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This entry was posted in Baby-Food and Water, Mom-Food and Water, Products to Avoid!, Research on Chemicals, Simple Tip of the Day and tagged BPA affects fertility, bpa canned goods, bpa in canned food, canned food contains bpa, canned food toxic, pregnant women should avoid canned food. Some people like to pack Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs), but I can tell you that eating MREs is a morale-killer. After about day two of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, I felt like we were going to be in this for the long haul, and had a bit of a episode.
In my panicked buying frenzy, I purchased far too much junk food, absolutely no meat, about 350 pounds of canned soup, and four giant cans of Manwich sauce. Lesson learned: Stock up before the big storm, not during or immediately after, and stock up on food you would normally eat. Lesson learned: have plenty of sturdy paper plates, plastic serving-ware, and sturdy disposable cups. GAD lives in Scenic NJ, where he enjoys toiling at home while his two 150 pound dogs work in collusion with his children to drive him slowly mad. FANS of playwright Dario Fo are being asked to bring donations for a food bank when they visit Brentwood Theatre to see Fo’s 1974 play, Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay this month.
Presented by The College Players theatre company, the political comedy follows the lives of two couples as they fight against rising prices in the supermarkets. Mark Griffiths, who makes his directing debut for The College Players with the play, says: “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay was written in 1974 but, even 40 years on, the idea of being unable to afford things is still very relevant. College Players’ regulars, Elaine Laight and Emma Feeney, play the two women in the story who ‘liberate’ food from their local supermarket and try to keep it hidden from their husbands and the law. Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay by Dario Fo, will be staged by The College Players at Brentwood Theatre from Thursday, 25 to Saturday, 27 September. You may have seen in the news or read about some research recently that points to some of the hidden chemicals that might be lurking in your canned foods, bottled water or other drinks. BPA can be found as a component of some types of plastic bottles, and also in the lining inside of canned foods. The major offenders to look out for are polycarbonate bottles (some plastics with the #7 symbol on the bottom are polycarbonate, but not all) and also canned foods, since the lining of most canned foods contains BPA, which can leach into food. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), BPA was detected in the bodies of 95% of Americans in one CDC study (this is a worldwide issue though, not just limited to the US).
Something that’s really important to know here also, especially because they are such a popular item, is that any canned tomato products (canned ravioli, pastas, canned tomato pastes, tomato sauces, etc) are some of the biggest offenders with the highest BPA concentrations due to the acidic nature of tomatoes, which leaches more of the BPA. So I hear you asking what steps can you take to minimize your exposure to BPA and it’s negative effects on bodyfat and other health risks? A great way to counteract and protect yourself from these harmful xenoestrogen chemicals in your body is with certain powerful phytonutrients in foods like onions, garlic, chamomile and green teas, and cruciferious vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy. If you stick to the above guidelines, you can help to protect yourself and your family from the health dangers of bisphenol-A (BPA). Keep healthy everyone and as always feel free to share this article with friends and family to spread the word. I know that there are many things in life that I must concern myself with, but I am finding that one of the most important things to improve upon is my daily diet.
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An alarming recent study has revealed the presence of BPA in popular canned food for kids, including Campbell’s Disney Princess and Toy Story Soups, which tested highest.
Although we’d hope that children across America are eating fresh, whole foods, the reality is most busy parents and babysitters turn to canned foods, as time and money permits.
The Breast Cancer Fund’s campaign is urging companies to opt for BPA-free can liners, which many companies have already done. Campbell’s Soup was just one of many canned food companies to come under attack last year due to higher than average bisphenol A (BPA) amounts found in their soup cans. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.

