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Rather than viewing the data on a static spreadsheet, the new Adjunct Project allows us to sort the information in pretty much any way we’d like.
Because The Chronicle assigned some of their top developers to the project, the design of the site is cutting edge.
So, all of you adjuncts and adjunct supporters who have contributed to the success of the Adjunct Project, thank you and congratulations.
Writing teachers and students may also want to check out Developmental Writing, a website dedicated to teaching and learning with sample lesson plans and writing tips. I attribute a lot of the confidence I’ve gained for this project to our conversation and the blog post generated from that discussion.
Josh, I’ve been increasingly convinced that the Adjunct Project and NFM represent a watershed movement in the movement for adjunct faculty equity. And, yep, I will get a chance to write the occasional piece, though I’m more interested in hearing from those adjuncts whose voices have been continually silenced. Well, should the occasion arise, do put in a word for revising the pay wall policy, especially in regards to adjunct relevant articles. This all sounds like a horror story: Toil for years in obscurity, only to emerge from that dark tunnel onto a bridge to nowhere.
Through this and subsequent experiences, I learned to absorb the sting of harsh rejection, to ingest criticism, to accept its value, and to turn it to my advantage. What's more, the assumption that leaving the primary domain of one's education constitutes failure does not appear to apply to all advanced degrees, and not even to all graduate programs in which students are generally expected to choose a specific career.
For example, my wife's uncle Howie is a proud alum of Ohio State University's law school, but, except for a brief stint directly after graduating, he has never practiced law and, so far as I know, no one has ever made him feel bad about it.
Such a change in attitude should start with graduate advisers, who must fulfill their role as true mentors, helping students explore the range of opportunities that their training has enabled, both inside and outside the box. I am lucky to have been aided by an adviser who, before being a scientist, studied philosophy and has always been open to my having a career outside academe, and by a program director who genuinely cares for her students.
The Chronicle welcomes constructive discussion, and our moderators highlight contributions that are thoughtful and relevant.
Central Washington University (CWU) is a dynamic, creative, and inclusive environment that promotes engaged learning and scholarship.
Today CWU is a comprehensive state-assisted university that provides high quality programs to about 10,800 students at eight locations. CWU is a member of the NCAA Division II Greater Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) and boasts the winningest collegiate football record in the state. Inspired by the forethought and vision of CWU students, the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) is the pivot point for university conversations and activity of all kinds. Central Washington University is an equal opportunity employer that values an inclusive campus and welcomes a diversity of people and ideas. CWU administers an affirmative action program for employment purposes and complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and executive orders.
The Office for Equal Opportunity promotes and supports the university's commitment to develop an inclusive and diverse community of students and employees. CWU’s commitment to diversity is demonstrated through programs, affirmative action plans, outreach, and professional development. For example, the Center for Diversity and Social Justice promotes equity, respect, and social justice by students, faculty, and staff through programs such as Safe Space, which pertains to issues related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and ally population.
In addition, CWU has established a variety of Living Learning and Theme Communities, which provide students with opportunities to live and learn alongside peers who share common interests.

