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On the 28th of November broadcast of SBS "Inkigayo", Co-ed performed "Too Late" and they have their signature move where they shake their backs, in the performance, Hye Won was wearing a short dress causing her underwear to be exposed, this controversy has her fans disappointed.
It was inappropriate that she had to perform with such a short dress especially with their choreography.
Their agency said on the 23rd of November that co-ed will be temporarily haulting all activities to make way for T-ara who has made a comeback and also to prepare for their new album to be released next year.

Co-ed recently had their last controversy with member Kangho spotted drinking despite being under-aged, now member HyeWon get's wrapped in controversy after she was seen with her underwear being exposed while she was performing. Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies.
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