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The ProfHacker perennial favorite Zotero got a significant upgrade last month with the release of version 4.0. As has been widely reported, the reference manager Mendeley was recently purchased for roughly $69 million by Elsevier, the Dutch publishing behemoth. Have you ever used Zotero to grab a citation from a library or journal database, only to have to retype the title of the article because it’s not capitalized correctly? I don’t know about you, but dealing with these nagging little details takes some of the magic out of the otherwise automagical powers of Zotero. In the past few months there has been a lot of attention paid to a Zotero plugin called Paper Machines. I’ve written about many developments in the Zotero ecosystem recently, but this is definitely the most hackish. The research and reference manager Zotero is one of our favorite tools at ProfHacker, and there have been several recent developments worth mentioning to our readers. Most notably, the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media has officially released Zotero 3.0. We’ve been on a Zotero streak at ProfHacker lately, writing about the Android apps Zandy and Scanner for Zotero, as well as ideas for taking better notes in Zotero. Amy Cavender is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and Associate Professor of Political Science and interim Director of the Center for Academic Innovation at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana. Brian Croxall is the Digital Humanities Strategist at Emory University's Digital Scholarship Commons (DiSC) and Lecturer of English. Kathleen Fitzpatrick is director of scholarly communication of the Modern Language Association and Visiting Research Professor of English at New York University.
Lincoln Mullen is a PhD candidate at Brandeis University and a historian of religion in early America and the nineteenth century. Anastasia Salter is an assistant professor of digital media at the University of Central Florida.
Mark Sample is an Associate Professor at Davidson College, where he also directs the college's Digital Studies program. My second caveat is that you will probably want to adjust ZotPad’s settings so that it doesn’t try to download every attachment in your library all at once. This entry was posted in Productivity, Software and tagged iAnnotate, ipad, zotero, ZotPad. In a nutshell, OneSearch will enable library users to conduct a single search that will yield results that include e-books, scholarly articles, doctoral dissertations, videos, and more.
With tips and advice from career counselors, human resources reps, new employees, and seasoned business professionals, this three-part series takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success.
The UI&U Library provides access to the Chronicle without the additional step of logging on through our proxy server.
Our library offers a growing collection of 150+ research databases, containing over 60,000 journals, 250,000 e-books, and millions of theses and dissertations from universities worldwide.
The library provides access to academic, scholarly resources that offer accurate information to support your research.
We have implemented this to better serve the needs of our students and faculty all over the country.
Career Transitions  is an online career guidance center that will walk you through the job-search process from beginning to end. The Online Teaching Survival Guide provides an overview of theory-based techniques for online teaching or for a technology-enhanced course, including course management, social presence, community building, and debriefing. This is a revision of the first title in Jossey-Bass’ Online Teaching & Learning series. As social media and Web 2.0 technologies continue to transform the learning trends and preferences of students, educators need to understand the applicability of these new tools in all types of learning environments…This practical, easy-to-use guide will serve the needs of educators seeking to refresh or transform their instruction. In order to enable the widespread adoption of online education, faculty must be trained in the pedagogy of teaching in this medium. Teaching Online: A Practical Guide is a practical, concise guide for educators teaching online. The library’s contact information is also available by clicking the new “Ask a Librarian” button in the top, right-hand corner of the website. The UI&U Library has many books about many aspects of African-American history, including the civil rights movement.
If you have a moment, you may want to check out this playlist of TED Talks celebrating Black History Month as well. This page contains enriched content visible when JavaScript is enabled or by clicking here.
Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Indira Ghandi, and Madame Chiang Kai-shek were worshipped, loved and sometimes even feared by millions the world over. The library will be closed on Monday the 18th in observance of the 87th birthday Martin Luther King, Jr. Here at the library, we believe that research is an important life skill that extends beyond just needing to find sources for a research paper. As librarians, we love to research and to help you find the information you are looking for but we also want you to learn about the tools that are available to you as students here at UI&U. From texting to email to video calls, digital technology has transformed how we communicate with each other. All of the library’s online resources will be available as usual, so if you need any research hints, please feel free to contact us before the holiday! If you will be shopping on Black Friday, check out the library’s shopping hints below. The library subscribes to Consumer Reports, a magazine of expert product reviews and ratings. So before you buy something this holiday season, first check the reviews to make sure that the product is and does what you want, won’t fall apart on you, and is the best value for your money. And when in doubt, remember that a homemade gift or card is always a wonderful gift to give!
The video below explains the specific ways Wikipedia can be used as part of the academic research process.

