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These first ten offer refreshing reinterpretations of women’s experiences on levels small and large. Using a plethora of source materials from journals to news accounts to medical literature, Faderman tells the story of lesbian life from the 1900s to today.
Through illustrations, wisecracks and satire, the Guerilla Girls explore and de-tooth the stereotypes that women have faced through the ages. A journalist, wife and mother works her way through feminist classics such as The Feminine Mystique and The Second Sex, exploring their relevance in their own time, to her life and to the lives of young women today.
The famed linguist and author of You Just Don’t Understand takes on workplace communication, identifying the conversational rituals and styles that gender us in the business world. How we did it (our pseudo-scientific methodology): After calling for nominations on September 9, 2011, we counted all reader picks that appeared on the Ms. So I missed the post calling for nominations, but I’ll nominate one anyway ?? The Frailty Myth by Colette Dowling. I’m reading Reading Women right now and really enjoying it as a new mom (and about to be mom again) who is chaffing a bit against expectations.
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They deal with how men and women communicate, how women perceive their bodies and mind, and how we have pushed past crushing bigotry and stereotypes. Sheldon, who wrote award-winning feminist science fiction under the male pseudonym James Tiptree, Jr., fooling even close friends about her real identity.
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We were thrilled with your enthusiasm, and we’re even more interested in what you think of the final outcome. If there was ever any doubt, we’ve learned again that feminism is not a straitjacket but a multitude of subjects, perspectives and passions.
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