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The modern economy is a global one and increasingly companies across the world need staff with a high level of communication skills.
Our entry requirements may be different during Clearing, so please contact us on 023 9284 8000 to discuss your options. For year 1 entry applicants normally require 240 points, successful completion of a recognised University Foundation course or 1 year of HE study. Your classes may be in one of our state-of-the-art lecture theatres, one of our IT suites or digital multimedia language laboratories. Part of our approach is to develop independent learners, so that you can take responsibility for your academic and intellectual development with the support of your tutors. Assessment strategies will not only test your knowledge of the subject, but also help you develop a range of skills that will be invaluable when you finish your degree and start work.
You may have in-class tests or examinations at the end of each unit and give presentations or work on projects, either individually or as part of a team, giving you the opportunity to refine your presentational, team-working, time management and research skills.
You will submit essays or other types of written coursework, helping to enhance your analytical and critical skills as well as your ability to process large amounts of information and perfect your writing skills.
This course provides a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their English language whilst at the same time gaining core knowledge of communication and language theories and working on their own communication skills.
We are a very cosmopolitan community with more than 4,000 international and EU students from over 100 different countries. If you want to learn English, the language of international trade and business, doing so in an English-speaking country is a great advantage. Modern, comfortable and a great learning environment, our library offers a wealth of information including 400,000 books, DVDs, maps and thousands of online ejournals and newspapers. There are extra costs associated with studying, which you will need to consider when planning your expenditure. If you wish to purchase recommended texts, rather than borrow from the University Library, the average price is A?50-A?60.
We recommend that you budget A?75 a year for costs of photocopying, memory sticks, DVDs and CDs, printing charges, binding and specialist printing.

If your final year includes a major project, there could be cost for transport or accommodation related to your research activities. To make sure you take the right steps on your career path, we’re here to give you help, support and advice throughout your study. Employers tell us that they want graduates to be able to demonstrate certain skills when they come out of university.
Our advanced presentation skills course is for people who have experience presenting and want to elevate their game.
You’ll receive extensive feedback and structured coaching, then privately watch your videos to ensure clarity and instant awareness. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! We are excited to help you build successful communication strategies for Career Advancement, Leadership and Social Skills Success. At Communicating for Career Success we are looking to transform you into a Communication Powerhouse…. Be inspired, engaged and transformed on career advancement, workplace effectiveness and social skills success! Learn how to pitch your ideas with flair and turn prospects into customers and customers into passionate followers.
Leaders learn the interaction essentials to handle a variety of challenges they encounter in the workplace. Every school, every university, every corporate training program should make public speaking a mandatory part of their curriculum.  It does not matter what you teach as a subject expert. Unit 1: communication and employability skills for ICT - Jordan McKinley - Nichols e-portfolio! The content is highly experiential, using a wide range of media that includes facilitator input, group discussion, self-reflection and feedback.
This course will enhance your communication and English skills in a wide range of intercultural, business, translation and media contexts.

We have worked to ensure that the teaching and learning resources are there for you to take full advantage of. You may discuss and develop ideas in a seminar group or develop your language skills in a language class. To help you do this, tutors have developed a range of teaching and learning resources that can be used in class and for independent study.
All of these skills are not only necessary for you to do well in your studies with us, but also prepare you for your future in the world of work. In this programme you will study the natural usage of conversational, formal and business English alongside business-oriented topics. The International Office provides a wide range of activities such as coach trip to Stonehenge and "Around the World in One Day". The option gives you the opportunity to enhance your employability skills, to reflect on the ways in which you've done so, and to learn to express this to potential employers. This one-day workshop builds on knowledge and skills from Stand & Deliver or your own experience. We’ll help you leverage your strengths and work on a few specific development opportunities. Through the teaching, learning and assessment activities that you experience during your degree studies, you will develop your own, effective learning strategies that will last a lifetime.
We make sure we prepare you for employment through work-related learning, projects, placements and working in simulated environments that are designed to prepare you for the working world.

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