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After complation of your IKO courses, there are also opportunities for work experience and employment with us, or in the local area. Candidates for IKO Kite Instructor Training Courses Level 1 must meet the pre-required level before attending. If you are missing some of the prerequisites please let us know and we will help you out to get ready for the IKO instructor course! Every IKO Instructor course follows a 5-day ITC training course program, during which the examiner evaluates his technical, communication, and human skills. This course is designed to prepare individuals who program, recreate, and enjoy the outdoors to encounter medical emergencies in a back country setting with confidence and competence.
Spot will be held for two business days.  Payment must be received in the Office of Campus Recreation located upstairs in the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center (VRWC). With the successful completion of every course you will receive a wall certificate in which you can print immediately. 4) amenable to infrastructure – it can be used as a basic structure, with the capabilities to upgrade. For one Danish man, in particular, it would appear that Red Cross first aid training refreshes the skills other courses can’t reach.
Kim Lorentzen (51), from Storvorde in Denmark, has worked on offshore oil platforms for the past 11 years. So when he got a new job recently on a wind farm off the coast of Norfolk, Kim was unsurprised to be packed off to Manchester to brush up on his first aid skills.

Our trainer, Jane Tindall, had a positive mood and energy that spread to all the participants. Such a varied, theatrical approach to the training was a big contributing factor to making the learning more memorable.
As English isn’t my first language, I have often experienced difficulties during first aid training because I couldn’t quite hear all the words in a sentence.
I learned such a lot on the course – it exceeded my expectations considerably – and our trainer should take much of the credit for that.
Mark brings you all the latest stories, news and quirky details about the Red Cross' work in the UK.
Please read the prerequisites at the end of this page, if you need more training to qualify then please let us know and we can help you out by organising private or semi-private lessons. At the end of the IKO instructor course, the Candidate takes a written test and must pass the exam with a minimum score of 70%.
Through a combination of classroom instruction and field based exercises, participants will gain valuable experience in addressing the needs of outdoor based emergencies. Find the specific type of trip on the Trip Schedule dropdown.  Click link to register for that trip. Given the potentially hazardous nature of his occupation, he needs to have up-to-date first aid skills and has endured quite a few (dreary) training courses over the years. She made the course light-hearted and fun, which made us students automatically become more active and listen more intensely.

However, Jane made sure she spoke in a way that was easy to understand, so this old problem didn’t arise.
She was so professional and friendly, and made the course a rewarding experience that I’ll remember with joy. If you need more information regarding which courses you would like to join, if you need a transfer from the airport, accommodation and if you have any more questions send us an email and we will be happy to assist you. Instead of writing things down, sometimes we drew them, which was useful both for teaching us key first aid lessons and getting the occasional healthy laugh.
At the end of the Instructor training courses if you need more training, shadowing is provided, which will give you additional extra free teaching practice to ensure your teaching skills will be very high. At other times we were split into small groups, which meant we could learn from other people’s viewpoints. Being an IKO Kitesurfing instructor means being safe, and having fun while training your students to become independent kite surfers.

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