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As many homeowners know, every few years you look at your home, and decide that one room or another needs a renovation.
As the CEO of your career, when was the last time you looked at yourself and decided to "renovate"?
This week's action item: Choose one area of your career to renovate, and write down 2-3 things that you can do immediately to start construction. INSCOL Center for Continuing Education (CCE) is an initiative aimed at acquainting the Indian nursing fraternity with the latest developments in medical care worldwide. To empower Indian Nurses and to elevate frontline nursing by imparting the Best Global Practices through pioneering workshops and simulation based trainings.
INSCOL CCE has taken an initiative in providing Simulation based learning so that nurses & healthcare providers can practice under unique clinical scenarios which sometimes are difficult to access in a hospital environment.
This one day simulation based workshop will enable participants to rehearse & refine practice in relation to the recognition, response & escalation of case of the acutely unwell woman and the management required in the event of cardiac arrest. Ensuring that patients who deteriorate receive appropriate and timely care is a key safety and quality challenge. Nurses serve a vital role in maximizing the health and health care experiences of pregnant women, new mothers, and infants.
This one day simulation based workshop will introduce participants to the varying interactions between individuals, teams, equipment and the working environment, known as human factors and the clinical application of these, to patient safety.
Airway management is critical as majority of deaths pertaining to airway obstruction occur due to poor airway management. Describe conduction system of heart & diagram the origin and spread of electrical impulse through the heart. Critically analyze normal and abnormal wave forms, interval segments and QRS axis from rhythm strips. Intravenous (IV) Therapy is vital in advance healthcare settings wherein healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors, practice the use of IV therapy and administration to their patients. The insertion of a urinary catheter is a common procedure and expertise comes with experience. Nasogastric tubes are commonly used across the world to treat stroke patients with dysphagia or those on ventilators and generally accepted as safe pieces of equipment. Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning are high-risk procedures and require very careful handling. Neurological disorders are pertinent in India owing to which the rate of strokes has been constantly on the rise.
At the end of the session students will be able to put into practice advanced neurological assessment skills. Heart diseases rank the highest in terms of morbidity and mortality rates, not only in India but worldwide. At the end of the session students will be able to put into practice advanced cardiovascular assessment skills.

This Infection Control Course is developed to increase awareness among healthcare professionals regarding the prevention and control of nosocomial infections and to increase compliance with safety measures, particularly Universal Precautions.
Describe the sources of micro-organisms, routes of transmission and key principles of infection control. Nurse-patient communication is the foundation of nursing care and treatment in any healthcare setting.
To earn the Professional Infant-Toddler Credential, you must complete the following four, three-credit classes.
You go through the work, perhaps re-painting, perhaps purchasing new furniture, or perhaps doing something a bit more radical.
The beauty of this approach is that the more upgrades you install, the more satisfied you will be when the renovations are complete.
The initiative, which started in 2012, has so far trained over 30000 Nurses and Healthcare Providers many of them working in leading Hospitals in India. All patients should receive comprehensive care regardless of their location in the hospital or the time of day.
This one day simulation based workshop will enable participants to rehearse and refine practice in relation to the recognition, response and escalation of care of the acutely unwell woman in the post-natal period.
The electrocardiogram (ECG) is one of the simplest and oldest cardiac investigations available, yet it can provide a wealth of useful information and remains an essential part of the assessment of cardiac patients. This is well known technique that is widely used by every healthcare team members as a basic procedure in giving medication, parenteral nutrition, monitoring hemodynamic functions, blood transfusion and maintaining fluid & electrolyte balance. The insertion of a catheter through the urethra into the urinary bladder to permit drainage of urine is a fundamental skill for the practicing health care professional.
These plastic tube can cause a lot of harm if they a misplaced in the patients esophagus or worse a bronchus. To avoid poor outcomes, nurses who perform them must strictly follow evidence-based guidelines. In order to combat the rising needs of patient care, healthcare professionals should be well equipped and able to anticipate any acute situations related to nervous system.
The safety of the patients lies in the understanding and conscientious application of these basic principles, especially for those patients with infections or diminished resistance to infection. You need to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the field, learning from experienced and knowledgeable instructors who know how to build on your experience so you can provide even better care. Or look through the last several years of your performance appraisals for additional clues. Even though a range of systems have been introduced to better manage clinical deterioration, this area remains a high priority while patients continue to experience preventable adverse events because their deterioration is not identified or properly managed. This workshop on High Dependency Midwifery Care is accredited by University of West London. The aim of the Airway Management Course is to impart Healthcare Professionals best practices in maintaining patent airway through appropriate assessment, intervention, and management options.

With modern machines, surface ECGs are quick and easy to obtain at the bedside and are based on relatively simple electrophysiological concepts. This workshop is designed to provide healthcare professionals the knowledge about the concepts, principles, techniques and practices in intravenous access-related situation.
This workshop discusses the indications for catheterization, the equipment available, the current methods of catheter insertion and maintenance, potential complications, and how to troubleshoot common problems.
If not detected before feeding patient can suffer complications like pneumonia, which can be fatal. Trach patients are at high risk from airway obstruction, impaired ventilation, infection, as well as other secondary complications. Advanced Neurological Assessment Course enables participants to improve their skills in performing advanced neurological assessment and help healthcare professionals in meeting health care needs of patients with neurological disorders. On-going health check-ups help in the early identification and prompt treatment of heart diseases. We know you are busy and we have designed this program to cause as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. Our workshops put emphasis on teaching communication, problem solving, clinical decision making & personal care skills. It has been found that healthcare staff has good theoretical knowledge but that they often fail to respond appropriately.
It consists of didactics and practicum utilizing the procedure checklist as tool of evaluation for safe IV practice and demonstration of basic skills. This course will be of interest to nurses, who want to ensure that they can confidently look after patients receiving nasogastric tube feeding.
Existing Partnerships with world’s leading colleges and universities enable us to bring Global Best Practices to India. This one day simulation based workshop will enable participants to rehearse and refine practice in relation to the recognition, response and escalation of care of the acutely unwell Child.
This one day simulation based workshop will enable participants to rehearse and refine practice in relation to the recognition, response and escalation of care of the acutely unwell adult. Participants have a unique advantage of earning International Certification from foreign universities while they study or work in India. This workshop on Clinical Decision Making in Deterioration Child is Accredited by University of West London. This workshop on Clinical Decision Making & the Deteriorating Adult Patient is Accredited by University of West London.
At INSCOL CCE we train to standard and not to time to ensure that are students have hands on exposure on industry best simulation equipment & will provide quality care to their clients.

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