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Face swelling is the accumulation of fluids in the tissues around the face and further affects the upper arms and the neck. Face swelling can be remedied by simple methods at home by applying cold compress over the swollen region in order to dull the pain and inflammation.
Take medications such as antihistamine or anti-allergy because your swelling might be due to allergic reaction from food or airborne allergen, insect sting or allergic rhinitis. Ask your doctor if there are any health conditions or infections that cause facial swelling. If the face swelling does subside or only grows worse, you will need to seek medical attention. Swelling may also affect the neck and upper arms. Considerations If the facial swelling is mild, it may be hard to detect. When you sleep, raise your head by using extra pillows as this will help reduce the swelling of the face.

Couple this with decongestant if you think that the swelling of your face has something to do with the inflammation of the sinuses.
If there is too much salt in the food, this may cause an increase in the fluid retention of the body. You may likewise opt for anti-inflammatory pills which could also lessen the pain on the face. Doctors will ask you questions in order for them to determine what cause the facial swelling. If you think that the inflammation of your sinuses is caused by virus, fungi or bacteria, consult a medical professional for further instructions about medications, whether this means starting on a new one, or making changes or stopping some intake of certain drugs.
Excessive retention of fluid in the body may lead to swelling on different body parts, including the face. Emergency measures may be applied if the face swelling is due to respiratory distress or burns.

If the stye does not die out, seek medical attention from a specialist and they will recommend you to undergo some outpatient surgical procedures to drain out and clean the infection if there are some; or prescribe some antibiotic cream to be applied.
Swelling may also affect the neck and upper arms.Causes of Swollen Face - How to Reduce Facial SwellingIf you have swollen cheeks, do not panic. Pregnancy, obesity, sodium retention, allergies and various medications can all cause swollen feet and hands.

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