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Avoidant Personality Disorder sometimes referred to as Anxious Personality Disorder, or Avoidant is under the category of Cluster C or Anxious according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV-TR), which is used to define mental health. Comorbidity: Research shows that the people with panic disorder have avoidant personality disorder and accounts to 10-50%. World Health Organization (WHO) ICD-10, the person can have at least four of the signs and symptoms to be diagnose to have Avoidant Personality Disorder. American Psychiatry Association (APA) DSM-IV-TR, same as in WHO-ICD-10 the patient should at least met four out of 7 criteria to be diagnosed to have Avoidant Personality Disorder. Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy- in behavioral therapy the patient was be given time to perform social skills training along with social desensitization.
Interpersonal Therapy- this therapy focuses in the use of supportive techniques to overcome the patient’s withdrawal to others. Group Therapy- this therapy is applicable when the patient develops trust to the therapies and officially completed the task in cognitive therapy where a one on one individual therapy. When we think about what kinds of things can cause anaphylaxis, bee stings and food allergies come to mind.
Foods, pollen, venoms, latex [substance derived from the sap of plants like milkweed or poinsettias] , drugs.
Dextran [a sucrose derivative used as a plasma volume expander], OSCS [over-sulfated chondroitin sulfate] contaminants in heparin. Exercise (with or without food or medication as a factor), cold, heat, sunlight or UV [ultraviolet] radiation. When doctors talk about "IgE-dependent" symptoms, they are referring to the symptoms caused by traditional allergies. An allergy is essentially a case of a person's immune system mistaking a harmless substance for a dangerous one. If a person's allergic reaction is both violent and systemic (involving multiple organ systems), it is identified as anaphylaxis. Another distinguishing featuer of IgE-mediated reactions is that they are dependent on both the cytokine [proteins that regulate growth and function of white blood cells] interleukin-4 (IL-4) and its receptors. Finally, stings from insects (especially Hymenoptera), latex, and occupational allergens round out the list of the most common allergens.
To get a sense of the range of allergens [substances that cause a hypersensitivity reaction], both common and unusual, check out the Allergens page. Everything discussed so far has been related to the first category of the illustration and table on the first tab.

IgE-independent reactions are also believed to involve mast cells, basophils, and other effector cells, but generally speaking, we understand less about these kinds of reactions than we do about those driven by allergies. Immunologic reactions that involve complement [a family of blood proteins that are immunologically active through a cascade of biochemical interactions] produce substances that can cause or encourage anaphylaxis. So if some condition or chronic infection is causing frequent activation of the complement cascade, the possibility that the by-products of this activation will bring about anaphylaxis increases. It took almost a half century to dope out what complement is and how it aids the immune system's antibodies in destroying microbes. There is not perfect agreement among researchers in this field in terms of how to categorize various kinds of anaphylaxis.
All information contained in this site is one layperson's interpretation of medical journal articles, textbooks, seminars, presentations, and other materials. These people may exhibit extreme shyness and social withdrawal, feelings of apprehension, insecurity, and inferiority. The patient may ask by the doctor about the history and severity of signs and symptoms and the behavior that this person possess in the past from childhood up to present. The treatment will not be as effective in the early stage of therapy but seen for a longer period.
The therapist will maintain a positive regard to the patient showing tender loving care to them. Family members will help the patient to overcome the behavior that he manifests, they give emotional support to the patient and encourage him to join the social world to seek for new experience and learning. It is beneficial to the patient for it gives positive attitude to one another by sharing some thoughts of experience.
Allergists and immunologists classify the various causes of anaphylaxis as shown in the figure and table below. When a small amount of a particular kind of protein, for example birch pollen or shellfish or milkweed sap, is encountered by the person's immune system, it is identified as being an antigen [any substance capable of binding with an antibody or causing an immune response], that is, a threat. We can have allergic reactions to substances we inhale (like birch pollen), eat (like shellfish), or touch (like latex). IgE-dependent reactions are those that we describe as "allergic reactions." But what about that second category, "Immunologic IgE-independent" reactions? We do not know if there is some opposing process that is supposed to protect against complement-induced anaphylaxis. The substance was called "complement" because its action seemed to complement [meaning to complete or perfect] that of antibodies.

But even someone with SM who is totally allergy-free may still experience episodes of anaphylaxis. Nothing that is stated here should carry more weight than the informed and considered opinions of your own highly trained and qualified medical caregivers. In addition, anxiety management techniques should be provided early in therapy because these patients will predictably begin to experience elevated levels of anxiety as their exposure to feared situations.
Soon after the trust is established this time the therapists will lessen the sympathy in order to cope the patient on his own way. This also gives encouragement to one another and shows empathy for the benefits of the patient. And the next time that the immune system encounters the antigen, it is ready to churn out immunoglobulin E (IgE, an antibody [substance produced by B cells in response to a specific antigen]) that has been designed to detect and capture that particular protein. We can also have IgE-mediated anaphylaxis in response to the venom of bites (like those from some spiders or snakes) or to medications that we use. We know that not only is it a component of the older (in evolutionary as well as historical terms) innate immune system, but it existed billions of years before antibodies made their appearance. The author of this site is not a doctor and has absolutely no authority to prescribe or diagnose.
Many patients with this problem show improvement but not in the point that the person will manifest a normal wellbeing in the social world.
When an antigen is attached to two different molecules of IgE that are hooked into the Fc?RI receptors on a person's mast cell, it unleashes the potent biochemicals stored inside. While complement is less efficient in identifying microbes than are antibodies, it can do this even in the absence of antibodies. Well, in people who have so many more mast cells than a typical person, anything that sets off their mast cells can initiate a powerful cascade of reactions. These reactions are considered to be immunologic reactions, even if IgE is not involved in any way. Medscape; 29 April 2009] includes exercise-induced anaphylaxis as an immunologic but non-IgE-mediated form of anaphylaxis, while Simons [Simons FER.

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