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Many immune system disorders like rheumatoid arthritis which affects the joints and lupus which is an inflammatory diseases that can affect the joints, skin, blood cells, etc.
Gum diseases or gingivitis, tooth cavity and cropping of wisdom tooth may also result in the swelling up of lymph nodes.
Medications for malaria, sarcoidosis and Kawasaki disease may have some side effects which may result in swollen lymph nodes.
The easiest and most effective home remedy is to gargle with warm salty water at least 2 to 3 times a day.
You can use some home remedies in the first place which can be helpful in treating it initially, but if you don't get relief within 2 to 3 days then consult a doctor. Swollen eyelids refer to the condition in which either one or both of the upper and lower eyelids are enlarged.
The upper eyelid’s main function is to maintain the moisture on the surface of the eyes as well as to protect it from any kind of injury. When the upper eyelid becomes swollen, it may cause discomfort and pain to the person who experiences it. Most of the cases of swollen lower eyelid results from factors such as infection, inflammation, obstruction of the eye-lubricating glands, allergies, and edema [8].
This may arise from factors such as allergies, viral or bacterial infections, environmental irritants, and chemicals contained in eye medications.
It develops when the secretions from the gland cannot be drained out due to its obstruction. Also known as the cold sore of the eye, it is an infection caused by herpes which may cause inflammation and scarring of cornea. Some examples of allergens present in the environment include dust, pollen, and pet dander. There are some instances in which the body will react to certain drugs by having an allergic response. Bites from the insects such as the bee sting may cause the body to have an allergic reaction.
Patients with this condition or other thyroid diseases may experience swelling of the eyelids.
Diseases leading to organ failure of the kidneys, heart, or liver may cause fluid retention which also results to eyelid swelling. When a person goes outside in the sun without any protection, sunburns and eyelid swelling may develop.
The main goal of the treatment for swollen eyelids is to decrease the inflammation as well as relieve the pain and the other accompanying symptoms. If the swollen eyelid is due to an allergic reaction, the physician will prescribe antihistamine. As for the minor cases of swollen eyelids, simple home remedies may aid to relieve the condition. A cutting edge blog of Politics, News, Crime, and Culture from a Conservative POV Somebody has to put their foot down, and that foot is me! FAIR WARNING-Due to high volume of Anonymous spam comments Anonymous comments will be automatically deleted. Sure The Stock Market Is Rigged But Investing The 3 Million You Won Off A Scratch Off Ticket In A Metamphetamine Ring Isn't Such A Smart Move Pal. Some potential causes of uvula swelling include snoring, dehydration, or sleeping with the mouth open. A swollen uvula can cause concern to the person experiencing this symptom, but this is actually a common symptom that often requires little to no medical intervention. In rare cases, a swollen uvula may be a symptom of a severe allergic reaction to medications, foods, or other substances. Even my doctor looked at me strange when I said this, but my uvula swells after I take acetaminophen.
Swollen uvula - top 7 pictures swollen uvula - youtube, Have a quick look at these top 7 pictures of swollen uvula of 2011. Rash stomach - pictures, treatment, symptoms, , Depending on what is causing the rash on your stomach will help determine what symptoms you may have. Itchy anus - , symptoms, treatment, home remedies, Itchy anus - causes, symptoms, treatment, home remedies.
It can be caused due to lymphoma which is associated with the lymphatic system or leukemia which is also known as blood cancer. You need to first find out what is bothering your lymph nodes, it will help you to treat them more effectively.
It is a type of heat therapy which will relieve the pain and will reduce the swelling and inflammation.
The condition may be due to the accumulation of excess fluids or inflammation of the tissues which surrounds the eye [1]. Even if this condition appears gradually or suddenly, it should never be ignored because it may be a symptom of a serious condition. Most of the common causes of swollen upper eyelid involve allergic reactions, infections, and obstructions due to use of cosmetic products, excess oil, as well as dead skin.

Discomfort and embarrassment are usually the main problems for people with this condition [7].
