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Years spent in Corporate America instilled Matt Winings with a true understanding of the meaning of stress—and the effects of stress on the body.
Matt is a graduate of the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School, where he completed a 600-hour training program, as well as continuing education in trigger point therapy and advanced deep tissue massage. Each massage is custom tailored to the client's individual needs, whether muscle strain relief, relaxation or pain management.
This course is for anyone with a working knowledge of anatomy who would like to review the musculoskeletal system from head to toe. In this course practicing massage therapists will develop awareness and introspection skills for identifying client needs using meditation techniques, intuition practices, and hypnotic language to increase rapport and communication. Learn about recent massage therapy research and about conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. Students wishing to become more effective instructors will learn advanced learning theory, the chakra theory of learning, techniques for meaningful soul-to-soul communication, being of service, and instructional service learning. Using lecture, multi-media, meditation, reflective journaling, and interactive communication activities, this workshop will ask you to explore Soul-to-Soul communication. LEI provides teacher certification courses and programs in their Foundations of Effective Instruction teacher classes online.
Lotus Education Institute is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Private Occupational Schools, 2013.
One of the first things you learn when you become a licensed massage therapist is that your training never ends.  Or at least it probably won’t end for many years to come. The reality is that there is so much to learn about our bodies and how massage can positively impact them, and there are so many techniques and different modalities out there, but there just isn’t enough time for anyone to learn it all. For many people, hearing that you are required to get a certain amount of continuing education after getting your license is a negative.  But the reality is that continuing education is not only great for learning new techniques that will help your clients, but it also provides a great way to connect with other therapists as well as energize your practice. If you want to learn a specific technique, like cranio-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage techniques, or even shiatsu or thai massage, there are classes held all year round all across the country.
Gary Eaton is a licensed massage therapist and writer living and working in Portland, Oregon. What I find disappointing is that so many massage therapists pass on the opportunity to actually continue their education and end up taking nutrition and anatomy courses over and over. In a time when the economy continues to be difficult to navigate and many people are considering their career options, you might be wondering if it’s the right time to start massage school.
One of the best ways to pay for massage school is to earn a scholarship (or several scholarships) to help cover the costs of tuition, fees, and supplies.
Date range discounts (Early and Advanced) will be reflected at Check Out in the Registration process.
With 30 years of experience in the field, Monica brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is passionate to share all she knows. Admissions Applying is easy!
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the Friday following, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. The school does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability.

Prospective students must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be accepted for enrollment. Students will be asked to undergo a background check similar to the requirements for state licensure.
Postponement of a starting date, whether at the request of the school or the student, requires a written agreement signed by the student and the school.
If the course is not commenced, or the student fails to attend by the new start date set forth in the agreement, the student will be entitled to an appropriate refund of prepaid tuition and fees within 30 days of the deadline of the new start date set forth in the agreement, determined in accordance with the school’s refund policy and all applicable laws and rules concerning the Private Occupational Education Act of 1981.
Lotus Health Education offers employment assistance to graduates, consisting of job lead referrals and job skills development. Students who are unable to continue classes for medical reasons or severe personal problems will be required to take a leave of absence until they are able to return to class.
Students enrolled in the 500 hour Professional Massage Therapy program have one year to complete all courses. Every six weeks, progress reports with grades will be issued to students throughout the program.
All students are expected to act maturely and are required to respect other students and faculty members. Students with grievances must first contact individual instructors and attempt to work out an amicable solution. He prides himself on his ability to accommodate their jam-packed schedules, and offers evening and weekend appointments to suit his clients' unique needs. An Indiana native and a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, he is eager to help each of his clients "relax and heal" from any stress they may be experiencing, whether in the workplace or some other aspect of their lives. Students will review all muscles, bones, origins, insertions, and actions with kinesiology, palpation, and building muscles on Anatomikens with clay.
Lotus Education Institute is a school for teacher online training and teacher’s continuing education located in Basalt, Colorado serving the communities surrounding Aspen, Colorado. He manages a thriving therapeutic massage practice and is a featured writer for Massage Schools Guide. Not taking the basic refresher CE courses would force providers to create a more unique course offering which would be better for the whole profession.
There are tons of loans, grants and scholarships for aspiring spa and beauty professionals. She attended the University of North Texas for Art Education and she received a certificate in small business from the SMU Cox School of Business.
Discounts available for current chiropractic students* and Parker University Alumni - see Discount block below for details.) Discounts cannot be combined. If applicants are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in Colorado and do not possess a diploma or equivalent diploma, they may complete an ability to benefit test.
Students must testify to being health physically and mentally as required to perform professional massage therapy.
While assisting in your job search, we make no guarantee, expressed or implied, of future employment. Possession or use of weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol of any kind are not allowed at any time on school property.

The Lotus Heath Education School does not guarantee transferability of our credits to another institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.
If a solution cannot be reached between instructors and students, students may contact the school grievance representative, currently Christine Tinner. Student Complaints may be brought to the attention of the School Director to attempt resolution.
A certain degree of patience and persistence is definitely required to become a skilled practitioner.
She has served as an instructor at Parker University School of Massage Therapy since 2010 teaching Business Practices, Ethics, and Hydrotherapy (Spa Therapies) as well as a continuing education lecturer. The school does not administer the test, but will provide information on availability when requested. Students who fail to disclose disabilities prohibiting their ability to learn and perform massage therapy are subject to dismissal. Current law prohibits any school from guaranteeing job placement as an inducement to enroll students. Instructors may request your withdrawal from a course or program if absences or tardiness exceed 70%. The Director and student are to follow the grievance procedures according to school policy printed in the school catalog. Any questions about this complaint procedure may be directed to the Division by calling: (303) 866-2723. Her areas of expertise include not only massage modalities but business acumen in creating professional success. Students also concurrently enrolled in General Education Diploma (GED) courses will be accepted for enrollment. The student may be terminated if grades are not satisfactory at the end of the probationary period. Students are expected to follow the same ethical code of conduct as prescribed by the National Certification Board of Bodywork and Massage Therapy. If a student’s complaint includes a claim that the School engaged in a deceptive sales or trade practice (i.e.
All student complaints submitted to the Division must be in writing or online, and shall be filed within two (2) years after the date that the student discontinued training at the School. Cemetria's intention is for every therapist to be excited and confident about their full potential in the industry.
In spite of her busy schedule, she is also a multi-award winning full-time massage therapist and trainer and continues to retain high repeat clientele and create business success strategies. Elevate your ability to listen, discuss, be heard, use your intuition, and provide a new level of understanding and in all your relationships.

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