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If her cervix is dilated at least 3 to 4 centimeters, a plastic cone is placed in the vagina and fit snugly against the scalp of the fetus. The scalp of the fetus is cleansed and pierced, and a small blood sample is taken for examination. The tube is either sent to the hospital laboratory or analyzed by a machine in the labor and delivery department.

There isn't always a separate consent form for this procedure because many hospitals consider it part of the general consent form you signed at admission. How the Test Will Feel The procedure should feel like a long pelvic exam.
Sometimes fetal heart monitoring doesn't provide enough information about the well-being of a baby. In these cases, testing the scalp pH can help the doctor decide whether the fetus is getting enough oxygen during labor.

However, the results of a fetal scalp pH sample need to be interpreted in the context of each individual labor.

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