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Edwards syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by the presence of an additional copy of chromosome 18 instead of just a pair. The rate of prevalence increases with the increase in the maternal age and is found in 1 out of every three thousand live births. If parents have a child with the disorder, then it essential for the parents to get tested before trying for another child. Edwards syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that occurs when babies have three copies of chromosome 18 instead of two.
The risk of having a baby affected with Edwards syndrome rises as a womana€™s age increases.
If you, or a close family member, have a baby with Edwards syndrome, your risk increases to have another one.
Babies with the full form of Edwards syndrome have three copies of chromosome 18 in each cell of their body. Children born with this type of Edwards syndrome could survive into adulthood, but it is rare. Edwards syndrome is a very serious and life-threatening disorder due to the abnormalities of heart, the kidneys and other organs that are caused by it.
The fifth finger lies on top of the fourth finger while the third finger is overlapped by the index finger. The treatment involves alleviating the conditions and symptoms associated with Edwards syndrome.

The severity of the disorder can range from mild to severe and many babies never live beyond their first birthday.
In most cases of Edwards syndrome, a child develops 3 copies of each chromosome instead of two. During the division of cells, an error happens and the extra chromosome is either in the egg or the sperm. Partial Edwards syndrome means only part of chromosome 18 is copied in the childa€™s cells. Parents need help from many professionals and different therapies, such as occupational and physiotherapy, may help the child.
The most common trisomies in newborns are trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome), trisomy 18 syndrome (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).
The extra chromosome is lethal for most babies born with this condition.What is Edwards Syndrome? Edwards syndrome is a genetic condition that results in slow growth in utero or low birth weight. This disorder is rarely inherited and the chances of parents to have more than one child with Edwards syndrome is unlikely. How severely a baby is affected depends on the number of cells that have the extra chromosome. Most women have an ultrasound scan around the 20th week of the pregnancy and about 90% of the time, signs that the baby may be affected are noticed at that time.

About 5 a€“ 10% of babies with Edwards syndrome live past their first birthday and usually have severe developmental disabilities. Children with this condition have multiple malformations and mental retardation due to the extra chromosome #18.
Parents need to remember to take care of themselves so they can take the best possible care of their child. The children characteristically have low birth weight, small head (microcephaly), small jaw (micrognathia), malformations of the heart and kidneys, clenched fists with abnormal finger positioning, and malformed feet. The results are confirmed by performing an amniocentesis, an invasive test that can show abnormalities with the baby. A few individuals have lived until their teen or young adult years, but they need constant care giving and cannot live independently. Although doctors may suspect Edwards syndrome at birth, it cannot be confirmed without genetic testing. The condition is named after the British physician and geneticist John Edwards who discovered the extra chromosome in 1960.

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