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We've re-written our list of top celebrity friendships about a gazillion times (yep, that's actually a thing we do. Not even ashamed), but no matter what we do, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's cross-stitching, kitten stroking, guitar-playing BFF-ness always finds its way to the very top of the pile, so much so that to save us time, we're now just going to refer to them as #TED.Typing is hard work these days y'know?

Anywho, imagine how shocked and surprised we were to find out that back when Everything Has Changed was being formulated as a thing of emotional beauty, the two actually had a bit of a squabble over one particular chord. Talking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1, Eddy revealed that there was one part of the song that they couldn't agree on at all, until he basically forced her to believe his idea was the best.

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