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New York officials are pushing ahead with their crackdown on energy service companies despite legal headwinds. In other words, this company promises to get a plumber or electrician to your house sooner when something goes wrong.
State government has put out a similar message. Statewide, wholesale electricity prices are significantly off their peak in 2008, the Public Service Commission says.
To understand how much we benefit from lower natural gas prices, consider that nationally, electricity prices are not down as steeply as in New York.
The state Assembly is trying again to set up a new agency called the Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, a Bronx Democrat, is this year’s lead sponsor of the bill.
That’s as true now as it was when Albany first considered the idea several years ago. Dinowitz’s bill and its predecessors have had strong support in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly. Opponents of a consumer advocate office say that consumer advocacy is the Public Service Commission’s job.
Invariably, the PSC must weigh the needs of regulated utilities against the needs of ratepayers. But fairness and due process – as there is in judicial proceedings – requires that two sides debate crucial issues involving, say, utility rates, modernizing the electric grid, establishing the right level of capital investments, and storm hardening so the State is not penny-wise-and-pound-foolish when the next devastating Hurricane Sandy hits. Lobbyists do their all to keep New Yorkers paying some of the highest utility rates in the nation. Somebody cut the cord to much of the Internet service in the New York region on May 9, knocking out phone service to 750,000 people, the state says. New York state officials plan an investigation of the outage, which they fear affected 911 service. The outage comes amid a state Public Service Commission investigation of telecommunications service in New York. Verizon has wrongly overcharged its traditional phone customers and spent the cash building out its FiOS and mobile networks, a consumer group alleges. Though New York shows little interest in regulating Verizon’s prices, it does care about the quality of landline service. Customers are staying with Verizon despite evidence that the quality of its service is declining. New York and other states have had little interest over the last decade or so in the price and quality of old-fashioned telephone service. Now we’ll find out if a state investigation can make the company care more about what it sees as obsolete technology. A state Supreme Court judge in Albany on March 4 stayed a Public Service Commission order cracking down on the companies. In court papers, the ESCOs gripe the commission’s February 20 order took them by surprise.
The new rules mark the failure of the state’s two-decade old policy of offering consumers choice in their electric and gas bills.
ESCOs simply can’t compete with the default plans of Con Edison, National Grid and other utility companies.

Sayre said letting ESCOs continue to sell if they guarantee lower prices leaves an opening if some company really does have a better deal. New York law requires the commission to assure consumers just and reasonable utility rates, Zibelman noted. Here's what to do if you receive a call in New Rochelle threatening to turn off your service.
NEW ROCHELLE, NY - Con Edison has seen a recent spike in reports from customers contacted by con artists pretending to be company bill collectors.The utility is warning customers not to fall for this scam, in which a caller threatens a service turnoff unless the customer purchases a pre-paid card or arranges for a transfer via MoneyGram to pay a bill.
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In February, the commission banned energy service companies from signing up new customers unless they guarantee their prices are equal to or lower than utilities’ full-service plans. Of those, 30% involved questionable marketing practices, 25% involved dissatisfaction with prices charged – or no savings realized, and 22% involved “slamming” – enrollment of customers without their authorization. One definition of such customers would be a family of four with income at 60 percent of the state median income, or $51,792 a year.
In return, he says, East Coast’s customers get quick service when their heat and hot water fail in winter.
This chart shows the wholesale power price paid in July by a typical Con Edison residential customer.
The government says that nationwide, residential prices are down by 0.24 percent over the last year. As the state’s news release notes, the state hit its all-time record load a decade ago. And Con Ed is looking to raise its charges for delivering power to your home and running the power grid in 2017. But the idea of a consumer advocate office is not popular in the Republican-dominated Senate.
It’s true that the PSC is charged with ensuring that utility rates are just and reasonable.
An AARP study last year noted that more than half of New York City voters between ages 35 and 69 worry about their ability to pay utility bills. Another AARP study two years ago found that utilities spend $10 million per year advocating for their interests in Albany.
People who buy the basic service actually pay around $30 after government taxes and fees are tacked on. The Public Service Commission voted March 17 to investigate whether the company does enough to keep up its copper-wire network. The blue line’s gradual trend toward horizontal shows that fewer customers are giving up traditional phone service. The Ma Bell monopoly days have passed to history, and phone customers have plenty of choices. It has told New York regulators that it’s not interested in expanding its FiOS network beyond areas it now serves. That means ESCOs can continue to sell their products while their legal challenge is pending. That will effectively shut many New York ESCOs that promise residential customers a better deal on their electric and gas bills.

A commission order issued February 23 bars energy service companies from signing up new customers unless they guarantee their prices are equal to or lower than utilities’ full-service plans, or guarantee that 30 percent or more of their product comes from renewable sources like wind and solar. Electricity ESCOs lost 6.1 percent of their residential market share in Con Ed territory from May 2014 to May 2015, state data shows.
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Are their high-priced electrons and gas molecules better than the cheaper ones sold by Con Ed? On August 2, 2006, the state’s power plants and transmission wires delivered 33,939 megawatts of power. It’s also true that the PSC staff is dedicated to investigating utility operations and arguing for fair rates. CNN found a pizza parlor in Sunnyside, Queens that lost about $300 in business because its phone and credit card service crashed. Charges for things like long distance service, an optional plan by which Verizon maintains the wires inside your home, and add-ons like call waiting and voice mail jack up the price even further. As rules and laws have evolved, the federal government has more responsibility for regulating Internet and wireless service.
In other states, the company has sold its landline operations as it shifts focus to mobile service.
The stay remains in effect at least until Albany Supreme Court Judge Kimberly O’Connor holds a hearing on the case, now set for April 14.
Several studies have shown that despite the promises, ESCO customers pay more than those who stick with their utilities’ plans. It followed years of ESCO intransigence over the state’s efforts to make their pricing more transparent. Instead, study after study shows that energy service companies – ESCOs, for short – cost consumers big bucks.
But he and other PSC commissioners expressed doubt the ESCO industry can promise lower prices. The money goes into someone else’s bank account or is available for the receiver to pick up in cash.Be alert if anyone asks you by telephone to arrange for pre-paid debit cards or a MoneyGram transfer as payment for your bill, or to send money to an out-of-state address, utility officials said. And for years, energy service companies ignored Public Service Commission efforts to make them more transparent about their pricing.
Frontier Communications takes over Verizon’s landline and Internet business in Florida, Texas and California on April 1.
They may also call Con Edison at 1-800-75CONED.Con Edison believes the scammers are calling customers randomly, not targeting just those who owe back payments. Never arrange payment or divulge account or personal information, including debit or credit card information, over the telephone, unless you are certain you are speaking to a Con Edison representative.Con Edison’s website offers a variety of approved and convenient options for bill payment. In January 2016, the state collected 592 consumer complaints about ESCOs, 29 percent more than the 459 complaints it collected in January 2015. The commission has also stepped up enforcement against some ESCOs’ shady business practices.

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