permanently.  Examples of penis enlargement include increase in size of the penis (both girth and length) caused by penis extenders or stretchers or surgery such as phalloplasty. It provides longer and more voluminous erections, also improving the quality and motivation of sexual arousal. It results in increased production and release of nitric oxide, which helps stimulate blood vessel dilation in the penis. Male enhancement pills, such as Vigrx Plus, are composed of pure natural or herbal ingredients also function to restore blood flow to the penis and cause increased secretion of testosterone, which increases the erectile sensation and enhances natural male hormone production. However, it must be remembered that male enhancement pills produce penis “engorgement” (that is often short-term and does not really result in permanent enlargement of the penis. The main issue and problem with most of the penis enlargement products and devices available in the market today is that they are designed to increase only the length of the penis.
As a final verdict, it can be concluded that male enhancement pills will work best or produce long-term, real penis enlargement only if they are combined with some other enlargement method such as penis enlargement exercises or traction-based penis enlargement devices such penis extenders. We picked VigRX as the #1 product on the basis of value, ingredients and impressive results demonstrated from their clinical studies. How Do Pills Work?Male Enhancement pills primarily help with blood flow which, in turn, produce larger and more sustained erections.
Click Here to learn more about how male enhancement pills work, as well as which one might be right for you.
Why Should You Believe Me?Because I have tested 100's of male enhancement products, ranging from pills to pumps to extenders and everything in between.
Results DisclaimerThe above collection of results was obtained from various sources, including the products main website. There are literally hundreds of male enhancement pills on the market, each one claiming to help increase your sex drive, and grow your penis. Often referred to as the little blue pill, this product contains a blend of herbs and vitamins that is supposed to give you an increase in your sex drive, as well as make you last longer in bed. This product contains a proprietary blend of all natural herbs and extracts, with about 1250 mg per pill. According to various sources, including the companies website, this product may cause elevated blood pressure and heart rate. We checked out a number of reviews and could only find a couple of positive reviews of the product. There are literally hundreds of male enhancing products on the market to choose from, and it can be hard to find one that works.
Vimax has been on the market for more than ten years, and we decided to review this product for our readers and give you our full and unbiased review of whether or not it works. Among a variety of other ingredients, it contains ginkgo biloba, dodder seed, Hawthorne Berry, Panax Ginseng, and Tribulus Terestris. Long used to boost energy and stamina in athletes, Ginseng has been recently introduced into the sexual enhancing world to increase male sperm count and increase sexual desire.
This is another herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years to help improve mental alertness and memory. This extract can be found in many different types of male enhancement products, including Vimax, and has been used for thousands of years to promote sexual well being. After some in depth research, we determined that the ingredients listed above, as well as about 4 other ingredients, allowed for an increase in the blood flow to the penis and caused an enlarging state. Through the use of these ingredients that Vimax uses in their pills, it has been shown that over a 12 week time period when combined with enlargement techniques, vimax can increase the size of your penis, as well as the girth. As of this writing, it appears you can only buy Vimax online, through their official website. We recommend that you try out a 6 month supply of Vimax to see whether or not it’s right for you. I had a special request to review Caliplus from a personal friend of mine, and while I didn’t actually buy the product, I have a decent idea of how it works from my research.
Based on a proprietary blend of all natural herbs and extracts, Caliplus labels itself as a all natural substitute to prescription erectile dysfunction medications. There are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of male enhancement pills that make this very same claim, and we have seen everything from the completely rediculous to the possibly effective.
The official site of Caliplus plays on the possible causes of erectile dysfunction, which of course range from low testosterone to medications and drugs you may be taking.
None of the ingredients in Caliplus lead us to believe that it is an unnatural or unsafe formula. The other ingredients in Caliplus act as all natural aprhodisiacs and include epimedium, tribulus terrestris, piper longum, piper nigrum, mucuna pruriens, zingiber officinale, and clorophytum arundinaceum. All of these ingredients work fairly well, and can be found in competing products such as Triverex, Entramax, and Durexo.
When we compared Caliplus to our top choice, Vigrx Plus, there are some notable differences between the two products.
We think there could be some merit to Caliplus’s claims of helping to treat erectile dysfunction. Vydox, which hit the shelves around mid June of 2012, boasts that it is the #1 male enhancement solution in the world.
