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Now Trainers and Consultants can solve the tough communication challenges people face at work by delivering this powerful one day or two day communication workshop with dramatic results. Participants then will learn to apply specific Talking Tools to a host of challenging communication encounters of particularly high stakes and sensitivity.
No other training program we know of covers all these  critical communication situations. From The hated Performance Review sessions and the sensitive coaching and feedback drills, to the potentially explosive encounters with angry colleagues or customers, this workshop provides participants with the practical techniques they can immediately put to work, starting right in the workshopa€™s role plays. Most communication training programs offer general information about the communication process, model, and principles. This unique workshop focuses on the specific application of powerful communication and influencing tools to the most critical, sensitive, and challenging fact-to-face encounters managers and staff are confronted with everyday at work. It provides participants with proven techniques they can use in high-impact situations at work.
It enables managers and staff to engage in constructive conversations even when criticism, complaint, or other tough encounters are necessary. It delivers practical examples of what not to do, and what to do, when caught in those worst-of-all-possible-situations that require a higher level of communication competence. It empowers participants to turn critical communication situations into opportunity to build trust and achieve results. The workshop deploys a large array of role-plays, activities, exercises, quizzes, and inspiring stories and materials to fully engage participants throughout the process, making learning both fun and more lasting.
1- Leader's Guide: Provides Step-By-Step Facilitation Guidance with full explanation of concepts, research, and delivery considerations. You can get certified to deliver the Critical Coversations workshop plus two other popular workshops on emotional intelligence and creativity and innovation at work.
The Powerful Listening and Communication Skills Workshop that Changed the Toughest Work Culture On Earth!
Powerful ready-to-use training program that teaches communication skills, including speaking, listening, giving feedback, and communicating to resolve conflict.
It comes in a Word document with PowerPoint slides, Leader's Guide and reproducible Participant Workbook to give you everything you need to facilitate it. This workshop has changed the culture of work at one of the toughest work cultures in the worlds. At Rikers Island Correction Facility in New York a few years ago, this workshop was presented to managers working in perhaps the toughest work culture in the world: delivering health services to the inmates of the jail facility. The dramatic change in attitude and communication practices after the workshop was noticeable to participants and to top leadership that wrote to us in recognition of our work. Through dramatic role-plays and habit-altering insights and exercises, participants experiment with different styles of communication and experience the results first hand. A key element in this workshop is a focus on both speaking skills and listening skills, each as a powerful process for true understanding and effective interaction.
That is what a department director wrote in his evaluation sheet of our Listening for Understanding. Discover the underlying roots of all communication breakdowns, and the three main human tendencies that create communication problems. If you want us to deliver this powerful workshop at your organization for $3000 ($500 off the regular price of $3,500) Plus per participant fee. Now compare Janea€™s useless statement with the following suggested alternative: a€?How can we make our department meetings more useful?a€? Here you will notice that by using a question instead of a statement, the sentence now requires a response. In all your talk with others, use a€?purposeful conversationsa€? instead of utterances that have no purpose and no impact. In delivering communication skills training workshops to various groups over the past fifteen years, I came to depend on the following funny story to illustrate how the way people ask a question can determine the answers they get. In asking questions, as well as in all other aspects of communication, it's not what you say that counts, but how you say it.
Instead of changing the subject, avoiding the topic, mumbling something, holding back, lashing out, telling little lies or big lies, why not have a real conversation? Why not put our souls on the wings of our words - bravely sharing our feelings and thoughts, declaring our intentions and visions?

