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Audi, Subaru, Lexus, Porsche, BMW lead the packFebruary 25, 2016 - YONKERS, NY— Consumers don’t always have to spend top dollar to get a great car.
The Toyota Prius was ranked at the top of Consumer Reports’ Best New Car Value scoring for the second year in a row.
At the other end of the cost of ownership spectrum is the Nissan Armada, which costs consumers $1.20 per mile.
If the C-Max is the best handling hybrid, I’m scared to think how terrible the Prius and Insight hybrids must drive.
When you frequently park in 50 year old parking decks with tightly packed, dent inducing pillars, the ability to pull out of a parking spot with k-turning is critical. These numbers support that the Ford C-Max has an unusually large turning circle for a vehicle its size. A lot of the better-handling FWD cars (Hondas and Acuras, especially) have terrible turning radii because they’re compelled to sell with wider wheels than the wheel wells should’ve held.
The Focus ST has a 39+ foot turning circle and its considered to be one of the best handling FWD cars. Really, your “coworkers” opinion of the turning radius somehow justifies why you prefer one car over another? As far as I can tell, the guy doing them is just an enthusiast without performance driving credentials. Does depreciation really factor into the cost of ownership if you plan on buying the car and keeping it until either you or the car dies?
Yes, the 5 year window doesn’t factor in thousands of dollars for battery replacement if you were to keep the hybrid longer. Also replacement batteries are between $1500 and $3700 and are projected to last 250k miles. Pretty much like an automatic transmission, except that you can swap it in the driveway without jacking up the car.
You have to remember that Norm is the owner of a Saab that has no regard for the laws of physics, one which achieves better fuel economy than anything produced by the evil Toyota Motor Corporation.
The good people at Consumer Reports appear to have a dim view of fuel-economy packages on small cars.

Likewise, the Honda Civic HF returned 33 mpg, which is also three mpg better than the base Civic LX, The Honda serves up an annual fuel cost savings of $135, though the HF package commands the largest premium over its base model at $800. It is worth noting Consumer Reports opted for the automatic-equipped Cruze Eco, which is only good for 31 mpg combined.
Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Choose up to 3 vehicles to compare side-by-side on price, features, performance, cost of ownership and more. Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more. CR’s analysis ranked over 200 vehicles on performance, reliability and costs and determined that over five years the Prius will cost 47 cents per mile to own and operate.
If you handling priority is ease of parking over nice to drive, those cars will be better than the C-Max. When my wife and I switched cars for a week, she said that C-Max doesn’t turn as well as the MKT she usually drives.
I like the C-Max because my mother’s dentist said that it easily holds 105 used toothpicks when lined up and stuck in the crevice between the dashboard. It certainly makes sense for somebody who leases a car or plans on purchasing a new car regularly otherwise it doesn’t seem to be that important.
Plus, what does that do to the environment when you thousands of battery replacements every year. The organization recently tested the Ford Focus SFE, Chevrolet Cruze Eco and Honda Civic HF to determine whether the cars' annual fuel savings actually offset the additional cost of opting for the package to begin with.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination.
Consumer Reports currently Recommends 100 percent of each brand's models that it has tested. Lower depreciation and operating costs for the Prius offset paying a premium for the hybrid. During their mixed city and highway loop testing, the Ford actually fared the best by returning 31 mpg overall.

Still, as CR points out, there are plenty of other vehicles on the market that attain similar fuel economy ratings without the added cost.
However, on road the C-Max and Focus are at the top or near the top in on road handling in their segements. That's three miles per gallon better than the standard Focus SE, and represents an annual fuel cost savings of just $145. That's just one mpg better than the Cruze 1LT in CR's testing, representing a savings of a mere $20 annually. Consumers are best served when those vehicles are also highly reliable and safe,” said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports director of automotive testing.In total, 30 brands were included in CR’s 2016 Brand Report Card. To determine which marques consistently deliver cars that serve consumers well, Consumer Reports tabulated the overall score, road test score, and predicted reliability results for each tested model of a brand. Then CR’s auto experts averaged those scores at the brand level as an indicator of which brands make the best cars.CR’s rankings are based only on vehicles that are currently for sale on the market and that the organization has tested at its 327-acre Automotive Test Center in Connecticut.
Audi and VW diesel vehicles that have been pulled from dealerships—following their recall and stop-sale last year for cheating on EPA emissions tests—are not included in the scoring. Toyota’s strong reliability score was enough to balance its middling road test score and secure eighth place.
Ford, Lincoln, and Chevrolet finished mid-pack and were largely bogged down by their inconsistent reliability scores. However, changes in the scoring methodology preclude comparing results from the 2016 report to information from any of the previous years.This year, Consumer Reports does not have Brand Report Cards for Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Maserati, Ram, Smart, and Tesla, because the organization has fewer than two currently tested models from those makes.
Founded in 1936 Consumer Reports has achieved substantial gains for consumers on health reform, food and product safety, financial reform, and other issues.
The organization has advanced important policies to cut hospital-acquired infections, prohibit predatory lending practices and combat dangerous toxins in food. Consumer Reports tests and rates thousands of products and services in its 50 plus labs, state-of-the-art auto test center and consumer research center.

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