The Associated Students of CWU’s Equity and Services Council is comprised of eight member organizations that represent student diversity interests, needs, and welfare. Ellensburg, Washington is located just east of the Cascade Range on Interstate 90 and is known as the most centrally located city in the state. In 1890, the state Legislature established the Washington State Normal School (WSNS) in Ellensburg for “the training and education of teachers in the art of instructing and governing in the public schools of this state.” WSNS first opened on September 6, 1891.
The school became Central Washington College of Education in 1937, Central Washington State College in 1961, and, finally, Central Washington University in 1977.
As a comprehensive university, CWU provides high quality programs to more than 13,000 people at locations around the state, while also serving more students on-line than any other comprehensive university in Washington. A rich history, friendly people and the scenic beauty of the Kittitas Valley are just some of the reasons why Ellensburg is a cherished location for residents, visitors, and CWU faculty, staff, and students alike.
It will display the most popular posts of the past and I’ll continue to accept new submissions. As one of the people CHE called upon to ask how certain looks worked or didn’t, I am excited to see the final product, as what I saw in the interim was exciting enough. As chair of our Non-Tenure Track committee, I am sure that the Georgia Conference of the AAUP will find this invaluable. That may be worth living without institutional affiliation (plus perks) on less than adjunct wages. Maybe that’s the whole of adjunct and precarious academic labor across distributed networks?
Graduate schools and principal investigators take on too many students because they are inexpensive, work hard, and help to get papers published.
But as I plan to leave academe to return to a full-time writing career, it is clear to me that this seductive explanation of supply and demand does not jibe with my experience as a doctoral student in the sciences, which has been full of teachable moments that I know will benefit me regardless of the specific work I pursue.
But the same skills would have benefited me if I were leaving for the pharmaceutical industry, or for consulting, or to open a microbrewery. Although he may not work for a firm or sit as a judge, Howie's education is always at his side, holstered, ready. But too many young scientists are made to feel worthless because of their desire to leave academic science. It is distinguished regionally for the rigor of its curriculum and scholarship, for the excellence of its pedagogy, for the vibrancy of its co-curricular and residential experiences, for its commitment to providing access to higher education, and for its efforts to advance the social and economic health of the region.
CWU's policies and practices affirm and actively promote the rights of all individuals to equal opportunities in education and employment without regard to their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran. OEO works in concert with all segments of the university community including administrators, faculty, staff, and students to accomplish its mission.
The university’s commitment is further demonstrated through its Inclusiveness Initiative and policies and procedures that pertain to the university’s commitment to diversity. They include the Asian Pacific Islander American House, Casa Latina, Students for the Dream, Women’s Experience, and International House. In 1893, the school's first building was constructed and named Barge Hall, in honor of the first WSNS principal, Benjamin Franklin Barge. CWU prepares graduates to succeed in a global economy through strong partnerships with 30 colleges and universities around the world. The Adjunct Project and The Chronicle of Higher Education are about to release a game changer. With this new Chronicle affiliation, I expect the number of submissions to increase significantly.

I cannot wait to use it, but most importantly, I hope it makes a difference in the visibility of adjuncts everywhere. Spending the month of November with the DigiPed & Writing gang may have been another factor. At the same time, the graduate schools and investigators know full well that not all the students can move up the pyramid. Since then, I have had to devise and adopt quick, practical solutions to unexpected problems, to communicate clearly and concisely in front of crowds, to think on my feet in response to an unexpected question, and to pick my battles within my own research group.
For most of his career, he has owned a small business, and he will tell you his advanced education has helped him in nearly every phase of it. The event reinforced that, as the world becomes ever more data driven, our experiences in collecting and analyzing data make us increasingly valuable commodities in any number of fields.
Ninety minutes west of Ellensburg is Seattle, one of America's great cities, home to world-class cuisine, arts, and entertainment of all sorts. It is typified by an entrepreneurial spirit that establishes it as a national leader in higher education.
You can work out in group exercise rooms, use the outdoor equipment rentals and then take it down a notch in locker-room saunas. It basically takes everything that’s good about the Adjunct Project and makes it better. They have really stepped up to the plate and gotten on board with the work we’re doing. I think this is a huge step forward for us, so thank you, Josh, and thank you, the Chronicle of Higher Ed. I arrived at graduate school relatively unscathed by such moments, and being told by a jury of my new peers that this first bit of work hadn't passed muster was humbling. Perhaps most important, I have learned to approach problems by reducing them to their component parts and solving them one by one. If graduate students can learn to approach their education as a series of learning opportunities rather than a five-year-long job interview, I think many who choose to leave would find that they had not wasted their time but rather that they had learned a great deal in a safe environment, while being paid, to boot. It has a strong commitment to engaged learning and scholarship, internationalism, sustainability, inclusiveness, and life-long learning. Having had several meetings and weekly conference calls with their people, I can say with certainty that they want to help us. But my adviser was efficient in moving me through the stages of grief, so that when, a few days later, I arrived at acceptance, we were able to sit down, reframe the work, rewrite the paper, and send it back to the same journal, with the same data.
This time, we succeeded, and it was a much better research paper for its initial rejection.
My soon-to-be-wife turned to me: "There's Howie the lawyer!" Nobody turns to someone, as a friend reasons through a sticky problem, or a colleague makes a knockout presentation to a consulting client, and says, "There's the scientist!" But they should. In 2007, downtown Ellensburg was listed as one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

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