We wanted to get a jump start on this product and let guys know what our opinion of it was before it came out, but unfortunately at the time didn’t get a chance to order it. Similar to many other slow acting male enhancement supplements, Vydox is developed with all natural ingredients that we have personally tested before.
Their official website is also very informative and user friendly, and goes through a decent explanation of how Vydox is supposed to work. Since it is such a new product, there are not many reviews from men on third party websites like Amazon or Ebay about Vydox. Vasodilator’s have actually been used in several successful clinical studies to help treat erectile dysfunction, and it happens to be one of the most popular ingredients in many of the supplements I have already tested. Combining Asian Red Ginseng with L-Arginine and Yohimbe has long been known to help produce firmer, longer lasting erections, as well as help increase orgasm intensity. I got a chance to personally test out a 3 month’s supply of Vydox and just finished it up recently, and I have to say it is defintely one of the most effective supplements I have ever tried. Unlike many of the other slow-acting supplements I have tried, Vydox started working literally after about 45 minutes or so, and I could tell it was going to work well. For me, the best results were achieved after a few weeks, but I think this is because i have been using the found in it from other companies products.
Since I have already gained considerable size through the use of enlargement exercises, extender devices, and the 70 or so products that I have already tried, I did not really gain any additional size from Vydox, but that is not to say that it is not achievable. When compared to the hundreds, if not thousands, of male enhancement products on the market, I would clearly choose this one over 99% of the competitors. Late last night I was reading while the TV was on in the background, playing an informercial. Manufactured in the US, Cyvita apparently boosts mitochondrial energy levels, and is supposed to help increase both your performance and stamina. Cyvita appears to work very similar to other products in the testosterone replacement category, such as M Drive, Maca Man, and SizeCore.
According to the label, you can take up to 6 tablets of Cyvita daily, spread out throughout the day after meals. Some have reported that they experienced increased erections all day long, so you may be better off starting off with a low dosage to see how your body responds. It really seems to be more of a testosterone supplement rather than anything else, but boosting testosterone will definetly give an enhanced libido for men. Now, I do want to mention that several times they cite that the key ingredients in Cyvita have been proven in two separate clinical studies outperformed testosterone treatments, and men performed longer, stronger, and with more frequent erections.
We actually researched this study, which was published in the Medical Journal of Adult Urology, and it did show some promise. It should also be noted that Testosterone therapy actually increase prostate size substantially, leading us to believe it would be much safer to take a pill such as Cyvita rather than testosterone therapy.
Cyvita is a slow acting male enhancement supplement, which means it is designed to be taken everyday.
I noticed a difference after the first week of taking Cyvita, but not in the way a traditional enhancement product works. I’m not sure if I liked the feeling I got off of it or not, but I did see an increase my sexual energy as well. Overall, I think Cyvita was an ok performance product, but as a male enhancement supplement it is lacking some ingredients such as ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, and damiana herb.
One of the best ways to find honest reviews of practically any male enhancement product, such as Cyvita, is to search on google and click on the discussions tab. He had said that it actually worked too well for him, and thay he had to cut his dosage down to about half.
Their are no reviews of Cyvita on their official website, as well as independent third party sites, as far as we can tell.

The only ingredients that appear in Cyvita are AcetylCarnitine and Glycine propionyl-L-Carnitine. It appears that the only way you can buy Cyvita is through their free trial program, which involves a negative option. Their product is guaranteed for 30 days, so if you use it for a couple of weeks and find out it is not right for you, you can simply send it back for a full refund, minus the shipping costs of course.
We believe that based on the clinical research conducted concerning the use of Carnitine on sexual performance and stamina, as well as the fact that it is manufactured in the US, that Cyvita may indeed work. It may take a little time to learn to use it properly, and while you’re learning, it can sometimes be slightly painful.
Check out my personal Bathmate Hydro Pump X30 review, including my results, how it works, potential side effects, and more.
My Top Choice For PumpsThe Bathmate is the most comfortable and effective pumps I have come across to date.
Ramagra is only sold through their official website, and is currently not available in stores. The average retail price is around $17.95, however you can order a small trial version for around $3. We scoured the internet looking for a listing of the ingredients but could not find any information. There are several discussions as to the potency of ramagra currently being discussed online. We came across several discussions and reviews of men who complained thoroughly about Ramagra’s customer service.
