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To the Editor:Despite the technical knowledge available for improving food security in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), only three African countries (South Africa, Egypt and Burkina Faso) have commercialized biotech crops to date1. The first issue mentioned in the interviews is that poor communication is affecting agbiotech adoption.
In the version of this supplementary file originally posted online, information regarding the positions of the participants and the organizations they belonged to was not complete.
McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Authors received grant from Gates Foundation to study the water-efficient maize mentioned in the paper. As a communication professional, you are looking for the strategies, processes, and theories of interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication - the tools and skills needed to make positive change in the world around us.

Our dress codes are sending the wrong messages more even to boys than to girls, says Daimant. An important step toward improving agbiotech development and genetically modified (GM) crop adoption is to understand the factors that affect the transition of new agbiotech products from the product development stage, through commercialization to the hands of farmers and ultimate consumption by the population. The majority of stakeholders interviewed identified a limited understanding of GM crops by the public as a major challenge to improving public perception of the technology for successful development and adoption of agbiotech in SSA. Effective Aid for Small Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Southern Civil Society Perspectives. We have created a variety of programs to help you prepare for work in international and multicultural organizations, and our blended learning model lets you earn your degree without giving up your current commitments. Obi regaled the class with examples of how easy it is to misunderstand cultures different from our own and that tolerance is key. As part of a broader study on a social audit preparation for the Water Efficient Maize for Africa Project, we conducted 91 interviews with agbiotech stakeholders from a diverse range of groups within five SSA countries (Supplementary Methods).

Case Studies in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Mozambique (Canadian Coalition to End Global Poverty, Ontario, Canada, 2007).
Corporate Power and the Final Frontier in the Commodification of Life (ETC Group, Ontario, Canada, 2008). Analysis of the recordings of these interviews revealed four recurring factors that appear to influence agbiotech development in SSA: communication, culture and religion, capacity building and commercialization (Fig.

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