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The trick with survival rifles is to actually have them when it comes time to do some survivin' — and that's hard to do with an oversized killing machine. A lot of the zombie-related goods we feature here on Uncrate are created in jest — but trust us, Hornady Zombie Max Ammo ($28) is no laughing matter.
If you’re not familiar with Motoped, it’s a downhill mountain bike that’s mounted on a custom frame and powered by a 49cc four-stroke pit bike engine.  It’s shipped in the form of a DIY motorized bicycle kit that was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year. Since it comes with an off-the-shelf mountain bike pedal and gearing system, you can turn off the motor and stay mobile without making any sound.  Perfect for creeping on animals during hunts and avoiding the attention of whatever predatory creatures lurk in the woods. A DIY kit for the Motoped Survival Bike (sans engine) will be launching soon.  Price starts at $1,999. Check out the useful tips for surviving all the dangerous threats in ARK Survival Evolved now! Are you ready to grab a bunch of hilarious moments when domesticating epic awesome dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved? ARK: Survival Evolved is a wonderful free online taking you to the world filled with exotic undiscovered things.

When you’re outdoors or in a survival scenario, there are few tools as useful as a knife. Aside from these supplies, each knife also comes with a blade sharpener and sheath that makes it possible for you to attach it to your belt or backpack. If you have any questions about this Survival Knife or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-693-0279. Please have a look at the content about the game to fully comprehend before stepping into this world. Knives can be used to accomplish many essential daily tasks from building shelter to making fire, and this particular knife has been made specifically for the outdoors. Each knife has several tools and emergency supplies including a compass, saw-blade, bottle opener, matches, wire ring saw, fish hooks and lead shot, nylon line for fishing and needles. Be sure to view our other similar products like the Survival Knife with Fire Starter or the 16-Function Pocket Knife.
Survival AR-7 Rifle ($275) is a semi-automatic firearm that sports an 8-round .22 LR magazine, and features a unique design that allows the receiver and the barrel to fit inside the impact-resistant, waterproof stock, making it perfect for keeping at the ready in a bag with clothes and supplies, or for hiding at a designated spot in the wilderness for retrieval post-shit hitting the fan.

Basically tin cans on metal sticks, each measures 28-inches tall, features a crushed bottle cap on the bottom, and comes with a crudely hand-stamped name plaque for marking your territory beverage. A word of advice: if you end up using these, you're probably going to need more than one box. When it comes to survival scenarios in particular, a knife is considered by many experts to be the most important tool you can have with you. These are the types of benefits FoundersCard members receive from leading airlines, hotels, lifestyle brands, and business services. FoundersCard is a community of more than 20,000 movers, shakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In addition to benefits from premier brands, members have the opportunity to network at exclusive members-only events held at award-winning venues around the world.

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