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On May 6, the Project Management Institute announced exciting changes for continuing education requirements.
In order to offer valuable education and professional resources, the Institute regularly reviews the marketplace. The majority of project managers I have met over the years bring deep experience in technology.
All registered nurses (RN) in West Virginia (WV) are required to complete Continuing Education (CE) in order to maintain state licensure. A new CE requirement for WV RNs is CE for mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans.
Additionally, we also have specific CE requirements related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances.
What do you need to know about the continuing education requirements necessary for your APRN license renewal? There are APRN specific CE requirements that you must meet in order to renew your APRN license.
The CEs required to maintain your APRN license do not add to the total number of CE hours you are required to earn. Evidence of completion of a minimum of 24 contact hours obtained within the most recent licensure renewal cycle; 12 hours in pharmacotherapeutics, 8 of which may be used for renewal and reinstatement of Limited Prescriptive Authority in accordance with WV19CSR8 and 12 hours in the clinical management of patients from an approved continuing education provider recognized by the Board. The practice of WV CRNAs is regulated by the WV RN Board. Every CRNA in WV should be familiar with the state nurse practice act, along with the rules and regulations of the state WV RN Board. Figuring out your continuing education (CE) requirements can be a bit puzzling, particularly because the answer varies according to your jurisdiction.
According to the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), nearly every jurisdiction that issues social work licenses requires continuing education courses for renewal. To find out the CE requirements for your jurisdiction in the United States and Canada, check them out at ASWB here. To ensure your ability to get proper credit for fulfilling your CE requirements for your licensing board, make sure you receive a signed certificate of completion for the program you participated in, as well as a detailed description of the program (including syllabus, outline and bibliography as applicable). Aside from the (potential) licensing requirement for CE, there are also ethical considerations for social workers to take into account. Last but not least, you may want to take additional courses for your own professional growth – irrespective of whether you need CE credits for your jurisdiction. I fully support the idea of mandatory continuing education for social workers (as well as every other professional). One way to make sure you’re getting actual continuing education, and not just meeting licensure requirements, is to decide what you want to learn about this year and select your CE programs accordingly.
The list of developments that have occurred in the mental health field since you have graduated with your MSW is striking. With regard to the pursuit of CE, you suggest focusing on one topic per year so as to immerse yourself in whatever subject you’re choosing to increase your knowledge. I had the opportunity to give a CE program at University Buffalo last year, and I was impressed with the amount of time, energy and money that their Continuing Ed Program puts in given that there isn’t a mandate for social workers to take things. My point here in part is that having CE requirements are one of the only ways we have to try to provide some balance of quality in education across the profession after people have graduated. When I work with consultees, I suggest that continuing education goals should be in their business plan, and money for it be in their operating budget. Thanks so much for sharing some of your valuable experience and expertise on continuing education! Yes, the University of Buffalo’s School of Social Work does have an impressive Continuing Education program. I totally agree with you that agencies should provide some reimbursement for continuing education. For example, at my hospital placement last year, social workers not only had to pay for any outside CE but also had to use their own vacation days for this time. The point Jonathan makes about learning new therapy methods and techniques is very important.
Unfortunately, many therapists only take continuing education in what they are already familiar and comfortable with and don’t learn about new findings in attachment, affect regulation, and interpersonal neurobiology, or about experiential and mind-body approaches to therapy that take these new findings into consideration. I love your enthusiasm for learning new things and your generosity in sharing what you learn with us.
Thanks so much for sharing some of the topics that you feel are important for clinical social workers to be studying to keep up-to-date.
You mentioned evidence-based practice, as well as experiential and mind-body approaches to therapy that take into account new findings in attachment, affect regulation, and interpersonal neurobiology. Some of the therapies that take into account new findings in affective neuroscience include: EMDR, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Attachment Focused Family Therapy. I am most grateful for you having provided this list of modalities and recommending a great resource to use to learn about them!

New York State, where I live and work, is one of the few states that doesn’t require continuing education for social workers. Like Jonathan, when I think back on where the field was when I received my MSW it’s staggering to me how many things have changed.
In other words, I see continuing education as a professional obligation, regardless of whether or not state licensing boards require it, and regardless of whether or not agencies pay for it. As you so clearly illustrated, continued education is a lifelong necessity for all mental health professionals. Unlike law or accounting where many of the requirements are specified in law, project management has greater flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.
Project managers working in a matrix organization understand that their formal power is limited. Working through conflict in a professional and effective manner is vital for leaders. This skill could be considered a subset of conflict management skills. Studying leaders, past and present, through their biographies and autobiographies is an excellent approach (e.g.
Specialized skills such as Lean Six Sigma and business process improvement also follow in this area. For example, it is common to see professionals start their careers in software development or business analysis and then transition to project management. Keeping data and technology safe from misuse, theft and attacks is becoming more and more popular based on the IT salary surveys I have read.
