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ESA astronaut Timothy Peake (centre) takes part in winter survival  training near Star City outside Moscow, Russia.
About Sarah HovisWord manipulator, arts appreciator, sports spectator, and world traveler, Sarah charts her own course as the owner of saliho creative.
This environmental program will teach guests how to build a winter casino online survival shelter and the art of how to start a fire without matches.

She uses her creative mind and engaging dialogue to fearlessly bring the written word to life in print and onlineā€¦ all while keeping a watchful eye out for the next literary adventure. All astronauts have to learn to survive in harsh climates while waiting for rescue.Andreas Mogensen was assigned to a 10-day mission to the International Space Station to be launched in September 2015 on the Soyuz TMA-18 spacecraft. There is always the  possibility that a Soyuz spacecraft could land in a remote, cold area.

Admission is $3 for children of Rochester Hills Museum members and $5 for children of non-members.

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