Why hide and conceal ourselves while we have at our command this freeing and transcending field-force called language? How can we engage with the world, with our important work in it and the people who shape it with us, through real, meaningful conversations?
Which type of conversations you engage in more often at work, the one described in the first sentence or the alternative? What makes it difficult to engage more often in the kind of open, honest conversations described in the piece? What if you decide to engage in this kind of open, authentic conversations all the time, even if others do not? Who benefits more from open and honest conversations, the person who always engages in them or the person at the receiving end, at times responding in kind and at other times not responding. In a communication skills workshop I was giving to a group of middle managers, a participant asked in a frustrated voice: I know we are supposed to give only constructive criticism, but even when my criticism is very constructive, it seems to create problems.
She replied, a€?I said: Tom, the report you gave me is useless because you did not support your recommendations with any data.
My response was, a€?Here is a language you can use in this case: Tom, this is a well written report overall and I appreciate the time you have put in it. With this change of focus, you turn a critical conversation into an opportunity not only for coaching Tom on writing better reports but also for strengthening the working relationship between you and Tom.
We offer the whole world of communication at work at our dedicated Communication Ideas site. Call Us 360-687-3238The Non Verbal Communication Experts for Corporate, Educational & Personal Non Verbal IQ™. A leading source of professional training in group dynamics and non-verbal communication skills, Michael Grinder and Associates (MGA) teaches the use of charismatic leadership through the use influence rather than power. Michael Grinder is a master of, and world renown expert in, the science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership skill development, group dynamics, advanced relationship building skills and presentation skills. Michael Grinder is the pioneer in teaching others how to perceive non-verbal communication in a group setting. Working both in the corporate world and within schools, with trainers and educators, Michael is dedicated to the concept that we are in love with the influence of power when we should really be in love with the power of influence, and to teaching others how to use influence non-verbally. MGA provides training in non-verbal communication, group dynamics, influence skills and permission for school districts, corporations and individuals.
MGA also offers half day and full day workshops on the above advanced communication and influence skills. Have Michael educate while he entertains, amazes and amuses your audience with his unparalleled understanding of group dynamics and non-verbal communication. He has a variety of Keynote Addresses to offer or have him create one to your exact criteria. About Michael Grinder Author and world renown expert in the science of non verbal communication, non verbal leadership, group dynamics, advanced relationship building & presentation skills. Provides guidance to human resources professionals on creating and operating employee benefit programs. Provides online courses for business professionals; topics include insurance, real estate, cosmetology, and defensive driving. The lack of digital skills and how it affects productivity in business has been in the news a lot lately. The US is also experiencing a lack of digital skills and it’s having a profound effect on business.
Manage information: The ability to gather, analyze and manage information has made it possible for PR to show the results of our work.
One of the problems is that the rapid pace of technological change in the workplace is leading to a skills half-life of only 2.5 years and organizations are failing to adapt their training programs quickly enough. Every year the digital skills gap drives an estimated $1.3 trillion loss in the US economy.
Copyright 2014-2015 © Free online community, share traffic in groups, topics, interests and blog post distribution. This flexible, customizable workshop gives you everything you need to deliver the skills people need most at work: Communicating effectively to reach positive outcomes in difficult situations when the stakes are high and the challenges are great.

This is the most relevant On-Demand, On-the-Job communication training you can offer today, addressing peoplea€™s needs for practical Talking Tools to apply in the most challenging encounters they face at work.
While participants may become more aware of the importance of good communication, they are left in dire need for specific ways to deal with real, tough, day-to-day communication encounters at work.
They learn to abandon negative communication habits that create conflict, and instead develop powerful communication and persuasion techniques that evoke positive action.
Both managers and staff learn to listen and speak to each other in ways they did not think possible, creating higher levels of understanding and collaboration.
It's easy to say we should give constructive criticism, but what I really need to know is exactly how to do that.
You can have us deliver it at your organization for $3000 per session plus per-participant-fee. Click here for communication sills training, assessments, videos, online courses, and more. He has spent his life studying, dissecting and teaching the complexity that underlies all communication. At this time, MGA offers training for education, public seminars and corporate in-house settings. The BBC reports today that more than 12 million people, and one million small businesses, in the UK fall into the digital skills gap. Productivity growth in the US has slowed to levels not seen since before the digital revolution. So using digital tools that allow us to quickly and easily get out work done and approved is central to our work today.
Since we communicate online and in social media it’s vital to understand the etiquette for digital communication overall, as well as the rules of engagement on each platform.
In order to stay current, productive and competitive companies and PR agencies must make digital skills training an integral part of their strategy.
You can help your managers, supervisors and key staff avoid a lot of problems and conflict at work by learning the powerful communication skills delivered in this workshop.
Your delegates will really appreciate the delivery as well as the take home value of the content of his work. More than 200 million Americans are part of the digital workforce, yet only 1 in 10 says they’re proficient in the digital tools they use every day at work.
Yes, everyone needs to be able to use email, messenger, texting and other methods of communicating, but our jobs go so much further. We have to know how to create our content in many formats, file it, find it again, share it or send it to others.
Learning how to use analytics and report ROI will make all the difference to the perceived value of PR.
Research indicates that communication is the single most important skills for people to achieve results at work. When I joined the monastery I asked our Head Monk about smoking and his answer was a resounding no. This uniquely effective workshop has helped thousands of managers and staff communicate better for dramatic breakthroughs in performance. Yet Tom was upset and felt that I was not appreciative of his work.a€? How else could I have provided a constructive criticism, she asked?
Ita€™s basically a statement that has no definite purpose, a wasted utterance that filled the air and resulted in no consequences, other than perhaps a polite smile. The senior monk smiled and said, "Am I right to assume, my dear brother, that you asked the Head Monk whether it was alright for you to smoke while praying? Am I supposed not to give any criticism at all even when the work is clearly not acceptable?

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