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Political, technological and economic factors are coming together to make M2M more attractive than ever before. Opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs and better serve customers using M2M are real, provided that the business undertakes strategy development, planning and deployment thoughtfully with an eye toward business outcomes. Reliability, availability, scalability, interoperability and cost could derail an M2M initiative just as easily as security. As component costs continue to decline and businesses recognize the power of interconnected sensors, telemetry, control points, cameras and numerous other objects, executives must realize that reducing cost is not the only opportunity. M2M is a transforming technology that enables businesses to reinvent, simplify and innovate in entirely new ways. Businesses around the world are considering and implementing M2M solutions to address production, performance, quality and cost challenges. AT&T has been working with its customers to deliver M2M for more than ten years, and it all starts with a Wireless Workshop.
Benefiting from M2M doesn’t mean that businesses have to shoulder all the responsibility for planning, design, development, deployment and operations.
There is no doubt that M2M represents complex technologies and integrations as well as global deployments and connectivity. From smart meters to tracking tags, radio receivers to connectivity software, as M2M devices and applications come to market, they are tested across the AT&T network to ensure compatibility, security and interoperability worldwide.
A leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, T-Mobile USA, Inc., is blazing a path to deliver the connectivity that will support the next generation of connected devices.
T-Mobile’s broad M2M industry expertise and deep vertical insights enable the company to collaborate with and successfully support its partners and customers. Though industry analysts’ projections about the amount of M2M device connection growth varies widely, M2M will grow significantly over the next three to five years. Forbes Custom is a custom publishing site that featuresspecial advertising sections from Forbes magazineas well as industry articles and videos from our partners. In this educative section you will find details to aspects of satellite communications technology and answers to questions about how satellite communications can benefit to your business. Point-to-point, one-way and two-way links between two earth stations are the simplest link architecture.
Today''s satellite transmissions are governed as well by proprietary technologies and public standards, such as DVB.
A satellite transponder is an electronic circuit on a satellite that receives, modulates, amplifies and re-transmits an uplinked signal. The communications needs of the whole world can be served by a network of three geostationary satellites.
Transformative technologies, such as PCs, assembly lines and mobile devices, have dramatically altered the way we do business, and M2M will be one of those technologies. As new infrastructure replaces old, companies and governments have the opportunity to drastically alter their businesses by implementing a technology strategy that is not only more efficient, but enables new levels of service, efficiency and economy.

T-Mobile is delivering the BeClose home healthcare monitoring solution which, unlike existing home monitors, is entirely wireless and uses a dedicated cellular channel. When considering a technology transformation like M2M, it’s important to remember it is just a tool to implement business strategy and process.
These aren’t isolated requirements, but rather interdependent needs that businesses in every industry vertical will struggle with and M2M suppliers will have to solve. M2M technology allows for the animation of nearly any object by enabling it to monitor, collect and send data from anywhere in the world. Hertz uses M2M to locate and track rental cars, and can even unlock the car remotely if the renter locks the keys inside. M2M creates an opportunity to elevate the business to the next level, define the next generation of the company and create long-term competitive advantage. The workshop is a strategic exercise to help quantify what is possible when current technology constraints are removed and where value can be added to the business. To that end, says Chris Hill, Vice President, Advanced Enterprise Mobility Solutions, AT&T has assembled an ecosystem of vendors, test labs, consultants and integration partners to simplify the specification, delivery and operation of M2M solutions. With America’s largest 4G network, T-Mobile has the capability to deliver the coverage, speed and growing bandwidth needs for 3D video and infotainment systems, data-intensive telehealth, and other emerging high-end applications. With a broad portfolio of custom and innovative SIM form factors, including unique embedded SIM solutions, T-Mobile gives its customers greater flexibility to meet their design requirements. Recognized by the industry for its growth, leadership and innovation, T-Mobile is best positioned to bring the future closer and drive the M2M market forward.
More complex communications requirements need sophisticated network topologies, such as point-to-multipoint, star and mesh . Legacy VSAT players have reacted to market demand and either offer or plan to offer a standards-based satellite platform.
M2M can connect virtually anything, like a vending machine that notifies the route driver when it’s out of soda. Most communication service providers will agree that wireless coverage is nearly ubiquitous nationally and even globally. Containers, trucks, high-value items and temperature-sensitive medications are also regularly tracked using M2M.
That kind of opportunity doesn’t happen very often, and businesses in any industry can benefit. Representatives from across the business can recognize synergistic opportunities to remake processes from the ground up that improve products, customer support and the bottom line. Competitive advantage and innovation will be realized from the unique applications that are developed to use data collected from M2M devices. AT&T also has certified over 1,000 devices with its mobile network and provides developer kits to ensure compatibility as applications are being built. Due to market exchanges for surplus capacity, it is possible to procure the needed satellite resources at discounted prices.

Thanks to innovations in miniaturization of antenna and battery technology, devices can now communicate wirelessly from anywhere in the world.
However, approaching M2M as a new growth area offers a clean slate on which you can define the next generation of the business. It’s important to consider the maturity of the technology, stability of the provider, interoperability, coverage and IT requirements.
The possibilities for M2M seem limitless, but many businesses are having trouble getting started. The AT&T approach seeks to simplify M2M complexity by aligning capabilities from the device to the user and providing businesses with all the pieces of a solution up to and including end-to-end turnkey service, Hill explains. The difference now is that you can network the sensors in devices and objects, and use the data for extended purposes such as knowing that the garage door was left open and notifying the owner or security company. The result is an explosion in the number of proposed business and consumer M2M applications.
Not only can the vending route driver be informed, but inventory can be updated both on the truck and in the warehouse while suppliers are notified to restock.
Costs will continue to decline for components and devices, so if the return isn’t there now, it may be in the future. What changes are you asking them to make and how will it affect their lifestyles or business operations?
However, the business, not the M2M supplier, will feel the market damage from a security breach. Involving representatives from every part of the business reveals amazing insights and results in better alignment of technology goals with business strategies. M2M does not have to be an evolution of existing processes and systems, although it may ultimately include those, but many organizations have tried unsuccessfully to extend existing infrastructure. Although M2M devices will typically use the mobile network, the devices themselves may not move. Users across the business require process simplification and better access to correlated, accurate data. Relying on external partners to deliver mission-critical services like M2M or cloud offerings makes secure procedures, components, software and networks absolutely essential. Eliminating truck dispatches, reducing time spent by technicians or support personnel, or providing better data for customer self-service are all quantifiable savings that businesses can realize now. A sensor on a levee pump in New Orleans can’t go around the corner to get a better signal during a storm. It is important to recognize where you’ll be deploying the M2M network, field-test the devices, and negotiate a service level agreement that ensures connectivity for critical devices.

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