With more and more male enhancement supplements coming out on the market every day, it can be hard to distinguish between ones that work, and ones that don’t. We decided to look into these claims, and the following investigation will talk about reviews from men both satisfied and unsatisfied.  We also delve into the ingredients, where to buy, and more. We had a chat with a Mega magnum representative and asked them what the ingredients in mega magnum were, but  we received no response  . Upon further review, we noticed that another website copied our original content about this pill, including the ingredients. A 30 day supply will run you close to $60, which works out to about $2 a day for a pill you can’t even find the ingredients on. Megamagnum also provides a so called “free trial” of their product, where you pay a small amount for a trial package, and in turn you only get billed $4.95 for shipping. We also searched you tube to see if we could find any videos of customers that have used the products but came up short as well. Don’t believe what megamagnum has to say,  if they were a legit company  , they would provide user reviews and results, list the ingredients, and  AT THE VERY LEAST  have a good customer service program. If you want a product that  really works to gain size and stamina  , take a look at our review of VigRX plus, the #1 Male Enhancement Product on the market right now. I thought Man Up now was a product that was banned by the FDA, but walking into a local gas station convenience store one day low and behold I saw a blister pack for the product right by the register.
Man Up Now is a fast acting male enhancement supplement designed to get you up fast, and keep you going for hours. If you go on their official website, you can buy various quantities of Man Up Now at somewhat reasonable prices, however, this is a product you only need to take as needed. Well, since it is an all natural formula, obviously you don’t need a prescription to try it out, and it only contains herbal ingredients.
What was very interesting was that, throughout my research, I did not find that one of these ingredients has been used as an all natural aphrodisiac at all. I could hardly find any other credible information for any of the other ingredients in Man Up Now, and none were stated to act as an all natural male enhancement supplement. In December of 2010, the FDA announced a warning of all Man Up Now products, as testing showed that the product contained an undisclosed ingredient called sulfoaildenafil, which is similar to the active ingredient in Viagra.
While the package contained 2 pills, I decided to try just one to see what kind of effect it would have. And then it hit me about 20 minutes later!  I got really horny, really fast, and my guess is that the FDA is probably right, Man Up Now seems to work exactly like Viagra.  I got the usual sensation of a tingling heartbeat, slight tightness in my chest, and a somewhat irritated feeling. Man Up Now is found in all of your finest gas stations across the US, and we happened to find it in a Mobil gas station.  If you go to their official site you will see that you can order a 24 ct. Because of folklores, myths and some facts, men with small sexual organs feel insecure about their sexual performance and ability to fulfill the desires of their partners.
The final effect produced by male enhancement pills is the increase in blood flow through the penis which results in filling up of spongy tissues of the penis with blood, eventually leading to erection.
New, advanced devices such as penis stretchers, extenders such as X4 Labs, and some recommended penis enlargement exercises, on the other hand, can actually cause permanent yet “natural” increase in both thickness and length of your penis by causing natural multiplication of the cells of your penis which eventually leads to increased tissue size of the walls and body of your penis. In other words, to achieve permanent or long lasting enlargement with significant increase in both girth and length of the penis, male enhancement pills should be best combined with penis enlargement exercises or traction-based penis extenders (preferable method). The ingredients listed on their site include Vitamin C, Saw Palmetto, panax ginseng and zinc. One major ingredient is panax ginseng, which is used in many other natural health related products. As with most products containing yohimbe, you should use caution if you are taking any medication to help lower your blood pressure. There were no testimonials on the herbal v website, only product information and how to order. We collected testimonials and reviews from other websites to find this information for you. All of these ingredients, we found, are some of the most highly potent male enhancing herbs you can put in a pill.
It is also said to have a positive stimulation on the sex glands, giving you an increase in the production of semen. It has been found in recent years to have aphrodisiac qualities which enable an increase in blood flow to the penis, causing it to swell up to 20% larger than it normally would. In conclusion, I can say with certainty that Vimax is efficient, safe, and without side effects. According to various sources, the manufacturers of Vimax plan on selling throughout local retailers such as The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and other retailers in the future. As you probably already know, I have personally tested dozens of male enhancement products, and while many of them are basically formulated the same way, some of them are truly unique enough to make a difference.
