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These Oliso Upright storage containers highlight a practical design and the convenience of a zipper top. This Guardian Food Storage Survival Kit focuses on plenty of food to eat in the event of an emergency along with other helpful items. This kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to survive for three days, with two servings of lunch and dinner per day. The Stackable Storage bin by GarageMate is a portable, stackable multi-use bin that holds up to 13 liters. There are many people who live week to week on little income while struggling to make ends meet. There are lots of foods that you can buy which are really relatively cheap compared to the foods that the family might be currently eating. It is amazing how many people do not compare unit prices (or don’t know how) when choosing a particular food!
Yesterday, when DS and I were out shopping at our local Safeway, I stopped in the nut aisle because hubby wanted some mixed nuts.
A good way to stock a pantry if you’re poor is to place an ad in Craigslist asking for donations of expired food. The local food bank I volunteer at will take food (canned and dried goods) up to 6 months expired except for baby food and baked goods.
I meant c o u p o n i n g but the computer doesn’t recognize it as a word so it changed it to coupling.
HAHAHA, Gata love it, seems around here one cant get away with anything out of the norm…. Some stores even have deli scraps and ends that they will bundle into mixed packages for a low price. I picked up 3 corned beef briskets at our local Walmart for under $20, all because Saint Patrick’s day had come and gone and they had ordered too many briskets, and needed to move them out.
Most stores also have a day old bread section, not just day old but other baked goods that are close to expiration.
Okay, I know this was a little long winded, but all of these tricks kept us eating through some pretty tough times. The people I have met that complain they are too poor to add extra food to storage are the same ones smoking a $9 pack of cigarettes daily and drinking $4 cups of fancy coffee. I have added to my preps monthly (if not weekly) for the past several years and many times with less than $20. I forgot to mention that some of the large companies like hostess would pull their own stock when it was close to expiration. Also, keep an eye on the sale goodies, to see if the store might have pads of manufacture’s coupons for said product.

True, but you’d save even more $$$ by buying the whole chicken from Aldi and cooking it up. During the rest of the month I focus on BOGOS and sometimes $10 for 10 but you need to be aware of the competitors prices. Bottom line is you can stock your pantry and preps for very little money if you are a smart shopper. Forage for wild food like lambs quarter (pigweed), purslane, nettle, but make sure it is what you think it is and never from alongside roads or tracks that are laced with highly potent defoliating agents. This may seem obvious, but many lower-income members of our family just don’t get it.
That is a big waste, and I have hurt some feelings letting them know how foolish I think they are with money, especially when they have asked for help and I inquire about their spending habits. The pepper plants,2 or 3, if planted,deep,in a cut off 5 gal bucket (cut 3-5 inches off top, drain holes in bottom) fertlized will grow peppers ALL winter long. I’m always amazed at how many people have only a couple of days worth of food at home!
There are bills to pay and there’s little money left over for stockpiling some extra food.
Not everyone might like it (a shift in diet) but there are likely some foods that could be replaced with alternatives to free up a few dollars for purchasing extra food. When they’re hungry enough (after putting up a stink about not getting what they want), they’ll eat ?? Right? Sit outside a food pantry and watch the cars they drive up in, look at the shoes and cloths they have on. I am a single mom of 5, who left an alcoholic and became disabled a year ago after working since age 15. The one who comes to the food pantry in a Mercedes wearing $500 shoes…needs a severe haircut. At one of the big box stores their canned fruit under the store brand is .99 cents for a 15 oz can still not bad . It is nearly all their store brand but usually very high quality and vastly cheaper than national brands. These are the same people that drive that Cadillac Escalade, on EBT cards, smoking $9 cigarettes, a 4 finger bag of pot in the house, 8 kids at home, on welfare and are LAZY AS HELL!!!!! No, the Assads, Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah and Shiite government in Bagdad have not mounted terrorist attacks on Europe or threatened them.
There might only be enough food in the house to feed the family for a few days or maybe a week – until the next paycheck comes in.
Even if you choose not to change your eating habits, some of these foods are so comparatively cheap that there’s little excuse not to be able and stock up a cupboard or two.

You don’t even have to do the math to figure out the posted price versus the number of ounces your getting. I’ve got in this habit and it took me 9 months to build up 3 months of food for the same amount that I usually spend at the grocery store.
The problem they have is , they don’t want to spend the money on things that it should be spent on.
With one bag of beans and one bag of rice I add the small can of ham makes a good meal the only other things needed is tobasco sauce or Tony Chaceres seasoning . Then, they run out for fast food most nights for dinner, because there is nothing at home to cook. When I was a kid my parents made us glean onion and potato fields after the farmers were done with harvest. I would like to add for those that want to get a better bang for their buck is to find a restaurant owner (friend) and see if they would sell you the supplies they get at their cost. That’s the dastardly work of their enemies——the Islamic State and its enablers in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I always ask people if I can have some of the fruit from their trees, they can always say no, but it’s amazing how many say yes. I use the pantries and it’s insulting when people assume that we all must be wasting our money on other things. There are BILLIONS of dollars left on the table each year from people NOT using coupons, so why not? There are some things for which we gladly pay the name-brand, soups for one, we get more, use it better with NO waste, so it IS actually less-expensive in the long run. Instead of throwing the cabbage heart into the compost, use it in your broth) and use dry pasta instead of canned.
I also buy directly from some local farms things like beans (8 different varieties) by the 100 pound sack, dried corn and wheat again in 100# sacks, very cheap that way. No it IS NOT time consuming, takes less than ONE HOUR per week cutting and sorting coupons the RIGHT WAY.
At the end of the month take whatever money you have left, even it’s only a couple of dollars and buy something to put away. These items will eventually fill your cupboards and there will be food available for emergencies or whatever else. Also, the dollar general stores have a pretty good clearance section where you can pick things up cheaper than usual.

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