Companies like Campbells (yes the kids versions), Del Monte, and other large and small brands all use these toxic chemicals. A couple of enterprising local eateries had thought ahead, stocked their coolers, bought the proper generators, and were able to make pizzas in an otherwise dark world. These are light and can be stored more efficiently, though they do require precious water to reconstitute. In my defense, the Manwich cans showed delicious meaty sandwiches on the label, and I thought that the cans were therefore filled with tasty meat.
We have a couple of tiki torches on our deck that helped with light, which was good because grilling with a flashlight in your hand is a great way to drop your precious food onto the deck or your flashlight into the fire. Since the door to the wood-burning insert is so small, it was difficult to cook anything else in there, but hot dogs work great if you have something to cook them with. We have two ravenous, huge dogs in our house, and they rarely eat people-food, so making sure that they had enough food was also a priority. Some of them are known as xenoestrogens, which have the potential to cause serious health problems over time, as well as increase abdominal fat from their estrogenic effect. The longer that can of food sits on a shelf and the higher the temperature, the more BPA can leach into your food.
Could it be simply me or does it seem like a few of these responses appear like coming from brain dead folks?
The body transformation he was able to achieve with me in only 4 short months was nothing short of a miracle. I am truly starting to believe that most diseases can be avoided if I watch what I eat, be mindful of how the food was packaged, and try to buy and eat only organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. BPA, which is present in the can’s linings and can be leeched into food, can cause serious health effects. What’s alarming is the amount of canned soups, pastas or vegetables that a child eats in a week.
Studies suggest that repeated exposure may also cause prostate cancer, early puberty in girls, type-2 diabetes, obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For families on a budget and dealing with time constraints, the campaign suggests switching to dry or frozen pastas, soups and macaroni and cheese rather than canned versions. BPA is linked to a LONG list of health issues including hormone disruption (it mimics estrogen in the body), cancer, and more. From my initial testing, they can be delicious, and they’re much better if you have to bug out and carry your food with you. We bought a shopping cart full of food, had some delicious hot coffee, and headed back home, my anxiety abated for the time being. We had plenty of propane for it, but due to the duration of the outage we learned a couple of things.
Donahue) is a writer, network architect, photographer, astronomer, guitarist, ham radio operator, and about 38 other things of which only two result in positive cash flow. Buy the ingredients yourself and prepare the meal the old fashioned way instead of resorting to canned foods. In reaction to the findings, the Breast Cancer Fund is launching a campaign called “Cans Not Cancer,” to urge companies to eliminate BPA from their canning process. What’s more, early exposure is especially dangerous to children’s developing endocrine systems. After about 10 days, stores started to open, but the shelves and coolers were largely empty of things like bread and milk. We have a small house, and storing enough non-perishable food for two weeks or more can take up a lot of space – space that can otherwise be used for guitars.
If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts about the importance of eating whole foods (i.e foods such as raw fruit and vegetables that are straight from the earth) if you want to lose your abdominal fat then hopefully this article is another wake-up call!
Would you make a list of the complete urls of your social pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

Many canned goods tested were found to have levels of BPA thousands of times higher than the FDA recommended amounts.
Unless you’re eating MREs for dinner once a week, they should be reserved for your last-ditch emergency bags. Additionally, since it was so cold and windy, it took much longer, and therefore much more fuel, to cook anything.
They’re a great tool to have in your fireplace set, especially if you like roasting marshmallows.
Symptoms of botulism poisoning include: double vision, blurred vision, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, and muscle weakness (CDC, 2011).
Harm has been shown in animal studies way below the allowed levels by the FDA…even trace amounts have shown harm, especially in fetuses and infant animals.
We learned that we could cook just about anything using the grill, and even cooked a large frozen lasagna. Have you ever noticed the difference in taste between a drink from a can and the same drink from a glass bottle?
BPA is suspected to create changes during development that can lead to increased risks of breast cancer and other cancers as well as other health issues.
Seriously though, canned food can take up a fair amount of room, especially when you consider how much it might take to feed a family of four for two weeks. BPA is suspected to affect fertility, so if you are trying to conceive you want to avoid all canned foods. Women trying to conceive, pregnant women and children need to be especially due diligent about avoiding these foods! May 31st, 2010 11:12 am Reply MargaretSarah, have you decided which coconut milk you are switching to? May 31st, 2010 1:50 am Reply Mama GUnless I missed some form of it (with a bovine-dairy allergic mother that is quite rare) the So Delicious coconut milk contains additives.
May 24th, 2010 12:41 pm Reply Barbaramy understanding is that Eden is BPA-free EXCEPT in their tomato products. May 22nd, 2010 3:28 pm Reply janiteeterOh NO!I have always just got coconut milk and chickpeas in cans.
May 22nd, 2010 3:28 pm Reply My5wmdAs a concerned mother and a natural foods enthusiast I have looked carefully into the BPA issue and have found the risks as reported by the media to be greatly exaggerated when compared to the actual study results.
I am cautious about accepting at face value ANY claims made by the mainstream media, and in terms of BPA as a health crisis, I find very little evidence to support the claim and quite a bit of evidence to counter it.
I am earnestly doing my best to feed my family well and am willing to go to effort to do so.
I only urge you to look closely and study the facts (all the facts) before you jump on any health crisis bandwagon. May 22nd, 2010 2:46 pm Reply Sarah, the Healthy Home EconomistHi Karen, my tomato paste and pizza sauce are in glass jars (Bionaturae). May 22nd, 2010 1:52 pm Reply KarenAren't there some brands of tuna that come in pouches? January 12th, 2011 1:21 am Reply Sarah, the Healthy Home EconomistAnyone got an alternative to canned tuna? May 22nd, 2010 1:16 pm Reply Tina CoyleI realize this is an old post, but in case you have not received a reply to this yet I buy Wild Planet canned tuna.

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