This may cause swelling of the eyelid which is accompanied by lump formation, pain, and sometimes pus.
Herpes comes from a family of viruses which causes cold sores, genital herpes, and chicken pox.
When it arises, the immune system reacts overly to a certain substance which is called allergen. Graves’ disease can also result to bulging of eyes, double vision, and reduced eye movements. First, people with this condition are advised to refrain from rubbing their eyes because this will only make it worse. Can allergies, trauma, canker sores, sunburn, cold sores, insect bites, angioedema, ingrown hair or pimple make your lips to swell? This may be caused by dehydration, sleeping with the mouth open, or simply living in an area that has a dry climate. Other symptoms that may indicate a severe allergic reaction include a rash, difficulty breathing, or loss of consciousness. With that said, if there is considerable pain or discomfort or if there are other symptoms present as well, a doctor should be consulted for further evaluation. Find more details on the causes and treatment of swollen glands under jaws or around the throat. It consists of many glands which are present in the neck or under the jaw, armpit, collarbone and groin. Due to the attack of these microorganisms, the white blood cells in the lymph nodes get active and start producing antibodies very rapidly. Apart from these, HIV is also among the most dangerous immune system disorders which affects the lymph nodes and causes them to swell up. Following are some of the treatments which can help you to overcome the problem of swollen lymph node. So, try to get the cause diagnosed in the initial stage itself to avoid further complications. Also, it is a term generally used to describe the body’s immune system response to infection, injury, or allergy. As a result, this may lead to embarrassment, discomfort, impaired vision, and other difficulties. So, every time blinking of the eyes occurs, the lacrimal gland secretions are swept on the eye’s surface for lubrication. What about the case of sudden unexplained lip swelling overnight or when you wake up in the morning? Infections, mouth ulcers, or excess alcohol consumption may also lead to the development of a swollen uvula. Those who smoke are more likely to develop uvula swelling, as are those who are exposed to air pollution. Bacterial infections are typically treated with prescription antibiotics, while viral infections are frequently left to run their course, although antiviral medications may be prescribed in some cases. Dietary changes may need to be implemented in order to avoid triggering the acid reflux attacks.
These symptoms should be treated as a medical emergency, as a severe allergic reaction can be potentially fatal, especially if not medically treated right away. Some causes of this type of swelling require the use of prescription medications, and it is always wise to rule out any severe medical issues. Following are some of the causes of swollen glands in throat or under jaws which can help you know the exact reason behind the enlarged lymph nodes. The blinking reflex also aids in brushing the foreign particles on the eye’s surface [4]. Allergies, particularly seasonal allergies such as hay fever, have a tendency to cause the uvula to become swollen. There is a group of several lymph nodes which are small, bean-shaped tissues responsible for the production of antibodies that fight against many infections.
If swelling of the eyelids and the body is noted, it is best to seek a medical professional to examine the symptoms. However, when the underlying cause of swollen eyelids is infection, medications will be given to kill its causative agent which may either be antibiotics or antivirals. Canker sores inside the mouth, especially those located near the uvula, may lead to swelling. Over-the-counter or prescription allergy medications can often prevent the development of this symptom. These glands cannot be seen under normal condition but they can swell up due to various reasons and then become visible. Some of the most common infections are common cold, strep throat, throat infections, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc. When it appears together with other symptoms such as vision problems (blurry vision), fever, eye protrusion, abnormal eye movements, or anaphylactic shock signs, it may be an indication of a life-threatening medical condition [1].

There are many causes of swollen glands under jaw which can hamper the immune system of our body. Today, we are focusing on what can cause a swollen lip (on one spot, upper, lower or both).
Swollen lower lip Symptoms and signs of a swollen lip The most common symptom of a swollen lip is the distention (fattening or enlargement) which might be painful (hurts) or itchy at times. In extreme cases, this enlargement might make drinking, talking, eating or mouth opening difficult. Other symptoms  that might accompany a swollen lip include blistering, chapping, pain, redness, numbness, headache, chills, pus (yellow or with dark pus), watery eyes, itchy eyes, runny nose, a discolored lip, and fatigue among many others that will be tied to the specific cause of lip swelling.
