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Be sure to check out the instructions of our co ed wedding shower games for our easy-to-use how-tos and tips. Unlike the traditional bingo games which comes with B I N G O columns, our bingo cards doesn’t have these, because words or on this case, names of famous TV couples are not tied up to a specific column. To download our co ed wedding shower games, right-click on the image, and choose Save Picture As. On Level 3, there should only be one group playing, and this time around the players’ goal is to match all the words found on the outermost square of their bingo cards. Now depending on your event and whether you have the time, you can choose to play this by following the above twist, just as a single level game, or with the personalized twist that you think will better suit your shower.
To get other co ed wedding shower games card, check out our co ed wedding shower games main page.
I think my favorite is the tin can converted into the adorable orange and blue soda party favor.

Good luck with you own party planing, and just remember – keep it balanced and have fun!
Ask Storkie: Do I need to invite the spouse and children of those in my wedding party to the wedding rehearsal dinner? We are all for adding the right flavor of excitement, and we think a wee bit of rule tweaking can help achieve this. Whether you go one way or the other,  we think this is a worthy bridal shower activity!
Our theme-based bridal shower games and activities can be found with our other bridal shower theme ideas. It is one of the traditional bridal shower games, and though they won’t be called very exciting, we feel that your guests will find them a comfort to play, which will make it possible for them to gossip with the bride to be and other friends at the same time, which is definitely not a bad thing. Coed showers are a great way to celebrate such a special and meaningful time in the future parents’ lives with all their friends and family, without excluding the men from the fun and memories.

Majority of said games require some preparation on your part, which can vary from wedding-related items needed for a memory game to art materials on one of the activities that require your guests’ creative juices. Of course, there’s really no rule which says you only have to go one way (active games) or the other (traditional game). Here is an inspiration board I put together featuring some great ideas and resources to spark your creativity! It would be outrageously easy and affordable to make with an old soup can you probably already have and some cute construction or wrapping paper. They may require more time and attention than the game on this page, but we’re pretty sure your guests will find them different and more enjoyable as well.

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