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For any educator, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest and greatest Interactive Learning Software and technology. Probably the first example of a great addition to any classroom is the interactive whiteboard. Something that will make your interactive whiteboard complete is adding Pixelture Learn Space technology. Learn Space technology is also a fantastic way to gauge the learning and comprehension of your students.
Technology is a great way to enhance your teaching and to get the most out of your students, as well as yourself as a teacher. Saint Mark’s Episcopal School’s front offices are housed in a stately, renovated home on a residential street in Altadena.
The academic curriculum at Saint Mark’s includes core classes and seven subject specialists for science, Spanish, music, art and other subjects.
The school will break ground next summer on a new lush, green outdoor classroom next to the courtyard that is sure to excite everyone. Whatever level of education you work in, it’s important to be aware of what is available for your classroom. Having an interactive whiteboard in your classroom allows you to do a number of great things.
You can ask a question to everyone in your class, and the program immediately forms a histogram out of the answers you get.
As a first-time visitor to the school, Joscelle Shen, the assistant head of school, greeted me at the front door. I mention that parents created the video because Saint Mark’s is a school where parent involvement is both encouraged and expected. Respecting and building upon the school’s history, the program is rigorous and cutting-edge. There are students of virtually every ethnic background and one teacher in the video pointed out that many of his students are mixed-race, reflecting the local community.

Parents, faculty and students alike embrace the school’s tagline, “Passion For Learning, Compassion For The World” and it is evident throughout this magnificent gem of a school.
If you are looking for a state-of-the-art, traditional school, you should definitely tour this Saint Mark’s.
Technology is advancing so quickly these days that there is some form of technology available in nearly every classroom.
This works for taking a survey, and also for finding out how much your students understand.
She exudes warmth and kindness and was extremely attentive throughout our meeting and tour. Each parent is asked to commit to 25 hours per year to help the school with a variety of projects, from the book fair or library to creating the annual report and a wide range of other activities. It is an in-demand school, well respected for its extremely academic curriculum, which is a carefully constructed to focus on the whole child (academic, social, emotional and spiritual).
The Tech Lab is visited by students one hour each week, where they use a variety of programs to  become proficient in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Each class has 20 students and one teacher who is assisted by a teacher intern (in the process of getting their teaching credential).
Then the following year they added 2nd grade, and so on until we all graduated in the first ever graduation at St Mark’s.
An interactive whiteboard is connected to a laptop, so it can be used in the same way as a projector. While using your interactive whiteboard or projector to teach a new concept, Learn Space technology allows your students to share things from their own laptop screen. Joscelle is the mom of three kids and a parent at Saint Mark’s, so she is extremely well versed in every aspect of the school. My guess is that many parents exceed the 25 hours because they enjoy helping the school so much. There are some great programs and software available today that can really help teachers to be the best they can be.

This means that your students will be able to participate using their own internet sources, word documents or excel spreadsheets. Everything that happens in the Tech lab is integrated and coordinated with the kids’ classroom work. Most interactive whiteboards actually allow a student or teacher to touch the screen of the whiteboard to participate. What they share then appears on your screen at the top of the room and thus on the projector. The school’s mission of academic excellence, respect for diversity, self-responsibility and spiritual growth informs and guides its daily work. Teachers can create any number of slideshows and interactive quizzes and games to aid learning. You can choose to moderate what is shared thus preventing the sharing of inappropriate things. There is a marked lack of pretense and the solid foundation created by the school’s 50 years of tradition is apparent.
Every classroom at Saint Mark’s has a MondoPad, a very large iPad, at the front of the class.
Saint Mark’s has made an investment in the latest technology and the staff has the skills to use it and teach with it.
This is a standout program and it opens the world of technology to Saint Mark’s students in a meaningful way.

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