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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. What psychological treatment would you give to someone whom is trying to cope with a death in family, struggling with career choices and relationship problems? If you know somebody who is suffering from a chemical dependency (drug use), alcoholism, or psychological problems, it is not a good idea to simply leave them be and wait for them to sort out their issues. In order to promote fairness, standard evaluations and treatments need continual exploration and modification to meet our growing awareness of diverse individuals and diverse populations. It may be best for industries that the public believes that all sophistication of science and scholarly views are beneficial but this broken-until-fixed-by-the-psych-industry is and always has been quite harmful to the majority of the public. There are as many successful ways for people with disorders that involve thinking (psychological, psychiatric, learning disability, and developmental disorder)  to live as there are individuals that have them.

The system that created these disorders was designed to be oppressive rather than empowering. The Internet is a networking tool that is mainly used to narrow the view of what is and isn't acceptable and prevent as many expressions of diversity as possible. In fact, that is one of the most common mistakes people commit when they notice that their friends or family members are suffering from certain disorders. The ones discouraged and excluded are of course the ones that need acceptance and accommodation the most. As more people are diagnosed the cure factor becomes an even more powerful weapon and appeals to more people who become even more afraid of becoming disenfranchised. The corporations will be blamed for our ruthless abandonment and harsh treatment of people who are inconvenient and uncomfortable but only because they are seen as profiting the most from it.

The excluded group is subjected to bullying and fewer opportunities for relationships and jobs pursuant to the mainstream attitudes that result. This creates even more division for people who are already excluded by other social factors.

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