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Continuing Education StoriesMighty Nurse frequently releases exclusive stories pertaining to career topics in nursing.
The School of Nursing is a certified provider of continuing education credits through the Connecticut Nurses Association. Training session for day care providers on safe administration of medications to children in their care. The University of Connecticut’s School of Nursing offers a Holistic Nursing Hybrid Graduate Certificate.
The University of Connecticut’s School of Nursing offers a Neonatal Nursing Master’s Degree Online.

Develop Your Competencies in Pain Management with a 12-credit online graduate certificate program for nursing professionals. The University of Connecticut (UConn’s) Pain Management online graduate certificate program meshes scholarly work with practice in an engaging 4 course (12-credit) program incorporating top UConn pain management researchers and educators. This program aims to reduce morbidity and mortality in children and youths who are injured or become ill at school. The University of Connecticut’s (UConn’s) online graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education prepares an interprofessional audience of early to mid-career clinicians and leaders for careers in health professions education. Among the programs offered are conferences sponsored by local hospitals and healthcare organizations.

This innovative 44-credit program consists of online coursework and three on-campus meetings. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to evaluate, plan, and implement educational activities and programs for all levels of education — undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education — in the health professions.

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