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Givien the popularity and ubiquity of animated GIfs on the web right now, it is time to get jiggy with them. DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments306 If your blog is not connected to ds106, you can add your example directly. It’s been a long time since I made something for this site, but Sarah put forth the challenge on twitter so here we go.
For as much as I love the Marvel movies I have not read that many comic books (I know… shaaaaame. For my first project in Design Week, I chose to animate the comic book cover of Jack Kirby’s draft of The Prisoner. This week I found another block of time through which to sprint after a number of ds106 design assignments.

I became interested in doing this assignment because of ds106 home page introduced us to ¬†mwalker version of the comic book cover Flash. I’ve been reading a bunch of 1980s Hulk comics thanks to my time with Zach Davis out in Portland, Oregon—which I am still gonna blog! Due to other¬†ds106 pioneers success with GIFs, I wanted to challenge myself with this assignment. Ever since Jim Groom pointed to the amazing animated comic covers created by Kerry Callen, I’ve been jonsing to make one. If you are signed up with a blog that feeds the main DS106 site just use the following tags when writing the post on your own blog to have your example added below. I knew that this would be a daunting assignment, but all the great examples made me think, hey, I can do this.

I remember these small comic books that girls mostly used to read in the digest or double digest form. It took me a while to figure out what cover I wanted to do, but I finally settled on this provocative comic cover.
To have your tutorials appear below, make sure your posts are showing up on the main DS106 site and that you use the following tags when writing the post on your own blog.

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