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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Communication skills are an integral part of a persona, how well an individual communicates with another reflects his confidence level which help building up of a charismatic personality. Shifting the focus on the bulk of Indian business graduates and weighing them against their global counterparts can reveal that they still have to work hard on the communication skills.
To combat the issue of ineffective communication skills many business schools have taken measures like increasing the number of presentations so that the students learn to develop the quality of facing the crowd confidently. Since soft skills do not fully shape up in classrooms, business schools take measures to create such a setting where real life exposure can be provided to the students.
The lack of effective communication skill can be cited to the teaching technique and MBA curriculum which is more theory based, and has lesser case studies which do not help increase the practical knowledge of the pupils. The present world contains a plethora of multi national establishments which needs MBA graduates who can strike a balance between soft and hard skills.
The Indian students nowhere lack in intelligence or social awareness but it is the education system which plays a major hurdle towards their understanding of the subjects.
They say that people rise because of their hard skills but fall due to the lack of soft skills, which implies that hard skills can make way for the interviews as a potential candidate who fulfill the qualifications but it is the soft skill which actually makes one land a job. Imagine A World With Clear Communications IWCC Training offers a full curriculum of writing, presenting and meeting skills workshops for business, technical and scientific professionals.
Business Communication examines verbal, nonverbal and written communication in the world of business.
The book focuses on the fundamental principles of communication - clarity of purpose and knowledge of the subject and audience - to empower readers to deal with both familiar and unfamiliar communication contexts. Similarly, when one starts working in a corporate sector he qualifies for the job due to his knowledge of hard skills but how effectively he expresses his ideas in front of others determine the kind of communication and soft skills he possesses.

The young business students can be trained to have excellent communication skills through business correspondence, making them face more interviews and presentations, importance of time management and practice of inter personal skills. Most of the professionals are aware of the soft skills but very few of them, adjust these skills according to the job requirements and use it to their advantage in order to move ahead at work. The business schools have also increased the activities like communication training programme, debate competitions, media relations and photography to polish the soft skills of the students. The schools invite business leaders to share their industry experience and journey to the business world providing the students’ an opportunity to interact, exchange and share their thoughts with them.Summer internship programme also provide a chance to the students to gain practical job experience in a professional environment. It is easier to teach hard skills like marketing, finance, human resource and such to the students but it is difficult to teach soft skills, to them. The corporate houses are spread in branches at every corner of the world accommodating numerous MBA graduates. Professionals usually have domain knowledge as a result of studying about the related subjects in a classroom but they lack in the area of soft skills since not much emphasis is laid on it. Our unique and powerful framework enables business leaders and their teams to gain control and consistency in their communications.
Everyday, business persons have to communicate with people at different levels of the organization or with people external to the organization.
Through numerous examples the art of effective speaking, writing, negotiating and interviewing is explored. I do have some activities I ask people to do, but as I use these on a commercial basis, I do not share more than the Powerpoint.
According to many surveys an observation has been made, that out of many MBA graduates only a few percent have employability traits. Business students worldwide should aim at improving their communication and soft skills through reading, watching informative television programmes and participate in mock interviews.

These organisations comprise of teammembers from worldwide as the business nowadays run through modern age technologies which instantly connects one to any part of the world.
To broaden a student’s horizon the course should include lessons where a student can develop his analytical bent of mind. Soft skills like stress management, interpersonal, survival, presentation, team building and social skills is on par with the hard skills which encompass the technical aspect of the subjects.
By empowering your employees with the skills to communicate clearly, you will achieve better results and support your business strategies. And in this globalized environment they also have to communicate with people from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds. The question which arises is that out of so many people pursuing MBA in every nook and corner of the world how many of them contain good communication and soft skills? Students on their part can read newspaper reports and form an opinion about them which will develop his thinking ability.
The present business world which is based on interaction cannot afford to underrate the communication and soft skills, which are the essential elements aiding one to successfully climb the ladder of success in the corporate world.
There are many Indian business schools graduate worldwide who often complain that they have not been taught about the techniques to deliver an efficacious presentation.

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