We recently updated the ILL page on the library website to both answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Interlibrary Loan and serve as a guide through the process. Whiteboard HD, by Avici, is an app that does exactly what its name promises: It captures the experience of writing on a whiteboard–even better, the results are legible! Whiteboard HD offers flexible and precise drawing tools, and the ability to import images and diagrams from iPhoto. Whiteboard HD supports the iPad’s VGA output, so you can put the emerging diagram up on a screen in front of a class or meeting. Although Whiteboard HD is useful now, there are some features that would improve it dramatically.
For me, without the collaboration features, Whiteboard HD probably isn’t worth it yet.
Though we often suggest Zotero as a way to organize and cite research material, we have favorably recommended Mendeley as well. Or maybe the article has a superfluous space before a colon that you have to manually edit out? How about setting up your own Zotero server, where you can access your Zotero references, PDF attachments, and even web snapshots from any browser on any computer.
Now that Zotero has an open API that developers can tap into, the Zotero ecosystem is growing in exciting ways. Templeton is the Anne Morrison Chapman Distinguished Professor of International Study and an associate professor of English at Converse College.
Houston is an associate professor of English at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a personal productivity coach for academics and professionals.
Then, when you’re ready, use that app’s Share… or Open In… feature to kick the document back to ZotPad. Allowing users to upload PDFs back to Zotero makes ZotPad nearly as useful as Zotero itself.
My ZotPad was configured to do exactly that, and it kept crashing (my Zotero library is well over 1GB). As you enter your online courses, remember that the library is here to support your academic adventures throughout the term.
Rather, we are just adding a comprehensive, more efficient way to search the content of the UI&U Library. Each program provides essential information on the big issues (dress codes, asking for a raise) as well as on matters seldom covered (dealing with office politics, surprise visits from higher-ups). It brings you news stories of concerning faculty, administration and technology as well as academic news from around the global. Luckily, library staff members are here to assist you by email, phone, text, or chat whenever you have questions or need assistance. During this week of celebration, we want to share with you 10 ways the library can transform your academic journey.
Our librarians are available to meet with you individually, and are willing to work around your busy schedule. Our databases have citation tools that will automatically format citations for your bibliography.
With database journal alerts, new journal issues will be delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up today.
The library has hundreds of resources that offer the knowledge and tools to help you on your search. To help you improve your research skills and have fun, we developed a treasure hunt with six clues hidden throughout the library website. Interlibrary Loan now has its own tab on the main navigation bar, which replaces the site index. Please reach out for live, in-person librarian support as you are researching for your assignments.
Witness real-time footage of fetal operations, and meet expecting parents as they face gut-wrenching decisions. Based on traditional pedagogical theory, this resource integrates the latest research in cognitive processing and learning outcomes.
This series helps higher education professionals improve the practice of online teaching and learning by providing concise, practical resources focused on particular areas or issues they might confront in this new learning environment.  This revision includes updated activities and resources for instructors teaching online.
Readers will be rewarded with an ample yet manageable collection of proven emerging technologies that can be leveraged for generating content, enhancing communications with and between students, and cultivating participatory, student-centered learning activities. Palloff and Keith Pratt, experts in the field of online teaching and learning, this hands-on resource helps higher education professionals understand the fundamentals of effective online assessment. Authors Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt draw on their extensive knowledge and experience to show how collaboration brings students together to support the learning of each member of the group while promoting creativity and critical thinking.
This book offers an understanding of how cognition and learning theory applies to an online learning environment. This updated edition has been fully revamped and reflects important changes that have occurred since the second edition’s publication.
It was nationally recognized in the United States of America in 1976, but the seeds of inspiration were sown as early as 1915, by Carter G.
Please peruse the sample titles in the carousel below…we have many more, and if you need any assistance finding anything in OneSearch, please feel free to contact a librarian right away! Interested in learning Google tricks?  This HackCollege infographic includes search operators, keyboard shortcuts*, and other strategies for becoming a Google expert!
These pioneers showed that a woman could be the equal of any man but behind the public success, there was often private heartache and personal tragedy. Knowing where to go for certain kinds of information, how to ask for help, how to find quality sources, and how to document these sources when we use them are skills that aren’t just for writing a research paper.
They learn everything they can about where they are going in order to prepare for what they might experience. Much like an early explorer, this journey will prepare you for later explorations as you delve further into your coursework. Did you know that the university offers free academic services that could make your life a little easier?

But in formal situations like at work or in school, which forms of communications are appropriate, and when? All current Union Institute & University students, faculty and staff in good standing are eligible to have articles electronically delivered to their email. You could download PDFs attached to items in your library and open them in something like iAnnotate, as long as you were syncing your attachments with Zotero’s server—but you couldn’t send a newly annotated PDF back up to Zotero.
