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Jay Sifford Garden Design added this to Great Design Plant: Chamaecyparis Nootkatensisa€?Van den Akkera€™ is the narrowest and one of the most desirable cultivars.
This tree grows to a height of 25 to 30 feet with a spread of only 1A? to 2 feet, excluding the low skirt, which can be easily removed. This tree can be expected to grow to a 10-year height of 15 to 20 feet, putting on 6 to 10 inches of growth per year.
This form looks great in groups of three, especially when rising out of a mass of creeping junipers.

Whereas size appeals to us on an emotional level, shape reaches us on an intellectual, almost empirical, level. Notice how the variegated Japanese water iris (Iris ensata a€?Variegataa€™, zones 5 to 9) injects interest into this vignette while providing a point of transition between conifers.
The light, vibrant hues of the iris foliage speak to the bright, spring-like hues of the Golden Pacific shore junipers (Juniperus conferta a€?Golden Pacifica€™, zones 6 to 8). The shape of the iris foliage does, however, mimic the shape of the much taller Alaskan cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis a€?Van Den Akkera€™, zones 5 to 8), effectively pulling the garden together.

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