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One of my unexpected battles during my first pregnancy was extreme swelling in my feet and ankles..and now that I think about it, my legs in general got a lot bigger, especially my calves (which have always been far from skinny)!
So, if you are pregnant and experiencing issues with swelling and circulation, I recommend getting some of these ASAP! Normally swollen feet should not be a concern for many of us whose job involves standing or walking for long time. Lymphedema: There will be accumulation of lymphatic fluid when there is some problem in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels. Insufficiency of veins: This is a condition in which blood randomly moves in the veins in the region from legs to feet and up to the heart. Presence of blood clots in the veins of feet may reduce the blood-flow from the legs to the heart.
Prolonged use of contraceptives, repeated hormone therapy like estrogen can cause swollen feet.
Some doctors prescribe calcium blockers like cardizem, dilacor tiazac and plendil for certain types of hypertension, may cause inflammation.
Do exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, stop using laxatives, cut down salt intake, and avoid standing in the same position for long time. Generally speaking, the fluid retention that causes mild swelling the last few weeks in pregnancy is a normal defense mechanism against blood loss during childbirth.
However, there are conditions in pregnancy where excessive swelling is a huge cause for concern. Normal Swelling in Pregnancy: Normal swelling is usually limited to the feet and ankles only. Worrisome Swelling in Pregnancy: A major sign of worrisome swelling is pitting edema, which is described above.
Nearly 75% of pregnant women experience swelling during the last trimester of their pregnancy and most of the time it is relieved by good posture, massage, staying cool and rest.
Decoded Everything is a non-profit corporation, dependent on donations from readers like you. Tanya on Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Mathsabrina on What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? During pregnancy, women’s bodies have lower oncotic pressure – the amount of force the blood has to pull fluid back into the vessels – due to having less protein in the blood.
As the uterus (and baby inside) grows bigger, it put pressure on the pelvic veins making it harder for blood to get back into the heart.
Many women look forward to delivery day not just because of baby’s arrival, but because it also means an end to the swelling and discomfort. If you're not brushing and flossing regularly, you are at risk for gum disease and potential health problems. Therapist Steven Sultanoff explains the utility of humor in counseling, and Jeffrey Briar leads a session of Laughter Yoga on Laguna Beach.

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They have a variety of styles and compression levels available, I used a knee-high version with the open toe.
There will be continuous movement of lymphatic fluid in the bloodstream and due to any reason, if it gets blocked, it may give rise to lymphedema. Here the veins flow the blood moving in one way direction thus keeping the blood flow insufficient. They would get nerve problem called diabetic neuropathy causing foot infection leading to formation of sores and blisters causing nerve damage. There is every chance for fluid accumulation in the feet when kidneys are not functioning properly or when there is leakage in liver or when there is sudden heart failure. Using antidepressant drugs like norpramin, aventyl, amitriptyline, endep and nardil can cause swelling of feet. My mother says it’s just from the heat and that it is normal; however, my friend said when she had swelling during pregnancy she needed an emergency C-Section.
With the temperatures rising, rest assured you are not the only pregnant woman who is experiencing some swelling.
Your body will be able to quickly replace lost fluids and begin breastfeeding at the same time, with these fluid stores in place.
It generally gets worse after long periods of standing or sitting upright (like driving a long distance or flying.) Normal swelling usually decreases after resting, especially resting with your feet raised.
Severe headaches and visual disturbances (flashes or blurry vision) are also warning signs that you should contact your doctor or midwife about immediately. However, when pre-eclampsia develops, swelling is merely one symptom of a more serious condition.
In fact, it’s estimated about 75 percent of women experience edema around the legs and ankles at some point during pregnancy. Lying on your back increases the pressure on the pelvic veins and blocks the fluid from making its way out of your system.
Elevate those legs while you sit or lay down with a couple of pillows and let gravity work in your favor.
If you have a job where you sit all day long, or need to sit for a long flight, stand up and take a 15 minute walking break once an hour to improve circulation and get the blood pumping in your legs. Socks or panty hose with tight elastic around the top can cut off the fluid return and contribute to the swelling in your feet.
Be sure to talk to your Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center health care provider if your swelling suddenly gets worse or if it is accompanied with chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches or spots in your vision or if you have unilateral swelling.
Healthwise, Healthwise for every health decision, and the Healthwise logo are trademarks of Healthwise, Incorporated. You may associate them with little old ladies, but the truth of the matter is athletes use them, as well as lots of professionals who are on their feet all day.

These are also great if you’re not pregnant, but spend a lot of time on your feet, as they help with circulation and can possibly help fight the appearance of varicose veins! In case of abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting symptoms, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Sometimes, the ligaments may not sit properly when stretched beyond its limit for some reasons. Due to this process, the valves get damaged and in turn blood drains down the veins causing accumulation of fluid in lower legs, causing swollen feet. They would not feel any sensation in their feet and hence swollen feet during diabetes is truly a matter of concern. You need to consult your doctor when you have symptoms of fatigue, loss of breath, sudden weight gain and loss of appetite along with swollen feet.
If there’s a chance that you might be developing pre-eclampsia, call your health care provider. Another warning symptom of serious swelling during pregnancy is swelling that extends above the feet and legs; if you find your face, hands or arms are swelling, contact your health care provider. It really tends to ramp up in the third trimester and that big baby bump is only partly to blame.
You may experience even greater swelling the week after delivery, but significant improvement during week two. My ankles and calves all sort of started to blend into one and I seriously was thinking I had more than “cankles,” more like elephantiasis! My baby sister who is an RN gave me a pair of hers after observing how puffy my lower extremities were and as soon as I started wearing them I noticed a real difference. Sometimes, this condition can become fatal if there is no absolute blood flow from the heart to the feet area.
Pre-eclampsia is dangerous to mom and baby, so your doctor will take blood tests to test for the condition right away. He or she will discuss your symptoms over the phone and decide whether to schedule an appointment to be checked out. You can also apply ice packs or keep the leg in elevated position for reducing inflammation. Thankfully I didn’t experience anywhere near this amount of swelling in my second pregnancy, but my shoe size did increase in both pregnancies.

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