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When it comes to Adventure Time, I have little to no knowledge of the series on a personal level.
The show is set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world known as the Land of Ooo where a great war has ravaged the land resulting in a significant loss in technology and magic returning to the world.
Sounds like a somewhat colorful cartoon world, in spite of being a post-apocalyptic one, with some rather outlandish yet fanciful characters bound to entertain children of all ages. The show revolves around the misadventures of two slackers, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby, who work as groundskeepers at a local park for their boss Benson, who is a living gumball machine. This Nickelodeon series is set in a world where certain individuals are capable of manipulating the classical elements of earth, wind, fire, and water (but thankfully not heart) through a form of martial arts known as bending. The series has become an unprecedented hit with children as much as adults particularly for it’s well written stories and characters. Edward, Edward, and Edward are three kids living in a typical suburban cul-de-sac who get mixed up in numerous misadventures because none of them really have a clue what they’re doing.
From the demented mind of Jhonen Vasquez, Invader Zim is one of the most notorious cartoon shows to ever air on Nickelodeon. Invader Zim marked Jhonen Vasquez’s first step into cartooning after working on his comics Squee! Of course these are only a handful of the cartoons that have inadvertently garnered a more mature fanbase.
I think Spongebob in the first few seasons, and Rocco’s modern life should be included. The protagonists are a 14-year-old boy named Finn and his adopted brother Jake, who also happens to be a magic talking dog.
This is true, but the show also boasts some really surprising character development such as the unrequited love between Finn and Princess Bubblegum as well as the oft misunderstood Ice King who, while insane due to his magic crown, is actually just a lonely man who is envious of our heroes and their strong bonds of fellowship.

Quintel’s clearly adult themed animated short film 2 In The AM PM should make it perfectly clear.
The Last Airbender follows the adventures of the last remaining airbender in existence, Aang, who also happens to be the Avatar, the world’s guardian capable of controlling all four elements. The Last Airbender also boasts a fictional world brimming with a rich and fully realized culture inspired by various real-world cultures like Eastern Asia.
When I was a kid I was actually forbidden to watch this show because the last thing my parents felt I needed was another source of risque innuendos in my life besides them (yet they were totally fine letting their 10-year-old watch Predator and Terminator 2 every other day of the week. He’s a musclebound, blonde, Elvis Presley-sounding guy with a treasure chest full of cheesy one-liners and pick-up lines. Though it doesn’t hurt that the show was also genuinely funny and is now considered a classic cartoon series. The story follows Zim, a dim-witted alien sent to Earth under the impression he’s supposed to destroy its inhabitants for the coming invasion.
While I am not 100% sure of the ages of those people tweeting them, I do know a lot of them aren’t the target demographic.
Oh, and the show has even hinted at the possibility of Princess Bubblegum being in a homosexual relationship with one of the other characters.
This show has become notorious for all the innuendos that can be found in nearly every single line of dialogue.
One may think such oddities would seem normal in a world where gumball machines are alive but, believe it or not, it isn’t.
Aang must learn to master all the elements while fighting against the invading Fire Nation who seeks to dominate the other nations of the world. The art style of the series was heavily inspired by anime which drew in many enthusiasts of the style to the series as well. Throw in some mentally unbalanced supporting characters and a whole lot of subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, innuendos and you have one of the funniest cartoons in recent memory, if you’re an adult who can appreciate the comedy at least.
He is also an oafish mama’s boy and a vapid moron who usually gets knocked on his ass by the women he tries to seduce. In reality, Zim was sent there by his masters to prevent him from screwing up the actual invasion of the rest of the universe.

His dark and unorthodox brand of humor can be found throughout all his work, and thus is a primary staple of Invader Zim as well.
I can’t go three minutes on sites like DeviantArt without running into some form of Adventure Time fanart, cosplay, or animated gif. However, it was the sharply written scripts and rich fantasy world that captured the hearts and minds of millions of people.
With the help of his malfunctioning robot, Gir, Zim attempts to take over the world but is constantly thwarted by either his own incompetence, Gir’s ineptitude, or the actions of the one human being who knows what Zim really is, Dib. This has resulted in a massive cult following of fans far above the intended age demographic. It was a phenomena not unlike My Little Pony, at least in my eyes, where a cartoon that was clearly aimed at children was, inexplicably, drawing in more adult viewers. The show also sports a rich and consistent mythology, which is impressive considering many live-action shows couldn’t have a consistent continuity to save their lives. So much so that the Avatar series has spawned a, admittedly lackluster, feature film as well as a sequel series, The Legend of Korra, that has expanded the rich mythology, not to mention introducing one of the most badass heroines since Ellen Ripley.
The show lasted only two seasons due to low ratings but has gone on to become a cult classic. Though, even back then, I didn’t realize how many things this show managed to slip by the censors. Plus there’s plenty of hidden jokes and pop culture references that I keep finding something new every time I watch it. It’s also hard not to quote many of the shows hilarious and nonsensical jokes through the course of the day.

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