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Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go.
Good news for those in Salt Lake City: this valley's best Chinese restaurants have figured out how to craft tasty dishes without sacrificing freshness - or relying on MSG as a primary spice. If you feeling like eating at home, call Sampan for delivery or takeout; this reliably good restaurant offers enormous portions for little cost.
Lastly, if you like dim sum as much as I do, then consider heading to Hong Kong Tea House or Ho Ho Gourmet. For Chinese fans with vegetarian preferences, Shanghai Cafe is the best place in Salt Lake City.
Offering a huge selection of Chinese dishes, Sampan has numerous categories for entrees, including lo mein, moo shu, specialty noodles, soup, chef's suggestions, chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, tofu, and vegetagble.
Few restaurants downtown offer better values for the buck than this casual eatery, whose tempting aroma calls out to passersby day and night. Located about 20 minutes south of downtown Salt Lake City, but very near the mouths of Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, Asian Star is one of the valley's most modern and popular Chinese and Asian fusion restaurants. Those with special dietary preferences or needs will find the Asian Star to be an excellent choice; here you will find many vegan selections and a gluten-free menu. Located just ten miles north of Salt Lake City in Bountiful, this restaurant has been named one of the top 25 Chinese restaurants in the USA by a leading travel publication and has won numerous "Best of State" and "Best Chinese in Salt Lake City" awards from leading local and state-wide publications. It feels like yesterday that my 18 year self was flashing ID to get inside Garden City’s Dicey Riley’s Irish Bar. Having recently undergone a $400M redevelopment, the centre’s new foodie precincts will leave you blown away; one questions if you’re even in a shopping centre at all. Where Dicey Riley’s and the vast, uninviting concrete playground that lay before it once stood, rests Westfield Garden City ’s tropical Town Square precinct. Amid the popularity of the ritzy Town Square, rests another Westfield Garden City refurb story – the Fresh Food precinct. Head spinning with ideas, I had worked up an almighty appetite exploring the Town Square and Fresh Food Precinct. Designed with traditional architecture in mind, 8 Street laneway mirrors the vibrant atmosphere of an Asian marketplace.
While I feasted on my slow cooked marinade pork belly gua bao, I chatted with 8 Street operator, David Wu.
With Australians gripped on Ramen and Chinese steamed bun burgers, I asked David if the trend was as popular in Asia as it was here. Living in such a multicultural country, we are indeed fortunate to dabble in so many different cuisines.
With so much inspiration around me, I felt rather motivated to try my hand at creating my own Chinese burger for (my now fiance) Mr B at home; after all, it was his birthday in one sleep.
So back to Top Shop Butcher to get me some of those meaty pork spare ribs I drooled over earlier.
As I write this, there isn’t anything similar at any of the other Westfield shopping centres, but there are whispers of exciting new projects.
FOODIEFoodies are dining hobbyists; individuals that value the experience of food and wine and raise it to an art form.