What happens when you combine computing power, large volumes of data and statistical analysis tools? This particular CE is defined as educational offerings that include information on training on inquiring or inquiring about whether the patients are veterans or family members of veterans, and screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression and grief, and prevention of suicide.
The initial course(s) is at least a total of 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement. After the first 2 hour course, subsequent updates must be at least 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year. The training may be in 1 or 2 courses or a portion of a longer program provided the brochure or agenda describes the content and the number of hours related to the requirements.
We must complete at least 1 hour of this particular CE and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year. An APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice each license renewal period. The CEs you are already earning to maintain CRNA recertification can be used to meet these APRN requirements. 12 hours may count toward the continuing education requirement for the registered nurse license according to WV19CSR11.
Are you wondering whether you need to need to fulfill continuing education requirements to maintain your LMSW or LCSW license?
However, the requirements vary from one state to another from the number of continuing education (CE) hours required to the type of courses that must be taken. The ethical principle supporting this value is that social workers practice within their areas of competence and develop and enhance their professional expertise.
Nevertheless, I have quite a list of various courses that I want to take so that I have a nice toolkit of methodologies and techniques to be able to apply with my clients.
Licensing boards authorize people and organizations as CEU providers, but they don’t vet the content.
One must continually stay abreast of the developments in mental health and update one’s skills to avoid falling behind or worse, being rendered obsolete. This is valuable guidance – to aim for a more intensive, in-depth training that will give you more vs. John’s point is well taken, and so it was especially nice to see the dedication of both the folks at Buffalo and the students that took the course. For example in MA you are eligible to sit for your license to practice independently 2 years after you graduate if you’ve worked in an agency and been supervised during that time.
In MA you get CEs both for learning and teaching courses, so there is incentive for people to do both. It is an essential component of running a successful practice, both in terms of ongoing professional development but also networking with others.
An important part of being a competent therapist is keeping abreast of new developments in the field. I look forward to hearing what you learn about evidence-based practice when you take the class. So in our region, many professionals have found that not only do some agencies not pay for their training, they require that they take vacation days in order to attend training. If you need to talk or are concerned about someone else, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Now that PMI has done the initial research, it is up to each professional to put these ideas into practice. In developing your management skills, there are several approaches you can take, though claiming PDUs may not be possible in all cases. If one has a relatively stable team with long assignments (over 6 months), then it makes sense to look for ways to develop staff. Project managers may also want to look into studying other PMI certifications such as PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle) provide specialized training and certifications on their software. For example, one can earn the ITIL certification or the Scrum certifications. If you are based in a large organization, it makes sense to learn the methodology that is most popular (unless you relish the challenge of introducing a new approach!).
Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Veterans CE Requirement. Please note that this means each WV APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice between July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. However, they must meet the above criteria for content, be earned in the correct time frame, and be of the required hour amount.
There’s nothing better for your day-to-day practice than to get excited about a new idea or an old idea that you have been reminded of. As long as a program has an educational description and three learning objectives that are reasonable and consistent with the title and description, and you pay your money, then you’ll be able to provide CEUs. At the moment there is too much administrative headache to offer CEUs for the episodes because they were not designed to be CE programs. This means that people in Albany have to wait 2-3 years longer than the people who live just 40 miles east of them.
Personally I think CE should be both a requirement and that agencies should provide some reimbursement as well. There is more and more emphasis on evidence-based practice, so your plan to take the UBSSW online course in it is great! And then at the other end of the spectrum, we have other agencies that really value continuing education and invest in their employees through funding their professional development.
To be really effective in practice you need to not only attend continuing education and read, but ultimately you need to study something in depth. In addition, I suggest seeking out workshops, seminars and training that emphasizes interaction and self-reflection. At a minimum, I suggest an introductory book such as the HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers or a course. Strategy includes setting goals for your project that align with the organization’s goals.
From my study of this trend, Big Data approaches can be used to improve marketing, improve anti-fraud measures and other purposes. The initial course must include at least 3 hours of CE related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances.
The WV RN Board will only accept CE Certificates as evidence that you have completed the required CE. Social work school is so crammed with required courses, so isn’t it nice to know you can take electives for the rest of your professional life through CE?
Interestingly, my impression is that these latter agencies have lower staff turnover rates.
This means attending more than a one day workshop on something, but pursuing a topic over many sessions, and ideally obtaining consultation from specialists.
Alternately, you can take a finance minded colleague to lunch and pick up some of the basics.
Many colleges and universities, especially those with business schools, offer night and weekend courses in strategy. For professionals looking for cutting edge technology to learn, Big Data is an excellent area to study. Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing of Controlled Substances CE. Please make sure that the certificate indicates how many of the CE credits awarded were designated as Pharmacology CE credits.
Over the course of your career the knowledge and skills you acquired in your MSW program will go from new and cutting edge to obsolete.
There is NO REASON why a social worker can’t put together an excellent year-long plan for continuing education these days.

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