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Interstitial Odema: Occurs in obstructive hydrocephalus, due to rupture of the CSF-brain barrier resulting in trans-ependymal flow of CSF, CSF penetrate the brain and spread to the extracellular spaces and the white matter. Cytoxic odema seen in ischemia infarct, seen as an abnormal area of uniform low attenuation or abnormal signal intensity, area of involvement corresponds to particular vascular territory, involves cortical grey as well white matter, loss of normal grey white matter interphase. Vasogenic oedema seen in around bleed, infective or inflammatory lesion like granuloma abscess, tumour, acute hypertensive encephalopathy. Symptoms of cerebral edema are unconsciousness or decreased consciousness, disruption or loss of eyesight, headaches, hallucinations, illusions, psychotic behavior, coma and memory loss. There are different forms of cerebral edema and they are cause by different factors and conditions.
Cytotoxic cerebral edem is caused by an impairment in the metabolism of the cells that affects the sodium and potassium pumps in the glial cell membrane. Hydrostatic edema is believed to be caused by pressure of the cerebral capillaries with an increase of fluids into the ECF.

Treatment of cerebral edema depends on the classification, the health of the patient and any underlying factors. Result in normally excluded intravascular proteins and fluid to penetrate into cerebral parenchymal extracellular space. When plasma is diluted by excessive water, the brain osmolality will exceed the serum osmolality creating an abnormal pressure gradient result in water to flow into the brain causing edema.
This is differentiated from vasogenic edema in that interstitial cerebral edema CSF contains almost no protein. Seen as an abnormal area of low attenuation or abnormal signal intensity confined to white matter around the lesion, with finger like projections extending in sub cortical white matter. Please please please change the background to white or light colour so that the text is more soothing to eyes. Osmolality of the cerebral-spinal fluid and the extra-cellular fluid is greater than plasma.

Causes include excessive water intake or  hyponatremia, syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH), hemodialysis, or rapid reduction of blood glucose in hyperosmolar hyperglycemic, hyperosmolar non-ketotic acidosis.
This stops if pressure in ventricles increases and it accumulates within the periventricular white matter.
Astrocytes get involved which occur in gray as well as white matter so Imaging wise cytotoxic odema seen as hypodensity involving cortical grey matter as well as white matter result in loss of normal grey white matter interphase. Imagingwise this odema is seen as hypodensity confined to white matter, involve sub cortical white matter , spares cortical grey matter, and pronounces the grey white matter interphase.

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