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While renting your house out may seem as easy as posting an ad on Craigslist, we recommend that you set aside some time to prepare for you new business venture before you leap into the world of finding and managing tenants. Purchasing landlord insurance (also known as rental property insurance) is one of the most important steps to take before renting your home.
Assuming you’re not an accountant or deeply familiar with rental tax laws, it would be wise to enlist an accountant to help you sort through the tax implications of renting your house.
A real estate lawyer can help ensure that your lease agreement does not contain any illegal provisions, while also protecting you from the financial harm that could result from tenants exploiting loopholes in your agreement.
Working with in Fair Housing Act guidelines, outline a set of criteria your rental applicants will need to meet, and put these down on paper to hand out to potential tenants when you show them the property.
Beyond the lease agreement, there are a number of forms you’ll need to have on hand before renting your house out.
Having your home inspected by a professional will help you fix any critical maintenance issues before your tenants move in. There’s no substitute for a through deep cleaning and a fresh coat of paint when it comes to brightening the interior of your rental home. Today I’m going to share with you some ways you can get tenants in your rental property faster. Although you want to get somebody in that property as fast as you can, don’t move too fast.
If you have a decent house in a decent area, you should get some hits almost immediately after posting the ad. If you don’t, make sure you re-post the ad at least once every two days so that it keeps showing up on the front page of rentals in your area.
It’s a place where lots of people with Section 8 vouchers go to find available rental properties.
Now I understand you might be apprehensive to try this if the property sits in a bad neighborhood; you might be scared to let everyone in the neighborhood know that the house is vacant.
While I do understand that frame of mind, don’t forget that there are some things you can do to protect your house if it’s vacant.
To minimize the amount of phone calls I get, I like to put certain information on the sign.
It’s annoys the heck out of me to get interrupted during my day by phone calls that are asking basic information about the property.

If you don’t want to put your personal number on your signs or in your ads, you should consider getting a free Google Voice number. Get a Google Voice number if you’re apprehensive about using your personal phone number. As I mentioned earlier, you might want to hire a property manager to help you find a tenant. Since a lot property management companies already have marketing systems in place to attract tenants, you can leverage their systems to find a tenant for you. The good thing about it is that you don’t have to necessarily hire them to manage your property to take advantage of this service. Depending on who you work with, they might just charge you an amount equal to one month’s rent or something like that. If you have a good tenant in one of your other properties, you can offer some cash to them if they refer you someone that you end up renting your vacant property out to. If you’re going to make flyers, do yourself a favor, and make sure that you print your flyers in color.
I understand that it might cost more to print in color, but it definitely makes a difference.
You can post these flyers up in Laundromats, corner stores, grocery stores, and any other place that will allow you to.
For example, you could have something simple on it, like, “Homes for Rent in Detroit and Western Suburbs. If I were you, I’d keep and document the name and number of every person that calls me about a rental property. And people that look to rent properties tend to know other people that might be doing the same, or will be in the future.
Plus, I think way more people go on Craigslist to find rental properties nowadays than the newspaper. If you miss a call from a potential tenant, it’s in your best interest that you return their call QUICKLY. A lot of times, a tenant is sitting there just calling from a list of rental opportunities they’re interested in.
As a result, it’s likely that that prospect called on another property right after they called about yours.

You might be losing a lot of prospects by asking for too much on the monthly rate and security deposit.
Heck, if you can afford it, you might even want to make sure your rate is slightly under what comparable properties are going for; that is, if you want to rent it out fast.
First off, you’re going to attract a lot more prospects if you promote that you accept pets.
Secondly, you can charge them more per month if they’re going to have pets in your property. In addition to the things covered in a typical homeowner’s policy, landlord insurance will protect you from major damage done by tenants, as well as from legal actions they may take against you. An accountant will help you  figure out what records you’ll need to keep in order to navigate Schedule E come tax time. A good lease agreement will specify the ways tenants can and cannot use the property, how many people can occupy the rental, what insurance is required, who is responsible for paying utilities, and what will happen if the tenant doesn’t uphold his or her obligations. These criteria should include acceptable monthly income levels and credit scores and the number of tenants who may occupy the house. These include rental applications, credit check authorization forms, any disclosures your state requires, move in checklists, move out forms, and various notices to tenants.
This will help protect you from potential legal issues, while also saving you from having to answer multiple maintenance phone calls within the first few weeks of renting your property.  Having home inspections both before a tenant moves in and after he or she moves out will also provide third-party documentation of any damage caused by the tenant.
While trendy upgrades may be optional, if you want to attract the most qualified tenants, this basic rental hygiene is required. But in my opinion, there are so many other cheaper (or free) options that I wouldn’t pay for a rental ad unless I was really desperate. He or she can also help you figure out how to minimize your tax bill by helping you choose the right depreciation strategy.

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