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In preparation for a very exciting planning meeting this past Friday, I spent about thirty minutes writing down a random brainstorm of words that come to mind when I think of educational innovation, innovative schools, and alternative education.  Here is what emerged.  How many terms, buzz words, and names do you recognize?
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I remember before he died a few years ago, but the famous one-liner comedian Henny Youngman always had his telephone number in the NYC phone directory. National Signing Day is over and the reigning AAAAAA Champions, the Colquitt County Packers, had 25 players sign letters of intent on National Signing Day. The Democratic ballot will ask whether Georgia’s constitution should be amended to allow the state to override locally-elected school boards’ decisions on charter schools.
Atlanta — At the state GOP convention last weekend, the party’s executive committee voted to add five non-binding questions for voters on the July 31 primary ballot.
The Democratic ballot will also ask whether Georgia’s constitution should be amended to allow the state to override locally-elected school boards’ decisions on charter schools. Democratic voters will also answer whether they support an income tax credit for home energy costs and reducing sales taxes on products made in Georgia. The real statistic is that charter schools in Philadelphia outperform district counterparts. However, there are 162 brick-and-mortar charter schools and the majority — 86 schools — are concentrated in Philadelphia. Compared to Promise Academies, which are district-run turnaround schools, Renaissance schools are also showing growth.
Roebuck’s comprehensive charter school legislation, House Bill 934, would maintain the criterion from the original charter school authorization law that these schools “encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods” and serve as a model for other schools.

Don’t miss our newsGet the latest on government waste, fraud, and abuse - directly in your inbox. Champions of traditional public schools won a big victory at the Democratic Party’s final platform drafting session when they pushed the party to adopt new language criticizing charters that are privately run, unaccountable and often part of for-profit franchises.In less than 10 minutes, charter critics presented and won near-unanimous approval for an amendment that said the party would only support “democratically governed” charters, referring to those run by elected school boards not appointed trustees.
Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America's retirement crisis, democracy and voting rights, and campaigns and elections.
Will Sanders' Supporters Still Try to Disrupt DNC Even After Bernie's Impassioned Speech for Hillary? Written by former Senate education staffer and journalist Alexander Russo, This Week in Education covers education news, policymakers, and trends with a distinctly political edge. Not that I haven't hyped them myself -- DFER is a fascinating concept (a PAC for pro-charter, pro-accountability Dems) and Joe Williams is a nice guy -- but let's let them actually do something (help Obama beat Clinton?) before we give them way too much attention and credit. The word cloud separates some of the phrases, so I included a plain and more extensive list below the image.
Bernard Bull is the author of Missional Moonshots, Assistant Vice President of Academics, Associate Professor of education, and a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on topics related to educational innovation and entrepreneurship, futures in education, and the intersection of education and digital culture. The most widely-known provider Skype has low monthly subscription plans and free video call capabilities. You can still communicate with the White House when you feel the need to express your support or dislike for how the President is spending your hard-earned tax dollars.
Undoubtedly, the Queen has stoically weathered countless challenges including the death of Princess Diana and a fire that nearly destroyed her beloved Windsor Castle. If youa€™d like to talk with him about receiving a grant or partnering with him on a global health program, give him a call at 206-709-3100. If youa€™d like to personally thank him for all of his efforts, you can communicate with him through his managera€™s office in Dublin at 01 6777330.
And for education in Pennsylvania, it’s that charter schools underperform compared to district public schools.
James Roebuck, D-Philadelphia, the Democratic chairman of the House Education Committee, recently released a report about the status of charter schools and the progress of reform legislation with that fact at the center of its conclusions. Twenty of those 86 are Renaissance Schools, which are district schools turned over to charter operators. Grover Cleveland Mastery Charter School, for instance, gained more than 10 percentage points in math and reading proficiency one year after the change in management. The amendment also added wording that charters “should not replace or destabilize traditional public schools,” which happens as taxpayer funds follow the students.
Right now, DFER makes KIPP and Green Dot -- previous subjects of the Hype Alert -- look like accomplished veterans. Other providers, including MediaRing Talk offer free calls to landlines and mobile phones in many countries.

Yes, the Pope and his clergy maintain a busy switchboard and welcome calls from the public. However, you can probably get a message to him via the PGA National Headquarters switchboard at 904-285-3700.
Both traditional charter schools and Renaissance Schools have outperformed their district counterparts when put side-by-side with like demographics. And new language also criticized the schools for segregating districts, saying charters “must reflect their communities, and thus must accept and retain proportionate numbers of students of color, students with disabilities and English Language Learners in relation to their neighborhood public schools.”While the amendment did not go further and call out charter schools for patterns of financial self-dealing and corruption seen in many states, it displaced a policy veneer generally supporting charters—which are subsidized by wealthy Democrats on Wall St. Or let's at least ask them tougher questions than what their positions are: how much money do they have, how much have they given out, and to whom? Buckingham Palace is now readying itself for the 60th anniversary of her coronation in 2012.
The free service provides users with a toll-free number to call and record what they want for Christmas. Then, the voice-recorded message is sent via email so that you can store it on your computer, iPod, or any device that plays music files. Hey Bono, stop snapping your fingers, or clapping your hands and no African children will die? Even though hea€™s visiting dignitaries and foreign leaders most of the time, he still maintains an office in India, the country that took him in as a refugee half a century ago. If youa€™d like to say, a€?Hia€? to His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, you can call him at 91-1892-221343. Their promise is that those teachers are paid very poorly, at the expense of the increased largesse for the people in the administration… Their promise is not to the children because they have a rotating revolving door of teachers, which is very destabilizing.”Nobody rose to speak in opposition to the platform amendment, which was approved on a near-unanimous vote.
However, after the vote, one of the industry’s support groups, Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), issued a statement saying the platform language change was a step backwards—especially as President Obama has embraced the expansion of charter schools. Our Party’s platform should build upon that legacy.”However, it is not clear that Clinton is poised to follow Obama in his uncritical embrace of charter schools.
When she recently addressed the National Education Association, the nation’s biggest teachers union, she was warmly embraced overall. GOP, embraces charter public schools, privatizing public education and sharply criticizes “public school teachers unions.”“Republicans should oppose any attempt to unionize or overregulate these schools, ensure that they get their fair share of public funds, give them the right of first refusal when seeking to use public schools that close because of system overcapacity, and, as appropriate, co-locate high performing public charter schools within struggling, underutilized neighborhood public schools,” their current platform states.

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