The kitchen of The Szechuan Garden, for example, is led by a five-star master chef, and is staffed with yet more chefs hailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Or if you prefer to stick with a familiar - though high-end - chain, head downtown and to P.F.
And though eating vegetarian in many other establishments means you'll find yourself ordering tofu or strictly vegetables, Shanghai Cafe offers well-liked, vegetarian imitations of meat.
Whether you live in Sugarhouse or are staying downtown, you'll find that it takes no more than 10 minutes to reach this restaurant. Sampan also offers dozens of "combo" options in six categories; these include an appetizer, soup, and entree. Step in, and you'll notice immediately that Ho Ho does not try to dazzle patrons with kicky decorations and elaborate tables; instead, they place stock in their fabulously-prepared food, and for good reason. Offering a variety Chinese dishes in an attractive and stylish dining room, this restaurant's menu includes the gentle Mandarin and Cantonese cuisines, as well as robust and spicy Szechuan and Hunan dishes. Originally from China, Chang has been cooking Szechuan cuisine for more than 35 years in elite restaurants around the world. Serving exclusively Chinese food, it offers a selection of entrees as well as well an extremely tantalizing dim sum menu. The motto, which is followed to the letter, is "Chinese food with a passion." Everything is excellent, particularly General Tsao's Chicken, and the Peking Duck (which must be ordered 48 hours in advance). As a rock climber, outdoors enthusiast and insatiable explorer, Christine has journeyed through nearly every corner of Utah, and has spent aggregate years overseas, from Turkey to Jordan, Sweden to Spain.
A poolside resort oasis with a plethora of affordable restaurants surrounding its calming waters, this foodie predicts it will be very popular come the warmer Brisbane months. Exposed high ceilings, visible lighting beams and planter pots coupled with chic modern styling creates a bustling market atmosphere. Featuring 14 authentic restaurants, you can eagerly watch on as your food is made fresh to order.
This got me thinking – what popular Chinese food will we see next on the Aussie food scene? Next on my ingredient list was hoisin sauce for my dressing and while I was at it, I threw in some Chinese 5 spice too for good measure – thanks, Sunlit Asian Grocer! I can see why too; it’s a completely different shopping experience in the Fresh Food Precinct. The extreme abundance of Chinese restaurants in big cities (and rural villages) proves this. This nationally recognized establishment offers creek-side patio dining and elegantly presented dishes. But if you don't feel like leaving home (and if you plan to order at least $12 worth of food), Sampan will deliver your meal to you. Jasmine China Bistro & Sushi Bar strives to create tasty - yet nutritionally sound - dishes using modified cooking styles. The menu features the likes of hot and sour veggies, steamed spareribs smothered in black bean sauce, General Tso's chicken, and broccoli with fresh seafood.
Operating more than 200 branches worldwide, this high-end restaurant offers a level of quality available at few other eateries in the same genre.

This huge restaurant, adorned with a professional staff, can accommodate a group of almost any size - given advanced notice. Not only has this restaurant earned the "Best Chinese Cuisine" award from Salt Lake City Magazine, but it is also part of the Top 100 Chinese restaurants in the nation according to a competition hosted by Chinese Restaurant News. This Chinese equivalent of tapas features small plates and bite-sized items like dumplings, noodle rolls, meat balls, rolls, and pot-stickers served a la carte from steamer baskets. A relaxing glass of vino and a bite to eat after a hard days’ worth of shopping sounds like the perfect recovery to me.
A large butcher, somewhat tailored to Asian cooking, I enjoyed inspecting the array of diverse cuts they had on offer.
Offering everything from Malaysian noodles, traditional BBQ duck and Shanghai dumplings to Japanese pizza, it was Grill n Bao’s Chinese Burgers that stole my hungry heart. Then for the bun, I certainly wasn’t going to attempt cooking a Chinese steamed bun, so it was a dozen dinner rolls from Breadtop.
But somewhere along the way, Chinese food became known as a generic, salty, and cheap cuisine. The Shanghai Cafe specializes in vegetarian cuisine, providing non-meat-eaters with more variety than just tofu as a main dish. Especially popular are the vegetarian "chicken" dishes, including lemon chicken, moo shu chicken, curry chicken, and cashew chicken.
The resulting menu contains reduced fat and sodium items rich with fresh vegetables and meats.
Originating in western China's Sichuan Province, Szechuan cuisine is characterized by spiciness and bold flavors created by the generous use of chili peppers, garlic, sesame paste, ginger, and Sichuan peppercorn. Your big outlets Aldi, Coles and Woolworths are a few steps away too if you need anything more.
Then ventured into the Fresh Food Precinct where low and behold, I’m trekking around what feels like a buzzing market. And as much as people adore its flavor spectrum, they gasp at the nutritional content, and grow dehydrated from sodium overdoses.
Shanghai Cafe utilizes fresh ingredients and light, but flavorful, sauces to make each dish as healthy and enjoyable as possible. Here these dishes are masterfully assembled, with harmonious flavors and out of the ordinary presentation.
However, if you prefer an entree, you'll be able to choose from chef's specials like steamed seabass with ginger or other classic seafood, pork, beef, poultry, noodle, rice, and vegetable dishes. I love rice paper rolls and the healthy alternative they provide to some of the naughtier Asian delights. Choose from sushi, numerous entrees, combination platters, seasonal specialties, During nice weather, enjoy your meal on the creek-side patio.

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