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Because the insurance industry is always changing, it is of the utmost importance for agents to stay well informed.
Are you ready to get enrolled in Web CE courses and be better prepared for your next license renewal? The new committee is charged with creating a continuing education website with resources for pastors, encouraging councils of local churches to develop learning covenants with their pastors, developing continuing education resources and requirements, and more.
Funding for the new committee would come in part from an existing fund within Pastor Church Resources. With this proposal, synod hopes to finally address the long-standing difficulty in developing a denomination-wide program of continuing education for pastors that would encourage most, if not all, pastors to participate in quality continuing education.
Earn your continuing education credits and “Certificate of Advanced Achievement” at the same time! NSCI106A Human Anatomy and Physiology A (4 units): This course is designed to introduce foundational concepts in human anatomy and physiology.
NSCI106B Human Anatomy and Physiology B (4 units): This course is designed to introduce foundational concepts in human anatomy and physiology. KIN114 Health and Performance Assessments (4 units): This course introduces students to the field of fitness training and evaluation for gaining the benefits of regular physical activity in a positive and safe manner. KIN206 Biomechanics (4 units): This course introduces students to the field of exercise and sport biomechanics.
NUTR209 Advanced Nutrition (4 units): Introductory course focusing on the scientific investigation of the nature, role, and metabolism of energy nutrients in human health at all stages of life, including childhood, adolescence, middle-age, and elderly.
As soon as you register for the course(s) of your choice below, you will be emailed specific instructions and immediate access explaining in simple terms how to start and successfully complete the course(s) at your own pace.

There is NO additional application fee, and you do not need to go through the formal application process as degree-seeking students. After completing any number of continuing education courses, you can apply for the degree program of your choice (Not Required, Optional).
NOTE: After you enroll in your desired class(es) you will receive an email, containing your Wexford University Online Learning Portal login instructions. Continuing Education Credit Physician Upon successful completion of this course, 4.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits are awarded. In an effort to help insurance agents get the resources they need to flourish, we chose a North American industry leader for continuing education coursework. To address these needs, Web CE and Benson Financial Solutions offer comprehensive materials designed to get you prepared for your license renewal.
Web CE offers over 750,000 continuing education classes each year for insurance agents across the United States. Synod president Paul De Vries said that the issue of continuing education for pastors has long vexed the CRC, including such questions as who funds continuing education and how pastors and councils should be held accountable.
Topics include: language of anatomy and physiology, basic biochemistry, cytology, cellular metabolism, histology, and the primary bodily systems that oversee support and movement of the body. Each system is studied in such a way that the student will get an integrative perspective on the system, how it functions and how it adapts to the stress of exercise. The goal of this course is to present the foundations underlying the study of physical activity and its relevance to fitness. The overall emphasis of this course is structural kinesiology – the study of muscles, bones, and joints as they are involved in the science of movement.

The goal of this course is to present the basics of mechanical concepts as it pertains to human movement in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format. Emphasis on digestion, absorption, and metabolism of foods and nutrients, and planning dietary intake incorporating necessary macro- and micronutrients for overall health. The course structure allows for people from any country and any time zone to fully participate in the time frame and schedule that works for you.
Details will be provided once you enroll.  Typical cost for textbooks range from $50-$80 per course. What makes these insurance-agent education materials so effective is their convenient coursework setup. To a much lesser degree, certain physiological and mechanical principles are addressed to enhance the understanding of the structures discussed.
Our self-study education model helps insurance agents get the education they need to renew state insurance licenses. With a focus on making the renewal process easier, insurance agents everywhere can take comfort knowing they have somebody on their team, working to help them do their job. Anatomists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, massage therapists, coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, performance enhancement coaches, physical educators, and others in health-related fields should have an adequate knowledge and understanding of all the large muscle groups so they can teach others how to strengthen, improve, and maintain these parts of the human body to enhance and improve normal human movement as they relate to activities of daily living as well as sport performance.
Web CE courses give insurance agents the competitive edge that is needed to get their license renewed in confidence.

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