According to the official manufacturer, this supplement works quickly and is designed to be ingested 30 minutes prior to sex. They use stock photography on their sites for their testimonials, but I am unsure to the validity of these reviews. They also mention that Caliplus is a doctor approved formula, and they back it up with 2 medical doctor testimonials, one pyshcologist, and one herbologist. There is always an inherent risk when ordering any all natural product over the internet, simply because you never REALLY know where the ingredients originated from. Well, the main ingredient behind Caliplus is L-Arginine, which is an all natural substance I have personally used, and continue to use to this day. For one, Caliplus is a fast acting male enhancement pill, which is supposed to start working within an hour or so.
This clinical study involved dozens of men, and proved to help treat erectile dysfunction and give you increased size gains over a period of 3 months. The fact that it contains l-arginine, has doctor endorsements, and a 90 day money-back guarantee, leads us to believe this is a company that is serious about making a quality male enhancement product.
Manufactured by a company called Premium Nutraceuticals, it has recently partnered with PGA tour champion Brian Gay, who will serve as a spokesman and endorser for the company. There are several testimonials on their website indicating that it really does work, and they do mention that they are legitimate testimonials. They also go to great lengths to explain your options when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, and outline the benefits and drawbacks of prescription medications, vacuums, and alternative surgeries. However, the official website has numerous positive customer testimonials that have shown it to work very effectively.
I think that the combination of L-Arginine and 100 mg’s of Yohimbe clearly id the winner here, and the addition of Red Ginseng really helps to give it an extra boost. While it might be a bit on the expensive side, the quality of the ingredients, the reputation of the company sell it, their money back guarantee, and the customer reviews and testimonials make it well worth the investment. Usually I dont stop reading for such things, but because I am so intimately involved in the male enhancement industry, this one caught my attention.
The manufacturer claimed that Cyvita is supposed to boost nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, but it doesn’t appear to contain a key ingredient that does this, l-arginine. I followed the instructions on the label, which state to take 3 capsules twice a day on an empty stomach. The label is clearly marked as Cyvita, but it’s not that big of a deal because it is advertised as more of a performance boosting supplement more than anything else. We will be receiving our free trial of cyvita shortly, and will report back with our results when we get a chance to use it. AcetylCarnitine has actually been proven to increase male sperm motility, which essentially allows the sperm cells to move more freely, helping to make a man more fertile. What this essentially means is that you have 12 days to try the product after the day that it ships, and then at the end of the trial period, you will be billed $59.40 every 30 days, and shipped a new one month supply of the product.

The free trial price of Cyvita is $19.99, and you are basically sent a 2 week supply with free shipping. While we do not agree with the auto billing procedure Cyvita uses, the fact that they have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee attached to the product shows that they are serious about helping men out. We investigate exactly how this vacuum works, analyze customer testimonials, and give our own official opinion in this review.
We found this supplement while investigating various types of male pills designed to effectively increase sexual vigor and confidence. We decided to research the effectiveness of this supplement by analyzing the ingredients, evaluating customer reviews and results, and reviewing independent third party websites for more information. It purportedly works by naturally expanding the blood vessels that lead to the penis, and increasing the blood flow to produce an all natural erection.
Shipping is free, and ramagra states that they provide a 30 day money back guarantee, however you must return the product in order to redeem it. Many reviewers have complained that the product took a very long time to ship, often as much as 3 weeks. There are simply to many complaints about customer service and user results to ignore the fact, and it is compounded by a lack of clear ingredients. We came across mega magnum while researching various pills that  said they would increase your penis size  by over 3 inches.
Steer clear or megamagnum.org, as they appear to be a part of the company, posing as a fake review artist for the sole purpose of speaking highly of their product.
You need to be very cautious about ordering a free trial of any of these products, as they often place you into what’s called an auto rebill program, where you are continually charged every month for the pills, even if you don’t want them! What was even more annoying was that it cost $7.99 for these two pills, making it very expensive. Originally I thought that the product was unavailable for purchase because the FDA had issued a warning because of it, but apparently the company didn’t get that memo. Well, that’s what they promise, but according to the FDA it actually contains sulfoaildenafil, which is similar to sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. What was surprising was that the ingredients in Man Up Now are not your traditional run of the mill ingredients.
We also searched far and wide for reviews of Man Up Now, but surprisingly we did not find any on their official site, or on independent third part sites. Hence, such pills produce effects that only last as long as their usage is continued and as soon as one discontinues the use of penis pills, the effects disappear. We came across Herbal V pills after seeing one of their ads, and decided to check out the claims made by this company.
