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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This site is designed to share some of that information to and help visitors recognize the importance of investing into developing a 'Communication Culture' that will help their organization communicate and collaborate better.
Methods and processes for communication play an essential role in political, economic, social and cultural processes in our society.
Worldviews, values and norms are three manifestations of culture which provide us with resources for making sense of intercultural interactions, culture is inspired by the communication of those in a community. Worldviews operate at an unconscious level so that we are not aware that other ways of seeing the world are either possible or legitimate, worldviews are a vital part of who we are but not a part we usually think much about.

The distinction between world views and values gets complicated when some values and world views seem to overlap or deal with the same thing. For example, AS and A-level Sociology available for teaching from September 2015, or AS and A-level Media Studies which we plan to redevelop for teaching in September 2017. The goal for this research field is to develop innovative academic groups by combining perspectives and insight from the traditions of human, social and technological subjects. This also implies analysis of the correlation between the role of the media, their IT prerequisites and consequences and general cultural processes at different levels of society.
He has managed to incorporate all his information on communication and collaboration into 'Talks' he is calling, The Culture of Communication.
Without knowing or trying to find a 'communication culture', it is difficult to build a good communication solution.

Obi regaled the class with examples of how easy it is to misunderstand cultures different from our own and that tolerance is key. The research field is mainly based at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies.The Faculty cooperates with educational researchers at the Faculty of Psychology, not least within the field for technology support for teaching and educational information science.

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