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This Survivor Series camoflauge hunting knife comes with the standard survival kit which includes compass, fishing line, matches and more conveniently tucked away in a water-proof handle. Type III Paracord bracelets are made with cord that can hold 550lbs test weight and last forever. MIL-SPEC Type III Paracord is woven together using the Cobra weave, totaling approximately 5+ feet of 550lbs test rope into a 9.5 inch bracelet. Not a certified life-line, but is tested to hold 550lbs of weight according to Type III standards.
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These particular bracelets have an extra survival addition you may find both convenient and smart.

ABS clips strap together with a hard click, securing the Paracord to your wrist because you know your survival resources are needed most when you have nothing else.
We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. With a total length of 14.4 cm and a blade length of 4 cm, the Urban Survival offers excellent ergonomics with outstanding carrying comfort despite its compact size.
This two man trail tent offers woodland camouflaged, waterproof, fire retardant shelter when you need it most. An outdoor brunton compass has been strategically positioned on in the middle of the braided paracord. Complete with a reinforced polyethylene floor, a full zippered nylon mesh front door with storm flaps, and a large mesh rear window, you’ll be comfy and safe inside, no matter what’s happening out there.
A compass can be a difference between life and death when you are stuck in the outdoors without a sense of direction.

Have your Paracord bracelet on so even if you loose your bag you will still be wearing the Paracord bracelet. Clip, replaceable glass breaker, screwed-in blade lifter and alternate handle cap and handle scales in a camouflage design included.
Aluminum pommel unscrews to reveal compass inside cap and small survival kit inside handle. These are very popular with outdoors enthusiast, survivalists, emergency personnel, the military, and cover many other interests.

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