Apparently, this combination is supposed to increase the amount of blood that flows into the cavities and canals of the penis, which is supposed to quickly give you a heightened sense of sexual arousal. They manufacture several other types of products, including Advacal intensive, fertil male, and daily detox.
This herb is supposed in increase your overall desire to have sex, as well as give you a natural gain.
It is also recommended that women do not take Herbal V, as well as people with psychological disorders or kidney disease. It seems that these pills lack many of the ingredients that are needed to help increase your virility and improve your sexual health, however this is not proven in clinical trials. Every once in awhile, we come across a pill that not only does what it says it will do, but actually exceeds our expectations of what should be in a pill.
We decided to review three of these ingredients individually to see how they help to improve virility and libido. It’s well worth investing in the six month package because that is about how long it will take before you can expect great results. Caliplus just so happens to be one of the most popular male enhancement pills in India and Australia, and I had never heard of it until recently. It is supposed to last as much as 36 hours, and help to boost your sex drive and libido dramatically. For instance, there are two reviews, with the exact same review, posted under 2 different names on the sidebar of their homepage. However, there is nothing to suggest that this product is not safe, and we feel that if you are truly concerned about it that you speak with your doctor. L-Arginine is actually a very effective substance, but tends to loose its potency over time.
The instructions on the label were kind of confusing to us, simply because they say you should take one pill per day. Caliplus does not appear to have anything like this, and as a matter of fact practically every product in this category does not have any clinical studies conducted on its use. We plan on trying Caliplus out in the future, so be sure to check back on our blog to see for any updates.
L-Arginine is actually a clinically studied amino acid which was first discovered and isolated in 1886.
I can also say that I lasted probably about 20 or so minutes longer than normal, and the entire time I had a rock-hard erection that just wouldn’t give up.
I think that anyone trying Vydox out for the first time should order at least a 3 months supply so they can accurately gauge how effective it will be.
Should you have any other questions about Vydox that you did not see addressed in this review, please contact us and I will do my best to get back to you quickly.
Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human. It was for a product called Cyvita, which is an all natural supplement designed to help you last longer in bed.
While the label clearly looks like a pharmaceutical ingredient, these two ingredients are just amino acids.
I don’t know if this was a result of not taking it for more than a couple of weeks or what, but there was no change in my size at all. Although it doesn’t seem like many people have gotten a chance to try the product, there was one person that mentioned he had used it.
An Florida Atlantic University study in 2009 also discovered that the use of priopionylCarnitine can actually help to increase your stamina dramatically.
It is marketed and distributed by a company called Nature’s Cures,which is located in the UK. This product works different from pharmaceutical type drug because it does not contain active ingredients such as Sildenafil.
Some even complained of some debilitating side effects, with the most common complaint being a flushed face.
We could not validate these claims through any official means, but if several people are complaining about it the theory goes it is probably true.
It is nearly impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of any supplement, for that matter, unless the label clearly identifies what the supplement contains.
This was on a blog called male stars exposed, and it said that if you combine this product with nitro max, you will gain 3 inches in a month. We then tried to call the company, but the person that picked up did not have any information available for megamagnum, and was only in charge of filling orders. They direct all inquiries to their official site so that you end up right back where you started.
Fructus Licii, otherwise known as wolfberry, is usually marketed as a goji berry juice which is supposed to help prevent certain types of cancer. Unfortunately, we could not find any contact information for the manufacturers of Man Up Now. We discovered that these pills may actually work, but needed to dig a little deeper to be sure. Also, some side effects of herbal v were reported by customers on third party websites included headache, irritable feeling, and feeling hung over the next day.
The lack of reviews on other websites leads us to believe there are not many satisfied customers.
It is an immediate precursor to the production of Nitric Oxide, which results in a process called vasodilation. They offered a free trial of the product, so in the name of science and for my visitors, I decided to order the trial package and try it out. In fact, the entire product is just an all natural herbal enhancer, designed to act as an aphrodisiac, putting you in the mood for sex. This is not only reflective of the company who manufactures it, but also a reflection of a poor quality product. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, so any claims made should be taken with caution.
During vasodilation, the blood vessels are widened, which allows for more blood to flow to the penis during an erection. If you or someone you know has tried ramagra, or if you have claims that can prove these statements otherwise, please feel free to contact us.

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