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Eat Your City: Jumbo Dim Sum Dining Edmonton, AB - Tasty, huge portions of Chinese food in this eight course meal and unlimited desserts!
The fish shaped heated serving platter was very neat - it had little "flues" vents on the side that you can open and close to control how hot the heat from the flame keeping the fish and sauce pipping hot. Our last course was the XO sauce beef - medium bite sized pieces of tender beef are tossed in a tangy dark carmalized sauce along with some sauteed colored sweet bell peppers.
I thought I snapped a pic of their little buttery crisp mini almond cookies, but I guess all you get is a tinny bit of cookie peeking out from behind a bowl of red bean dessert dressed up a bit with some earthy black glutinous rice added to it. And finally, what I personally think is a mishmash, but tasty anyhoos, Taro, red bean and tapioca dessert. Japanese Sweets Cafe Myowa ????? [Taipei, TW] -- Japanese Style Dessert - green tea cakes, ice-cream, cream puffs and matcha! Full Day Food Tour of Oahu, Hawaii - First stop, Eggs 'n Things for macadamia nut loaded breakfast and Dole Plantation Grille for pineapple whip!

On a gorgeous and windy day, we headed off on our self planned mini winery tour of Vancouver Island. We had no hope we'd finish all that food, so we packed a lot of leftovers for lunch the next day, but hey, its nice to have variety! I went straight for the center - my favorite cold pickled jellyfish - springy, salty savory and a hit of spice. Yup, they still haven't change the incorrect mislabelled item from this menu as it should read large shrimp in peach cream. Deep fried so the skin is a thin crispy golden brown and its meat a juicy succulent tender moist, sitting in a puddle of sweetened soy sauce.
Its supposedly good for keeping color in your hair, but I think its more an excuse to eat dessert lol!
Essentially the two desserts above mixed with large chunks of fluffy sweet taro pieces in it.

Ah wells, still, they're large shrimp, lightly battered, deep fried till crispy and tossed with a miracle-whip like tasting sauce.
Cooked to a sweet tender crisp, the ginger and garlic make this vege that tastes similar to Swiss chard super tasty.. I had a great dinner which lead right into our trip to San Francisco so I’ll have to write about it later! The boneless chicken feet were a nice textural and spicy tangy punch of flavor, while the in house made char siu was moist and flavorful with its hoisin sweet glaze. The braised sliced beef shank was a salty savory in its soy based sauce, while the pickled cold pork hock with was tangy with a light chili glaze.

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