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ComEd, the largest electric utility in Illinois, has redesigned its bills to make them easier for consumers to understand. On the new bill, your eyes immediately go to the single most important piece of information: what you owe the folks at ComEd. The new bill takes all the energy use highlights and puts them together in a box, where they’re easy to scan and understand.
And just the placement of the energy stats makes them feel more important. The energy usage info is the second thing your eyes are drawn to on the page, right after how much money you owe.

For another neat way to communicate with utility customers, check out the Interactive Conversation we created with JEA. On the old bill, that information blends in with a bunch of utilityese about delivery charges and transmission services. Not only are we not hiding the good stuff in the middle of utilityese, we’re saying sayonara to most of that gobbledygook entirely. That makes you pay attention—and just might be enough to get you to think a little harder about how much energy you’re using each month.

It not only explains the confusing parts of the bill but gives you tips on saving energy based on your energy habits and appliances.
But it is easier for the average consumer to understand, and it could even help people cut back on their energy consumption.

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