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In a wide-ranging article (highly recommended) in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dan Berrett address a new book on Islamic extremists by social scientists Diego Gambetta and Steffen Hertog, Engineers of Jihad: The Curious Connection Between Violent Extremism and Education (Princeton University Press). Do engineering programs select a certain kind of person, one who arrives on campus already predisposed toward acts of terror? I would just add that disgust travels in lockstep with judgmentalism, arrogance, and intolerance.
Gambetta and Hertog chose proxy measures for these traits among Western European, male college graduates polled by the European Social Survey.
Economics graduates often topped the list, the authors found, but engineering students most consistently scored higher across all of the measures. As for the conventional wisdom that poverty and ignorance are wellsprings of terrorism, “little evidence supports that notion, says [terrorism expert] Jessica Stern. When people’s hopes for individual and social advancement are raised and then dashed, a dynamic called relative deprivation can occur. The theory makes intuitive sense for engineers in developing countries, where the programs’ graduates enjoy high social status. Regarding the point about Baader-Meinhor attracting social science majors, I remember reading somewhere about a policy that may have started in Israel in the 70’s which was to deliberately discourage people from majoring in social sciences and steer them into engineering precisely because they thought that studying humanities and social science was radicalizing the students and engineering was more practical anyway. If this is true, then the reason many terrorists are engineers nowadays is maybe more reflective of a deliberate policy to produce more engineers from higher education and fewer non-engineers.
AboutWe sniff out issues hiding in the foreign-policy forest and haul them back to the laboratory for inspection. This blog provides a commentator with an opportunity to express his or her convictions more forcefully than may be appropriate for an article. This section highlights the media coverage received by the Religion and Diversity Project and its team members. February 5, 2016 ¦ Benjamin Berger was interviewed for a National Post article entitled "Is being a vegan a human right? January 10, 2016 ¦ Benjamin Berger's book entitled Law's Religion: Religious Difference and the Claims of Constitutionalism was featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Weekly Book List, January 15, 2016" compiled by Nina C. February 25, 2016 ¦ Bruce Ryder and  Luka Ryder-Bunting wrote a commentary entitled "Ottawa should shutter the Office of Religious Freedom" that was published by The Star. Hosted at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, the aim of the Research Centre for the Religious History of Canada founded in 1967 is to promote studies in Canadian religious history, by sponsoring research and organising meetings of specialists in the field.

Numerous publications including books, edited volumes, journal articles, and reports have been written or edited by our Religion and Diversity Project team members.
In an age when girls are marrying younger for the first time in 20 years and a nation obsesses over Sarah Palin’s high heels, Regina Barreca, a professor of English literature and feminist theory in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, wants to know, what happened to feminism? Besides writing popular books, Barreca is a regular contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education. More information about Barreca’s latest book, including scheduled events can be found on her web site. Plus your subscription includes weekly print or digital delivery of The Chronicle and The Review and the Chronicle iPad® Edition. One is the need for cognitive closure, or a preference for order and distaste for ambiguity. Berret continues: “The authors observe that these traits are also central to radical Islamist ideology. The need for closure and embrace of hierarchy, for example, were correlated with survey questions that elicited opinions on social norms, immigrants, income inequality, and the likeliness of a terrorist attack. People who experience relative deprivation don’t need to be objectively disadvantaged; they must simply feel they’ve been denied their due. Instead of finding lucrative careers, however, they often encounter limited job prospects in sclerotic economies.
Below you can find articles where the team members or the project are featured, or instances where the team members have been interviewed or provided an expert opinion on a current issue. For that purpose, the Centre prepares research tools such as bibliographies, indexes and various catalogues. Her book Babes in Boyland: A Personal History of Coeducation in The Ivy League, was published by the University Press of New England in 2005.
Or is the relationship between terrorism and engineering simply an intriguing correlation with no deeper meaning?
Scholars … have documented high levels of this trait among politically conservative voters. The gap between expectations and opportunities can come to feel galling, perhaps even humiliating. It also collects historical documents, particularly of untapped sources accessible to few researchers. 15dba28e510ae720986434fbbd5575f1d8A summer exhibit at Pitts Theology Library focuses on the fifteenth century Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus and his production and publication of the first Greek New Testament.

These groups, Gambetta and Hertog write, also have two other tendencies: They accept prevailing hierarchies and, when confronted with the unfamiliar, they experience high levels of disgust. Since 1977, the Centre has been working on the listing and microfilming of Roman documents concerning Canadian religious history. Some of her previously published books have been translated into eight different languages. It is the official depository for the archives of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and of the Canadian Religious Conference.For more information, please click here. Williams set to begin in June, Dean Jan Love has announced two more appointments to Candler's worship and music staff.
Smith explores the changes in preaching style from the Puritans to today through the lens of a sermon by Emory's first chancellor Warren Akin Candler.
Kessler Collection, with a focus on the significance of the Ten Commandments to the Protestant Reformation.
22 Conversation on Gissendaner, Capital Punishmentf109fc9faa8cca9126cb414659cfb140In light of Friday's warrant issued for the execution of Kelly Gissendaner, Candler will host a Sept. 16 Dean's Lecture to Explore Early Christian Homilies8ea84eb0aa8cca9157c1e463472b94c0The first Dean's Lecture of the 2015-2016 academic year at Candler will be presented by Dr. Mitchell, who will examine two largely unknown homilies on Romans 16:3 given by early Christian orator and bishop John Chrysostom. Fry Brown as the fourth Bandy Professor of Preaching and a convocation address by Robert M. Throughout the year, students, faculty, staff and guests gather regularly to lift their voices to God, connecting the many Christian traditions within the Candler community.
Ellison II, associate professor of pastoral care, naming him as one of a handful of 'dedicated scholar-activists' who combine stellar teaching with a commitment to social change. Canon Lang Lowrey will lead Candler's Episcopal Studies Program in the upcoming academic year.
Franklin, Jr., led students in his summer moral leadership course on a ten-day trip to South Korea from May 20-30.
The program's trio of unique benefits makes the degree an attractive and accessible option for working ministry professionals.

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