So, what are some of the common reasons for lip swelling or what could be behind that swollen lip you have? Swollen lip allergic reaction A swollen lip is a common symptom for a number of allergic reactions to various allergens that include certain foods, pet dander, pollen grains, some lip care products and other allergens. Allergic reaction swollen lip picture When caused by allergy, you are likely to have a sudden lip swelling that can be mild or severe after you come in contact with the allergen.
Furthermore, some of the allergic reaction symptoms might affect other parts of your body especially the eyes, cheeks, mouth, tongue, face and nose areas. Food allergies Some common foods that might cause allergic reactions that will culminate to a lip that is swollen among other symptoms include nuts, strawberries, mushrooms, egg whites, fish, sesame seeds, shellfish, and dairy products. Latex Direct latex contact can cause skin irritation and consequently an allergic reactions. Therefore, if your lips touch latex, it is common to expect swollen and itchy lips that can at times have rashes. Letting balloons, children toys, gloves and other products made from latex come in contact with your lips can is one way you can end up with swollen lip. Penicillin allergy This will cause a swollen lip that is accompanied by a rash, itching and hives. Lip care products allergies The various lip care products such as lipsticks, lib balms, chap sticks, lip glosses might contain ingredients you are allergic to. Note: If you have allergic reaction lip swelling, antihistamines and medications such as benadryl might be of some help. Most people with angioedema will tend to complain of swollen lips for no reasons (out of the blue or out of nowhere), overnight, when they wake up in the morning, recurrent (idiopathic angioedema) attacks or swollen lips and numbness. Angioedema is commonly caused by allergic reactions, with food allergies are the most often cause. The problem has a prevalence between 5% and 8% in children, while in adults it is much lower, standing at about 1-2%. Angioedema can also be caused by animal dander, exposure to sunlight, heat or cold, bites from insects and medications such as blood pressure medications, antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Stomatitis and lip infections Stomatitis is a general terminology that refers to a sore and inflamed mouth and lips that often affect someone’s ability to talk, eat or sleep well. A number of viral, fungi, bacterial infections and other conditions is what causes stomatitis with common causes being canker sores, cold sores, angular cheilitis, as well as general lip irritations. Herpes simplex virus or cold Sores cold sores Herpes simplex, specifically the herpes type 1 also known as oral herpes or cold sores is known to cause sores and blistered lip swelling around your mouth and lips. Cold sores are generally are painful, they last for 7- 14 days and they come with flu and cold-like symptoms that might include a sore throat and nasal congestion. Furthermore, they do not come with fever but you might have other symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever, physical sluggishness, etc. Angular Cheilitis or angular stomatitis Angular cheilitis also known as angular stomatitis refers to an inflammation on typically both the corners your mouth but can at times affect one mouth corner.
Cellulitis This is a bacterial skin infection which when it affects the skin around your lips, the infection can cause swelling. The other common causes of traumatic lip swelling include Dental appliances such as braces Oral surgical procedures Burning your lips with very hot drinks and foods Lip surgeries Too much of tobacco chewing can cause lip swelling and mouth. Lip swelling from piercing (lip piercings) Sunburned lips Sunburned swolen and blistered lip Excessive exposure to UV sunlight can also cause blistered, itchy, swollen and chapped lips. Besides UV sunlight, a dry, windy and arid weather condition conditions can cause lip licking, peeling and swelling. Severe malnutrition Going with our discussion on what causes lip swelling, poor general nutrition and lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B has been associated with lip swelling. Lip swelling from a pimple Caused by a huge pimple on lip Severe lip pimple or bump can cause a random lip swelling especially on the spots where the pimple is or one side of the lip where the pimple is.
Diabetic people are prone to mouth infections as well as infections that cause lips to swell.

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