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Hosting a coed baby shower party is definitely a different type celebration than traditional baby showers. Co-ed baby shower parties are much like your customary babies party; however, they usually place less emphasis on the games and frilly things that are usually involved in traditional women-only showers. There are lots of different games that can be played at an event that includes both men and women. During the planning of the couples’ party, it is important to ensure that there will be plenty of men attending the event so that the expectant father does not feel left out while other women swoon over the mom-to-be.
When going to this type of event men are not normally intrigued by the idea of favors and games. Since this will be a co ed shower, the decorations should include less frilly colors, as this will tend to ensure your event is more guy-friendly. When gift opening time comes, have the couple open their gifts together or take turns, as this will help ensure the expectant father will feel more included in the event.
The menu of your celebration should be decided on by both the host as well as the expectant parents, as it should be planned to appeal to women and men. Apart from the wording of the invitation, there are other aspects that you have to take care of.
Plan a Coed Baby Shower-(Jack and Jill Shower or Couples Baby Shower) that Dad and his friends will really like. Fill bottles with your beverage of choice (yes-beer is fine) and get ready for a real chugging contest. The lucky couple is sure to have wonderful memories of their shower; especially because, they were able to do it together. Coed baby shower invitations are good for you who want to ask your friends, family, colleagues to come to your baby shower event. Since this is an event with both the ladies with their male guests, you should be mindful of this when determining the various aspects of the event, such as the coed baby shower invites, food, games, activities, and more.

This occasion is normally a time when family and friends come together and catch up with one another over drinks and food, that is, besides celebrating the number one reason everyone is there – The Baby!
Games that include both will give everyone the opportunity to have fun, and they can be ideal for breaking the ice so that your invited guests can relax and get to know everyone a little better. So, if playing games is important to the expectant mother, try to find games that guys could have fun playing as well. Party food needs to be considered, so you’ll want to ensure you have foods that appeals to both men and women. Of course, we do need to prepare about many things include the invitation, meal, food, drink, snack and the main theme of the event so that all the guest who come there will enjoy the ceremony. You may put your couple photo there and give some statements of the day, date, time and place of the event also the dress code if you want. There will be available many designs but you should make sure that you should get the best picture.
Your custom invitation should very clearly reflect that the event is not only for women and that men are welcomed.
A successful couple shower should have activities throughout the course of the party to keep things moving so that everyone can stay entertained. However, if the expectant mother is not adamant about having games, then hanging out and catching up can also create a more relaxed atmosphere which will ensure that all who attend have fun. In fact, the menu is so important, many hosts will include the details on their custom coed baby shower invites stationery. The invitation has to be done in a particular way so that all the guests feel welcome and special in the event.
Inviting the guests has to be done in a way that they understand their importance in the event. However, mom-to-be should not be over-shadowed, and her tastes must be incorporated into the theme, decor and menu.

If you are busy enough then you can buy some design to the baby shower invitation designer and use it. Please make the design and the color suitable with your baby to be sex on your coed baby shower invitations. You’ll want to include the place(s) where the expectant parents have registered on your stylish couples baby shower invitation cards.
You can also draw by yourself and make it complete using the computer program for designs then print it. As you are browsing the internet, you’ll find lots of websites offering totally unique invitation wording, sayings, and verses samples which you may use in part or totally.
Coed baby showers are different from the traditional ones and hence require a special form of invitation.
Since pink and blue and gender specific colors and are known to represent genders, you must be careful not to have one of these colors for your card. If you only include the things from the traditional invitation way for baby shower, the men will feel left out and may not show up at the event. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure to have things which are not specifically gender specific.
An interesting themed baby shower invitation makes the event enjoyable and gets the guests excited about it.

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