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Because Biola is a private institution, they are not required to make their employee salaries public. Base pay is simply the flat salary paid to an employee, whereas total compensation factors in other financial boons, according to Chronicle database reporter Jonah Newman, one of the report’s authors. Another component of total compensation that comes into play for Biola is housing assistance. During the data aggregation process, Newman said he was careful to display presidents’ salaries while taking into account factors that could vary widely from college to college. Biola’s salaries are based on blind comparative data taken from a selection of similar schools, according to Pierce. A jury convicted 53-year-old Michael Jace of murder after a weeklong trial, which ended on Friday, May 27.

With USC the first to have a multilingual commencement ceremony, Biola implements a multilingual virtual tour.
While this salary is high I think it is well in line with any CEO or President who has over 3,600 employees (per Form 990) You pay for what you get and Dr.
Under those circumstances, the difference from 2011 to 2012 would be a decrease of $73,358. The Chronicle retrieves their information from the tax form 990, the latest of which is from 2011. Their 990 starts in July 2011 and goes to June 2012, so it would actually be Barry’s compensation for the year end in 2012.
Orange County housing costs are notoriously expensive, with an average price tag of $609,800, according to Zillow.

The 2014 data is not available due to the possibility that compensation could change, according to Michael Pierce, vice president of business and financial affairs. If an employee moves from a state with cheaper housing costs to Southern California in order to work at Biola, the university will sometimes tack on additional funds to that person’s salary. From there, the goal is to ensure that employees’ salaries fall somewhere in that scope based on experience and expertise. Historically, all of these salaries increase each year by a small percentage, with the exception of 2009, in light of the recession.

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