And how about being able to run this server on almost any web hosting service, including free ones? ZotPad will figure out which item that PDF belongs to, and swap out the old version for the newly annotated version. But now that I can read and annotate any PDF attachment in my gigantic Zotero library using only my iPad, I’m much more convinced that ZotPad is a serious research tool, and one I cannot do without. Engaging graphics make pertinent points easy to remember, and anecdotes from a focus group of young professionals give real-life context to expert recommendations. You also have access to many blogs devoted to different aspects of the university experience (admissions, scholarly publishing or building and grounds) and also to the forums where you can connect with people involved in higher education around the country and around the world. Librarian assistance is available by email, phone, chat, and text. Schedule your appointment today.
Librarians are ready to help you think it through and find the sources you need to ace your assignment. We are ready and able to answer all of your questions about how to find articles, ebooks and other resources in our database collection, and other research questions! From a practical approach, this guidebook presents instructional strategies in a four-phase timeline, suitable for any online or blended course. Based on changes in technology and best practices learned from the field the revision provides new information for even seasoned online instructors.
The authors explore the emotional, psychological, and social aspects from both the instructor and student perspective.
It offers guidance for designing and implementing creative assessment practices tied directly to course activities to measure student learning.
Through behaviorist, constructivist, and cognitive approaches it provides strategies for incorporating this knowledge into effective learner-centered teaching practice. A leader in the online field, this best- selling resource maintains its reader friendly tone and offers exceptional practical advice, new teaching examples, faculty interviews, and an updated resource section. This series, featuring archive, interviews and dramatic re-enactment, reveals the price these women paid for their achievements and adversities they overcame to emerge as triumphant, inspirational icons of the 20th century.
Not only do these things help us show that we have done our due diligence in knowing what we are talking about, but it also helps us know when what we are reading might need to be inspected a little further.
As you search for the treasure, you will learn about the various tools available to you in the library that will hopefully be as rewarding if not more so than discovering the treasure. Topics will include career planning, research, writing, math support (including statistics) and support for veterans. Viewers of this video, especially digital natives, may be surprised to discover that communicating isn’t just about sharing information—it’s creating it—and that the ways in which emails, texts or voice messages are composed and conveyed may make the difference in impressing or disappointing an employer or co-worker.
We will be answering any emails or voice mail messages beginning bright and early Monday morning on November 30th!
To access Consumer Reports, go to the library homepage and click the Journals A-Z link.  Search for Consumer Reports.
Furthermore, if you sync your Zotero attachments with a WebDAV server (as I do) instead of Zotero’s server, you couldn’t access your attachments at all on ZotPad. First, you still can’t add items to your Zotero library from ZotPad, nor can you upload PDFs that didn’t come from Zotero. Under the section labeled “Preemptive Cache,” change the Attachment files option to “Active items.” This ensures that ZotPad will only download an attachment when you specifically request it. The importance of good interpersonal skills and having a positive attitude is promoted throughout. Faculty with little knowledge of educational theory and those well-versed in pedagogy will find this book a key to developing their practical online teaching skills.
It provides an instructional design framework and shows how a strong presence contributes to effective teaching and learning. The book is filled with illustrative case studies, authentic assessments based in real-life application of concepts, and collaborative activities that assess the quality of student learning rather than relying on the traditional methods of measuring the amount of information retained. Each chapter contains reflection and discussion questions which can be used for self-directed learning. Like them, the more experience you gain now with researching, the more prepared you will be with future challenges.
Even for late adopters of digital technology, this video has important points on what you should do—and what you don’t want to do—when it comes to email, texting, video-conferencing and using the phone for business calls or voice mail.
In this program, both business experts and a focus group of young professionals advise viewers on the proper way to conduct oneself in different types of work-related situations.
In other words, if you download a PDF directly from, say, JSTOR, while in iOS’s Safari, you cannot send that PDF into ZotPad. Creating a sense of presence in online teaching: How to” be there” for distance learners (Vol. Filled with illustrative examples and based on research and experience, the book contains methods, case scenarios, and activities for creating, maintaining, and evaluating presence throughout the cycle of an online course. Having supported Indian independence, she was elected after her father Jawaharlal Nehru’s death.
Among the many topics covered are nonverbal communication and “personal space,” handling dissatisfied callers, when and how to interrupt a busy colleague, composing professional e-mails, asking for a raise, and managing time effectively. She implemented social reforms and empathized with the poor, but later resorted to autocratic rule that ultimately led to her assassination.

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